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									?Check, stuffy nose, headache, spasm, late

?Hemifacial spasm what performance?


Typical convulsive status without other neurological signs are
generally positive diagnosis is not difficult, should carry out
regular checks of EEG and EMG and, where necessary, should be the
mastoid skull x-ray radiography cranial CT and MRI to exclude the
mastoid and cranial disorders.    Electrical stimulation of
unilateral orbital nerve unilateral orbicularis oculi muscle and
other facial muscles is controlled by synchronization occurs, the
shrinkage is characterized by the pristine or other diseases
stimulation unilateral supraorbital nerves caused only one-sided
supraorbital nerves of the orbicularis oculi muscle contraction.
Jannetta raised at the root of the facial nerve out of Pons (REZ) are
running small artery compression constitute the main incentive for
hemifacial spasm, these vessels have anterior inferior cerebellar
artery and also has large varicose veins. Middle age beyond the
normal and neural-vascular start hardening of oppression, long-term
nerve degeneration can be caused by demyelination, nerve series
electric phenomena occurred between. Excited by the outgoing and
incoming, can have a large number of abnormal potential accumulation
and distribution can cause facial spasm episodes. This argument can
also be used to interpret the trigeminal neuralgia and
glossopharyngeal neuralgia of the cause. But in recent years, many
scholars have negative opinions because there are a lot of people are
facial vascular compression does not occur, hemifacial spasm and
hemifacial spasm patients have 20% ~ 30% not find nerve receptors
vascular compression. Jining hospital neurosurgery Chen

Facial nerve and the oppression of the artery between the sketch map

【 】 Clinical manifestations
Start beating for one side of the eyelid gradually from top to bottom
to hemifacial seriously before invading the neck and shoulder muscles
such involuntary spasm themselves cannot control the emotional strain
can trigger or exacerbate according to test this facial synchronous
discharge 350 times per second performance for the eyelids closed
angle a convulsion duration by within seconds the elderly minutes
interval length adventitious attack patients were rarely appeared
dull or washed out not stuffy and facial pain and headache is usually
sleep does not attack but also has 11% of patients remain in sleep
sleep onset to twitch affecting more and more frequent serious impact
on the life and work of disease long muscular strength gradually
weakened to late May to half side paralysis.

?Check, stuffy nose, headache, spasm, late

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