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									?A dry cough, sore throat lozenges, sarcandrae, irritation, food

?Chronic pharyngitis 123


1, elimination of various factors, such as the treatment of systemic
diseases, and treatment of sinusitis. Attention to nutrition,
physical exercise, reinforced. Avoid irritation food, alcohol and
tobacco, in powder or irritant gas environment, workers should wear a
2 , According to the different types of treatment of pharyngitis take
a different approach. Locally available compound borax solution,
nitrofurazone solution, rinse mouth with water, various light brine
sublingual tablet, such as the Tin to swallow pills, etc. You can
choose the of proprietary as vaporous, grass, coral lozenges Sun Yat-
sen University affiliated Huangpu area ENT party Hua

3, proper drinking tea

4, Hypertrophic pharyngitis can apply laser Cauterization or
microwave coagulation
5 , Inhalation therapy. On dry, dry cough and other symptoms have
certain advantages.
6 Usually eat light food with less , spicy irritant foods, fried
foods, eating less drinking carbonated beverages

?A dry cough, sore throat lozenges, sarcandrae, irritation, food

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