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									?TCM traditional Chinese medicine, arthritis,, Guizhi, Achyranthes

?Chinese medicine for the
treatment of osteoarthritis

?(A) in General
The disease is mainly seen in middle aged people, mainly in knee pain,
swelling and snapping, joint immobility, mountain climbing and
walking up and down the stairs pain and other symptoms and signs,
imaging and diagnostic laboratory tests.
TCM treatment mainly for differentiation, Chinese patent medicine
therapy and other treatments. Differentiation of the treatment of
pain, heat, wind, dredging; channel for dispelling cold temperature,
qufengchushi; dehumidification, dredging, expelling; nourishing the
liver and kidney, to remove the pain, etc. Medical treatment of a
non-surgical treatment and surgery. Surgical treatment of knee
arthroscopy, knee osteotomy, fusion, knee-ankle Arthroplasty and
total knee replacement surgery, according to different circumstances,
select the appropriate surgical procedures. Nanjingshizhongyiyuan
(B) of the key points of differentiation
Rebi: heat obstruct the meridians, joint, Qi and blood stagnation
caused local irritation, burning, joint pain does not stretch. The
position in the case of its sexual heat.
Bingbi: bingbi as cold pathogen bias, cold as vaginal pathogens, its
sexual has stood still, the pain, heat gain set to smooth Qi and
blood, pain relief, very cold hemagglutinin Yi, the pain. The
position in the case in the cold.
With BI: the bi mostly dampness bias due to wet, thick sticky, so see
definite pain, insensitivity. Dampness to remain stagnant, block,
hand, foot and joints, mobility impairments. The position in the room,
their sexual deviation.
Obstinate BI: various more protracted than arthralgia, pathogen love,
blood Meridian, Jin-Ning as, expectoration stasis syndromes, joint
swelling, or even deformed, flexion contractures. The position in the
liver and kidney, gender, or clips.
(3) characters
Rebi: joint very hot with Honeysuckle 30g, swelling obvious plus 15g
tetrandra, m-30g, joint pain and walking kadsura 15g. Bingbi: pain of
heavier and safflower 6g, Lumbricus 15g 12g, acutus, pain and cold
extremities plus Guizhi 6g, xixin 3g; dampness biased and rice kernel
30g, tetrandra 10g; Qi and God looked tired, not huajia codonopsis
pilosula 15g. With BI: joint pain significantly with Scorpion 3g,
Lumbricus 15g, Achyranthes bidentata 15g; joint to a cold and rainy
days increased pain, plus Guizhi 6g, monkshood 10g;-shaped cold fear
cold and xianling 15g. Obstinate BI: gas and virtual plus partial Ba
Zhen Tang, tonsil and xianling 15g 20g, Morinda officinalis.
(4) treatment
Rebi, many for knee arthritis acute attack or infection, herbal,
require the use of antibiotics. While many see bingbi articular
cartilage injury, osteoarthritis II, III, in addition to the
traditional differentiation beyond the arthroscope, osteotomy and
single condyle prosthesis, in addition to the Wu-Tang and washed out
can also be combined with strong zhuangguguanjie pills, capsules bone,
etc. With bi, mostly exude more osteoarthritis, joint swelling,
common in osteoarthritis of the knee level 1, level II, III, joint
puncture often contribute to diagnosis, this period should be
conservative treatment, and may use the washing or cleaning up knee
Arthroscopy and knee surgery to clean, herbal differentiation can be
used outside of Sanyu plaster plaster. Obstinate bi are
osteoarthritis IV-frequent knee arthroplasty, differentiation and
obstinate bi pills, five external washing cane soup.
(5) Notes:
Arthritis acute stage must avoid activities that reduce joint injury.
Remission period due to strengthen functional exercise. Care should
be taken to avoid the usual hat may cause food complex, complex. Both
acute and remission stage, should reduce the mountaineering and the
number of times the stairs, lose weight, to relieve the load of the

?TCM traditional Chinese medicine, arthritis,, Guizhi, Achyranthes

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