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By umbilical liposuction treatment gynecomastia _38389


									?Skin, scar, breasts, male, chest

?By umbilical liposuction
treatment gynecomastia


Male breast tissue hyperplasia caused by breast benign hypertrophy,
called gynecomastia. Clinical manifestations of unilateral or
bilateral breast sex increases or lumps, pain and may be associated
with significant mental frustration and pain. China Academy of
Orthopedic hospital plastic Korhogo, Meng-Hua
Male breast enlargement on on diet and exercise is not optimal,
surgery is often become first-line treatment methods. Ways by the arm
liposuction (through vacuum attract casing) can obtain good chest
contours, only left a small scar under his arm. Even if the operation
is successful, this method is still visible scarring. In order to
avoid visible scar, via umbilical channels liposuction treatment. The
umbilical incision in the 12 o'clock position perpendicular to the
classic swelling liposuction technique for removal of fat tissue.
Liposuction body clothes after a bundle package oppression 6 ~ 8
weeks to help skin shrinkage.
The advantages of umbilical pathway is a cut of up to two-sided chest
surgery with only non-obvious scar navels, no trace of thoracic
?Skin, scar, breasts, male, chest

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