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2nd ITF Oceania Championships - 2004

Executive Summary

The 2nd ITF Oceania Championships - 2004 is a bi-annual event that attracts
the top Taekwon-Do competitors from around the world. The event receives
radio and newspaper publicity and is likely to attract television coverage in the

Benefits for a sponsor include the opportunity to promote a product or service
at the event, and the opportunity to gain public exposure and media coverage
at the event. The main sponsors to date are Epson, the well-known supplier
of printers, scanners and related technology, and Top Ten, an international
supplier of martial arts equipment.

Your organisation has been identified as sharing a common commitment to
the community. Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to
sponsor the 2nd ITF Oceania Championships and to assist with the costs
involved. The sponsorship options listed on page four range from investments
of $200 to $2000.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We expect you will require time to
consider but would ask that you give an indication of your decision no later
than a fortnight from receiving this proposal, if at all possible.


Executive Summary                                     1

Introduction                                          3

The ITF Oceania Championships                         4

Investment Required for ITF Oceania Championships     5

Sponsorship Benefits                                  5

Sponsor Opportunities                                 5

Sponsorship Investment Options                        6

How to Become a Sponsor                               7


The International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand (ITFNZ) is the
premier Taekwon-Do organisation in New Zealand Recently ITFNZ has
become the only Taekwon Do to be recognised by SPARC ** the NZ
government sporting agency. ITFNZ consists of over 65 clubs nationwide
and has an active membership of over 2000 members. Participants enjoy the
benefits of training under certified instructors, in clubs located from Kerikeri to
Dunedin. ITFNZ clubs practice the original art of Taekwon-do.

Taekwon-Do is a martial art originating in Korea. Its popularity in New Zealand
has flourished due to the positive values and skills it instils upon participants.
For example, mental outcomes of training include confidence, discipline,
leadership, and courtesy. Physical benefits include fitness, balance, focus,
self defence, and flexibility.

Participants meet and train under qualified instructors; they develop
camaraderie and friendships that last for life. An ITFNZ qualification is highly
recognised, both in New Zealand and internationally. ITFNZ gains public
exposure through its committed and professional demo team and award
winning web page.

It was our organisation which hosted the Sharp international tournament in
Wellington which attracted participants from all round the world. ITFNZ is
affiliated to the International Taekwon-Do Federation and our sister
organisation is the United States Taekwon-Do Federation. Our national team
participates in the ITF world championships, held every two years, and enjoys
international experience and exposure.

For ITFNZ 2003 & 2004 have been ground breaking years. We ranked third
out of the 40 countries competing at the 2003 ITF Senior Championships,
winning 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 bronze medals. Also, one of our practitioners,
Graham Patterson, was the Male Grand Champion. Our success was
repeated at the recent Junior World Championships, where we again ranked
third in the world and captured 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals.

The ITF Oceania Championships

The ITF Oceania Championships is a bi-annual event that attracts some of
the top competitors from all over the World. Participants compete in sparring,
patterns, destructions, power and special flying / jumping techniques, both
individually and in team events.

Because of the high calibre of competitors it is inevitable that some of the
participants go on to represent their respective countries at the ITF World

A success this far, the ITF Oceania Championships is our organisations most
prestigious event to be held on “home turf” this year.

The ITF Oceania Championships attracts interest from family, friends and the
community hosting the event. The event will receive radio, newspaper and
print publicity.

Date:                      23 & 24 October 2004 (Labour weekend in NZ)

Time:                      Saturday & Sunday, 8am to 5pm

Location:                  ASB Stadium; Cnr Kepa & Kohimarama Roads
                           Kohimarama; Auckland; New Zealand

Past attendance (2002):    Over 150 competitors

Target Audience:           Participants and supporters, friends, family, other
                           Martial Art practitioners and members of the public
                           interested in martial arts

Goals for the event:       Establishing the tournament as a ”must attend”
                           event in the Oceania Region

Locations of event:        Canberra:       Australia        2002
                           Auckland:       New Zealand      2004.

Investment Required for 2nd ITF Oceania Championships

ASB Stadium Hire (three days)                      $           5,000.00*

Medals/trophies (60 divisions x3 medals)           $           2,500.00

Catering for officials                             $            1000.00

St John First Aid Coverage                         $             600.00

Photocopying, stationery, postage                  $            2000.00

Hire of photocopier, sound system                  $            2000.00

Total                                              $          13,100.00

Sponsorship Benefits

As an ITF Oceania Championships sponsor you not only get the immediate
benefits of patronage from ITF members and event participants but the
important attribute of being associated with an exciting and rapidly expanding
sporting organisation.

We anticipate that media coverage for this event will be similar to that of our
2004 National Championships, which was televised on TV1 news, TV3 news,
Sportzar and over the Radio.

You can expect that any investment in the future of athletes is a positive
investment for the future. ITF is expanding rapidly and it is likely that media
coverage of Taekwon-Do events is likely to increase also. For example,
national events continue to grow in the number of participants and public

Sponsorship Opportunities

The option to promote a product or service at the event

The option to gain public exposure

Media coverage

Patronage from ITFNZ members & ITF competitors

     Sponsorship Investment Options

     The table below illustrates the different sponsorship roles and associated benefits.

                      Event                  Program
                                                                          Stadium                 Naming                   Tophies /              Named in                                     Webpage
                Announcements               Advertising                                                                                                              Promotion     Ring
                “this event is brought to     “Company name on            Signage                 Rights                    Medals                TKD Talk                                     Advertising
                   you in association       event material including
                                                                       Banner must be provided
                                                                                                  Name & Logo on         Name read out at prize   ITFNZ’s National     Rights    Advertising
                         with…”                divisional forms &                                 Projected Screen              giving               publication

  Primary                                                                                        Secured by              Secured by
  Sponsor                                                                                      EPSON /                 EPSON /                                                                
($2,000.00)                                                                                       Top Ten                 Top Ten

                                                                                                                                                                                              
  (Printing,                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Sponsor                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Sponsor                                                                                                                                                                                      

How to Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is straightforward.        Simply choose the sponsorship
option that suits your organisation and then contact Hannah Honey; Event
Marketing Manager.

We are able to meet with you at a mutually suitable time, to discuss how your
organisation can benefit. If for any reason you feel that the options in this
proposal do not meet your marketing objectives, though you are interested in
sponsorship, please contact Hannah Honey, so that your specific needs can
be discussed.

If you are interested in sponsoring other aspects of ITFNZ or have further
questions that need clarification please do not hesitate to contact either of the
following representatives:

Hannah Honey                                     Breon Gravatt
Marketing Manager                                Event Organiser
Oceania Championships 2004                       Oceania Championships 2004
2/10 Anthony Place                               2J/94 Dominion Road
Pakuranga, Auckland                              Mt Eden, Auckland
New Zealand                                      New Zealand
Ph 64 9 021 576 210                              Ph 64 9 021 1133 913
hhoney@itfnz.org.nz                              breon.gravatt@baldwins.com