Questionnaire by niusheng11



Customer Name: _____________________________________

Company Name: _____________________________________

Job Position: __________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________

Q1. Why do you choose to purchase tailor-made clothes?

Q2. Why do you like to purchase clothes in Tai Pan Row?

Q3.   Do you think that there should be a tailoring shop in the ifc mall?
Q4.    If our shop moves to the Prince Building or another place, then what will you do?
        Please circle your answer.
       A. Continue to buy tailor-made clothes in our new shop
       B. Change to buy ready-made clothes in other shops
       C. Look for another tailoring shop

Q5. Could you please give us some suggestions to improve our company?

                                            Thank You Very Much!

Please fill in this questionnaire and return it in person or by mail. Then you will be given a
free gift – cuff links worth HK$220. This free gift is only given to our customers. The
deadline of this promotion is 1st Jan 2005.

Our shops’ addresses are:
Shop 3018, ifc mall, Central, Hong Kong

Shop 202, Level 2, the Galleria, 9 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tai Pan Row reserves the right to have the final decision on all matters concerning the gift.

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