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					?Eye pain, cornea, malnutrition, granular, vision

?What is corneal dystrophy?


Corneal dystrophy not generally meaning of malnutrition, which is a
class of the cornea, pathological characteristics of the disease.
Generally not associated with systemic diseases, a certain hereditary,
patients often 20-year-old before my eyes slowly declining eyesight
of unknown causes, some patients will have varying degrees of eye
pain or irritation symptoms, etc. Common corneal dystrophy: corneal
epithelial basement membrane malnutrition, granular corneal dystrophy,
lattice-like corneal dystrophy, endothelial Fuchs corneal dystrophy.
Early without treatment or therapy, seriously affecting vision is
possible corneal transplantation. Jiangsu provincial people's
Hospital Ophthalmology ·Liu

?Eye pain, cornea, malnutrition, granular, vision