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									?Vein, varicose veins of lower extremity, pregnancy, and skin

?Varicose veins of lower


    What are varicose veins?

    Varicose veins of lower extremities is peripheral vascular
disease in common. Due to various reasons cause venous pressure
causes the vein to the tortuous and expansion. In early may not apply,
as the disease progresses, there may be a long time after the
affected limb or walk the sour, fatigue, or you can have a leg cramp
attack. Stand, limb and tortuous, appears dilated veins, solid ball,
long sick can be obtained from the foot boots (under the front leg)
Stasis Dermatitis, skin pigmentation, hardened and chronic ulcer,
secondary varicose vein of thrombophlebitis. Guangdong provincial
people's hospital blood vessels of thyroid surgery Peng Lim abdominal
wall hernias

    Pathogenesis: varicose veins

    As a result of congenital vein is weak and venous valve dysplasia
or missing, or the cause of acquired long-term work, like the long
standing, overwork, wash cold water from the cold stimulus, major
surgery, trauma, such as pregnancy, valve does not close properly, or
vein weak cannot normally withstand the pressure inside the vein and
extreme and expansion, and result in lower extremity deep venous
valve regurgitation of relativity, regurgitation of venous valve
pressure further enhances the distal vein, with the passage of time
leads to the distal vein expansion, extension, circuitous, Venous
Stasis (blood stasis), vein damage incidence of elastic fibers.

   Diagnostic criteria: varicose veins

   (1) have a long standing history of abdominal pressure increases
and, or family history of varicose veins.

   (2) patients with venous obvious the tortuous expansion, to stand.

   (3) deep vein patency, saphenous vein insufficiency, there may be
a perforating vein insufficiency.

   (4) Doppler or venography as shown in the expansion of the
saphenous vein the tortuous, valvular insufficiency.

   (5) may be associated with pigmentation, ulcer, thrambosis,
bleeding, ulcers and other complications.

   Varicose complications:
1. thrambosis; 2. the superficial vein hemorrhage; 3. congestion-
dermatitis; 4. secondary infection; 5. the congestion of the ulcer.

   How to prevent varicose veins?

   Varicose veins of prevention is to strengthen the wall, the
protection of the superficial veins, specific measures are: (1) shall
conduct appropriate physical exercise, strengthen the body's physical
condition, can serve to strengthen the wall. (2) the work has long
been engaged in standing or manual workers, wearing stretch socks set
of protection, so that the veins can be collapsed State; (3) long
standing workers, it should be stressed that the work of gymnastics,
or move around frequently, at least more ankle flexion of the
gastrocnemius muscle can play an effective role in the promotion of
lower extremity pump blood return to relieve the pressure inside the
superficial vein. If varicose veins of lower extremities have
occurred, it is important to early treatment of vascular surgery, the
doctor, take reasonable treatment methods to avoid serious leg ulcer

   What is the treatment of varicose veins?

     With regard to the treatment of varicose veins, by color or
 venography b-effective means of checking, clear etiology is develop
 different treatment methods.

   (1) non-surgical therapy: mainly include the affected limb
wearing stretch socks or elastic bandage. Applies to the following
condition: ① lesions limited, to a lesser extent without symptoms;
② pregnancy symptoms, given after birth tend to disappear, non-
surgical therapy; ③ estimated operation tolerance range.

   (2) hardening agent injection and compression therapy: Sclerosing
agents such as 5% of cod liver oil from intravascular injection, due
to the injection site, never in the groin area of greater saphenous
vein injection, cannot fundamentally treatment for varicose veins, a
simple application in higher recurrence rate and, therefore, applies
only to the following simple knee lesions can also be used as a
secondary treatment is surgery to deal with the stripping is the
residue of varicose veins.
   (3) surgical therapy: this is the treatment of varicose veins of
the fundamental way. No symptoms, as long as there are no
contraindications, such as poor tolerance of surgery, surgical
treatment should be. Clinical surgical methods most commonly used is
a varicose large (small) saphenous vein stripping, surgical methods
are basically divided into three steps: ① ligation of the saphenous
or lesser saphenous vein; ② varicose saphenous stripping or lesser
saphenous vein; ③ ligation of the insufficiency of the veins; 4,
laser treatment of varicose veins, microwave treatment, such as
intravenous treatment, minimally invasive methods have certain
effects and indications, according to the illness by doctors and
patients together to choose the most appropriate method.

?Vein, varicose veins of lower extremity, pregnancy, and skin

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