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					?Fever, skin, constipation, Chinese medicine, abscess

?Prevention of baby diaper
perianal abscess service less


                   Liaoning-Shenyang evening news

Expert support: affiliated hospital of China anorectal Branch
Director Lichunyu affiliated hospital of China Medical University
Lichunyu anorectal branch
Some parents ask, baby beans, the Director of the anus with a large
package, swelling around the defecation is crying more than this is
what you need to go to the hospital treatment? this baby is likely to
be suffering from perianal abscess, you have to hurry to the hospital
for treatment.
Perianal abscess in children, especially infants or infants in more?
à??, anorectal branch of an emergency. Why baby disease easier? this
is because children's delicate skin, immunity is low, the body's
resistance is low, the sex hormone levels are relatively high, the
anal glands of sebaceous glands, relative secretion strong, plus use
diaper friction, prone to cause the formation of perianal infections,
perianal abscess.
If your baby has the following symptoms requires attention: when
breastfeeding is often crying, nor to eat, as well as fever symptoms,
anal abscess of anal next to long.
At this point, you will need to bring the baby to the hospital.
Otherwise the abscess around gap diffusion, spread, enabling a
growing range of redness, spread to the entire perianal or spread to
anal on both sides, if not treated properly or improperly, are easily
formed anal fistula or septicemia, even endanger the lives of
Infants perianal abscess may act according to the different
circumstances to adopt conservative treatment or surgery. However,
many parents fear that the child is too small, the operation will
affect the anus, want to wait for him to get more done, in fact, this
view is wrong. Because a perianal abscess if not timely treatment,
abscess will spread further exacerbation of the lesions, by small
becomes large. Need surgery should not be dependent on anti-
inflammatory drugs or medicinal plaster and excessive use of
conservative treatment in order to avoid delay in the timing. It is
particularly important to remind parents that do not own the abscess
puncture or pus, so as to avoid infection.
For moms, kids perianal abscess to diligently diaper, conditional, it
is better to use traditional air permeability good cotton diapers and
more beneficial to the child's health, the use of as little as
possible "diaper." At the same time, maintain the anus should be
clean and dry, adhere to the daily cleaning of the anus after. To
adjust diet prevent diarrhea and constipation, do not change
?Fever, skin, constipation, Chinese medicine, abscess

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