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									?Constipation, angina pectoris, constipation, upper abdominal pain

?Patients with heart careful
constipation toileting


Famous MA to 20 December morning found death due to heart attack.
According to nurse, Maro episode is sitting on the toilet, a doctor's
guess is probably due to myocardial ischemia or vascular rupture
caused by sudden death.

Cardiac Interventional Liaoning hospital treatment center director
Zhang said that in recent years, the elderly in constipation, breath-
holding, resulting in acute myocardial infarction were not uncommon.
The elderly such as affiliated hospital of China Medical University
anorectal branch lichunyu

Fruit at the same time suffers from constipation and heart disease,
in peacetime use caution when using the toilet.


Continuous force causes the blood too quickly

"MI is a serious type of coronary heart disease. Simply put,
myocardial infarction is myocardial ischemic necrosis. The basic
reason is coronary atherosclerosis, coronary artery spasm, relatively
rare disease due to coronary artery embolization, inflammation,
congenital deformities. They are caused by coronary artery narrowing
or blockage of the myocardial insufficiency, coronary collateral
circulation between has not yet been fully established, "Zhang, on
this basis, once the blood supply to dramatically reduce or interrupt
occurrence of serious and lasting heart of acute ischemia, myocardial
ischemia of up to 1 hour can lead to myocardial infarction. ”

Zhang Director explained that patients with chronic constipation,
especially in older people, every time the toilet is very hard, so
suddenly force or strain is likely to lead to increased blood
pressure, blood pressure, increase blood flow velocity is quick, easy
to be attached to the vessel wall plaque on a number of calcification,
stormed into the blood stream causing vascular calcification plaque
blockages caused by myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease and
myocardial ischemia or heart, lead to sudden death.


Daily adjustment to avoid sudden tragedy

Affiliated hospital of China anorectal Branch Director Lichunyu
recommends that patients with chronic constipation, especially
elderly people at attention. Lichunyu Director pointed out that if
the organic must actively cooperate with treatment, usually this is
caused by other diseases, generally constipation cure diseases, the
situation at can relieve constipation.

"Some old people like using fruit imported films, Senna, Aloe,
irritant laxative, it is not desirable. So while relieving
constipation symptoms immediately, but aggravate the condition,
causing a more severe constipation. "Lee Director pointed out that"
if necessary, suggest to you daily with a gentle laxative, a
principle does not absorb moisture, the intestine is able to solve
immediate problems, no worse. ”

"If it is a functional constipation, we continue to advocate that
diet and lifestyle habits. "Lee Director stressed. Reporter Sun
jingjing talent

Note: heart disease onset aura

"The majority of patients with heart disease before the sudden
illness is threatened, as long as the careful observation, early
detection, early intervention therapy, can greatly reduce the
severity of myocardial infarction. "Cardiac Interventional treatment
of Liaoning Hospital Director Zhang pointed out.

Zhang, myocardial infarction onset of threatened more appear in the
previous week, of which 40% percent of the patients appear prior to
the onset of 1 ~ 2 days. First of all, the patient may occur suddenly
or angina, angina pectoris, sudden onset of frequent or degree;
Secondly, some patients experienced nausea, abdominal pain, nausea or
chest suffocating, flustered, dizziness, chest pain, but does not
appear; most patients will feel tired, rest or recovery.

"In addition, symptoms appear threatened former General has obvious
incentives, such as sports, physical overload, emotional, mental,
nervous or climate change, such as wind, cool, rainy weather, etc.
"Mr. Director General, will be the start of symptoms, many patients
with pain as a symptom may also start to acute heart failure,
arrhythmia, syncope, even shock, the first symptom of sudden
death. ”

Once you have found the aura symptoms, MI should immediately stop the
movement and physical load, and the first time to the hospital for

Reporter Sun jingjing talent

?Constipation, angina pectoris, constipation, upper abdominal pain

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