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    1. What is the importance of fashion in our life?
   Do we treat WELL DRESSED people as better, more intelligent and more important?
   In what way can fashion help to achieve professional success?
    2. Are good-looking people more likely to succeed in life?
         Does an employer have the right to employ people on the basis on their looks?
         Isn’t beuty the same asset as intelligence or a special skill?
    3. Are Poles becoming more and more tolerant of people who look or behave differently?
   What could be the reasons for such changes/the lack of changes in the attitude?
   What sort of appearance or behavior IN FOREIGNERS DO you find the hardest to accept?
    4. Do you agree that XXX first impressionS determines RELATIONS among people to a
        large extent?
   How important ARE first impressionS for you?
   How do you try to make a good first     impression on people?
    5. Which character traits do you value most in people? Which do you find the hardest to
   Where do you place sense of humour (any other quality) on your scale ?
   What are the strongest and weakest points of your personality?
   Describe your ideal partner.


    6. To what extent do you think climate affects humans, their mentality and culture? Give
        some examples.
   What do you make of Carolus Linneus’s 19th century theory that people living in low-latitude
    areas are lazy and neglectful whereas those living in high-latitude regions tend to be clever
    and inventive?
   Are there any temperamental features that seem to be determined by climate? In what do the
    Spanish seem to be different from, say, Norwegians? SHOULD WE REALLY
    7. Are national minorities an asset to a country’s culture or a potential source of problems?
   To what extent is Poland a multi-national country?
   How does Poland compare with Britain or the United States in this respect?
    8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of English becoming a lingua franca of the
        world? Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?
     Do you think all restaurant menus should be written both in Polish AND English?
     What is youR attitude to the borrowings from English?
    9. What are the special features of Polish PEOPLE LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS which
        set them apart from Poles living elsewhere (or discuss any other Polish community that
        seems different from the rest of the nation)?
     Are they special at all?
     How does Poland compare with Britain, the United States or other countries in this
    10. Why do people emigrate to another country? Discuss the most common reasons.
   Would you emigrate to another country? For what reasons?
   Will having a European passport effect your decision?


    11. What are the characteristic features of Polish cuisine?
     How does it differ from other national cuisines?
     Discuss a few typical Polish dishes.
    12. Discuss Polish drinking habits.
     Have our attitudes towards vodka changed recently?
     Discuss the drinking habits of various social classes (including students!)
    13. Why do people become vegetarian?
   What’s you attitude towards it?
   Do parent(s) have the right to keep their children on a vegetarian diet?
    14. Do you think Poles’ eating habits have changed over the last fifteen years?
     If so, explain the major changes and point to their possible causes.
     How would you account for the incredible popularity of people such as Maciej Kuroń or
        Robert Makłowicz?
    15. Should governments ban or limit the production of unheathy foods?
     If you had to decide(,) what foods would you ban?
     If a ban is too drastic a measure, what other steps can the goverment take to promote a
        healthy diet?


    16. In recent years more and more people in Poland (are moving out of big cities and into the
        suburbs). What do you think are the reasons for it?
     Is living in the suburbs really better thant living in a city or is it just a yupp(y) fashion?
     Where would you like to live?
    17. Discuss the major differences between English, American and Polish house/flat
     What are the reasons for these differences?
     What are the characteristic features of typically English/American/Polish interiors?
    18. In the past(,) generations used to live in the same house. Nowadays people tend to move
        house frequently. What are the reasons and advantages/ disadvantages of this trend?
     Have you ever moved houses?
     How do you feel about living with your parents and grandparents all your life?
    19. In Britain the great majority of students move far away from home in order to study. In
        Poland such trend is not as strong. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both
         Why do you think the British students want to be far (away) from home?
         If you had a choice, what would you do?
    20. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat and a house.
     If you had a choice where would you like to live?
       Describe the house/flat of your dreams.


    21. (Are) we too pre-occupied with (healthy lifestyles)? Does a healthy lifestyle really make a
        difference or do we just die healthier?
    22. It has recently been discovered that a healthy lifestyle correlates with your income. Do
        you agree with (this)?
         What other factor have an influence (on) a healthy lifestyle.
         Are young people in Poland concerned with (having) a healthy liefestyle.
    23. Should terminally sick people be informed about their illnes or should the truth be kept
        away from them?
         What arguments could be made for each point of view.
    24. Do HIV-positive people have the right to keep their illness secret, or do other people have
        the right to know?
         (Which people would ) have an unconditioned right to know?
    25. Do you think cloning poeple should be legal?
         Should there be a difference (between) cloning for reproduction and cloning as a cure
            to terminal ilnesses?


    26. Discuss how sport is important the lives of contemporary people and give reasons for its
         Are you a fan of any (sporting) discipline?
         Should (xxxxx) sport be a pleasure or a duty?
    27. Describe the (most common ) types of holidays that people go on. What does their choice
        depend on?
         Descibe your ideal holiday.
         Is it going to be an active or passive way of spending time?
         How much money do you need to rest well?
    28. Explain the phenomenon of “Malyszmania”.
   (what is it ) about ski jumping itself that Poles have found so appealing?
   What are the personal features of Adam Małysz that may have provoked this (attention)?
   What does Malyszmania tell us about Polish society itself?
    29. How would you account for the growing popularity of alternative and extreme sports in
        the Western world?
     Do you know any?
     Which of them do you think is too extreme for recreation?
    30. What factors are important in deciding which restaurant, discotheque etc. to go to?
     What are the things you most like doing when you go out at night on the town?
     (What do you think is most important to other people)?
     Where do you go out at night when you’re in Lodz? What recommendations can you
    31. Fewer and fewer people have an intertesting hobby nowadays. What do you think are the
        raasons for this? DIFFICULT


    32. Is travelling important in our life, give reasons for yes or for no?
         Are there any dangers of travelling in today’s world?
         What is the difference between a tourist and a traveller?
    33. Which country would you most like to visit and why?
         Which Eastern European country would you most like to visit?
         What country has your favourite food?
    34. Do we travel to drink in Paris and eat pizza in London? Does travelling around the global
        village really broaden your mind? DIFFICULT


    35. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
     What are the problems involved when one spends long hours (infront of a) computer?
    36. Would you be able to work full time, then study at weekends?
     Do mature students make better students?
    37. Is there an alternative to the rat race or are we all compelled to partake in it in order to
        succeed in life?
     Would you like to live in Warsaw?
        Can you see yourself ever in a high powered job?
    38. What is the most important aspect of a job for you?
     Would you be able to work for a charity?
     Would you be able to not work at all?
    39. Would you agree that for many people begging is a (way) of life, not a necessity?


    40. Discuss some of the achievements and failures of the environmental movement
        worldwide A BIT GENERAL
    41. Is saving the environment a global or individual problem?
   (How effective are big international enviromental agencies?)
   What can you as an individual do to save the environment?
    42. Discuss one issue which is of concern to people worried about the environment.
   Describe the nature of the problem (i.e. what it is, why is it considered a problem); give
    specific examples REPATITION OF QUESTION
   What are of this problem (immediate causes and underlying causes) DOESN’T MAKE
   Discuss possible solutions to the problem and possible problems in the implementation of
    these solutions (both political and practical) DOESN’T MAKE SENSE
    43. Is Poland an environmentally friendly country?
         Do you think tap water is safe to drink?
            How can we encourage re-cycling?
  44. Should environemental isses be of our primary concern in poland or do we have more
      important problems to attend to first?


  45. Which of the means of transportation will become dominant in Europe in 50 years? Give
      reasons for its/their popularity.
   Discuss the strengths and drawbacks of each.
   What do you think is the fate of inland water transport? WHAT?????
  46. What are the good and bad things about owning a car?
       What (would you prefer to be a driver or a passenger)?
  47. What do you think needs to be done to improve transportation in Łódź and the entire
   Discuss the various flaws of Łódź railways, trams, and (buses)?
   Has anything changed recently for the better?
   Do you think Łódź needs bicycle paths, (an) underground, (trolleys????),
   more pedestrian precincts? DIFFERENT SUBJECT
   What do you think needs to be done to improve the space on Piotrkowska street?
  48. What is your favourite form of transport for travelling around in big cities?
   Do you think underground train systems are a good idea?
   (Should) rickshaws be encouraged in city centres?
  49. Is Lodz a bicycle friendly city?
       Is there a problem with cycle theft?
       Is it possible for you to travel to university by bicycle?
  50. How dangerous is driving on the road?
       Is road rage becoming a problem?
       What do you think of people with fast cars?
  51. Discuss (xxx) car culture in Poland
   Which (xx xxx) makes are most prestigious; which (xx xxx) makes are preferred by
      Polish intellectuals???????????; which are popular among women and/or businessmen.
   Are Poles good drivers? Do they often exceed the speed limit? What are the major traffic
   What do men think of women drivers? etc. TOO STEREO TYPING

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