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					?Skin, drugs, lack of sleep, digestion, Chloasma

?Massotherapy on Chloasma there is
a large value


Melasma is occurring in the face of pigmentation spots. Mainly as a
result of the female hormone imbalance, stress, disease (hepatic and
renal insufficiency, Gynecologic diseases, diabetes), etc., as well
as the lack of vitamins in the body and the external stimuli chemical
drugs. Treatment is mainly in the prevention and treatment methods.
Conditioning good female hormonal environment, maintaining a positive
mood, the prevention of illnesses, etc. is an effective means of
preventing Chloasma. At the same time, in life, you should be careful
not to long time in the Sun, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables,
eating spicy, pungent food. Keep the spirit of fun and exercise more
actively in the treatment of chronic diseases of liver and kidney,
correcting irregular menstruation, regulation of the endocrine
dysfunction . To correct a simple spot with whitening cosmetics. The
first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional
Chinese massage koca Super

We use the massotherapy, body 12 meridians, Ren, blanking pulse
position, may be better adjust the body's nervous system, endocrine
system, the digestive and excretory functions, faster to exclude the
body of toxins, activate the qi and blood, viscera, achieve quban
effect. Should recognize the spot is a long-term process, should not
be so anxious, haste makes waste. Our experience of adhering to a
weekly treatment of 1-2 times, three months after the effect is
obvious to see out, but after acupuncture treatment, mental state,
sleep status a good improvement.

Daily notes:

1. the Sun is very important because artifacts are most afraid of the
Sun. To avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in the summer.
2. Prevention of various kinds of ionizing radiation, including
various kinds of glass display, fluorescent lamps, x-ray machine, UV
irradiation apparatus and so on.

3. use a variety of traumatic for the treatment, including
cryotherapy, laser, electron-ion, strong acid strong alkali and other
corrosive substances, otherwise easily lead to disfigurement!

4. it is forbidden the use of any hormonal, lead, mercury and other
hazardous substances "quick spot removing cream", because the side
effects of too much!

5. to quit bad habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc.

6. drink lots of water, eat more vegetables and fruits, such as
tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, peaches, etc.

7. takes note of rest and adequate sleep. Lack of sleep prone to
cause eye, skin-black.

8. maintain good mood. Refreshing the skin, bad mood will have the
opposite effect.

9. avoid irritant foods: irritant foods easy to skin aging. In
particular, coffee, Cola, tea, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

?Skin, drugs, lack of sleep, digestion, Chloasma

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