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					---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Mosso <> Date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 1:54 PM Subject: Update on Mosso's Scale Pricing To: Travell Perkins <> Dear Travell, Thank you for being patient while we work to refine pricing for The Hosting Cloud. Over the past couple of months, we have been spending a lot of time on pricing. We spoke with customers, prospects and industry leaders on the subject. We scrutinized our systems to determine what information they are capable of tracking. We tested our competitors' offerings to understand how Mosso stacks up. We held brainstorming sessions. We challenged ourselves in every way we could think of to get to the best answer. Before moving any further, we want to share with you the new direction we're taking with pricing. We encourage you to read through the basic principles and if you have feedback, you can either respond via email or can sign up to speak with one of us on Monday, May 19th. If you'd like to talk with the Mosso founders, we've cleared our calendars to dedicate the entire to day to hearing your thoughts and answering questions about pricing! Basic principles:
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We are eliminating requests. Although the request metric is simple and straightforward, it fell short of the accuracy our customers were hoping for. A metric that measures full resource usage across a distributed, clustered architecture like ours, does not currently exist. Since an accurate metric doesn't exist, we created our very own, the compute cycle - a measurement of the processing time your application requires to run on The Hosting Cloud. The compute cycle will be calculated using CPU processing time as well as disk I/O. The $100 package will include a certain number of compute cycles per month approximately equivalent to the capacity of a dedicated server - after that, additional compute cycles will be sold on a per unit basis at an affordable price. The compute cycles your applications use will be presented in the control panel in near real time. Pricing for bandwidth and disk space will remain the same.

So there it is. It's more accurate than the request metric, yet it's still generally simple to understand. We don't have exact pricing yet, but we wanted to involve our customers as early as possible to get feedback on the new direction.

We are committed to doing our very best to find a solution that is accurate and fair. And, once that solution has been implemented, we don't plan to change it on you again. If you are interested in speaking to us on Monday, May 19th, please reply to this email with your name, your phone number and three 20 minute time slots between the hours of 9am-12pm and 1-5pm CST when you are available. Someone will respond to your email to confirm your time. Alternately, you can send your thoughts and questions via email and we will try to respond as quickly as possible. We also invite you to review the attached document. It is an FAQ we put together to address some of the questions you may have. Thank you, Jonathan and Todd Founders

FAQ: 1) Why are you changing pricing again? Customer feedback on the first round of changes showed us we had missed the mark. We are committed to getting it right this time around, so you won't need to worry about additional changes going forward. 2) How are compute cycles better than requests? The compute cycle is more granular, allowing greater accuracy for reporting true resource usage on The Hosting Cloud. 3) How is a compute cycle measured? The compute cycle combines the resources used to process a page or run a database query into a single usage measurement. Initially, the compute cycle will be reported at the site level. Down the road, we will be able to provide compute cycle reporting at the file and query levels. 4) When will this new pricing take effect? Back in February, we committed to make this right by July. Our goal is to have the new metric reported in the control panel by June 1st and begin billing based on that usage starting on July 1st. (So if your anniversary is the 10th of each month, your July invoice will be based on usage from June 10th to July 10th.) 5) Will customers be able to bill their clients against this compute cycle metric? Will end user clients be able to view the compute cycle reporting in their control panel? At launch, compute cycles will not show up in the End User Control Panel. The plan is to eventually give customers the ability to choose whether or not they want their end user clients to see and be billed for compute cycles.

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