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?Introduction to laparoscopic
colorectal surgery


Laparoscopic colorectal surgery carried out in the country, that is,
the last 10 years. Especially in recent years, with the
popularization of technology, more and more doctors in mastering the
technology, and carry out such an operation.

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery and conventional open surgery, has
the advantage of

1) pain. This is almost a laparoscopic surgery one of the most common
major features. That patients into conventional open surgery after
the inevitable pain, abdominal pain or incision or only very slight
pain. Therefore, postoperative pain relief does not need to call.
This is almost a select line of laparoscopic surgery for one main
reason. Henan University of science and the first affiliated hospital
of Liu is now introducing general surgery

2) recovery quickly. This is another class of laparoscopic surgery is
a feature shared by, laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery is no
exception. Because almost painless, so the next day the vast majority
of patients after surgery are independent ambulation. This number
will make initial contact person laparoscopic colorectal surgery or
incredible. This time, but also the sick and families the best moment.

3) hemorrhage. Because the process of laparoscopic surgery, even if
there is a small amount of bleeding, leads to the surgical field, or
even surgery cannot be carried out. Therefore, in surgery, surgery is
usually very effective measures to stop even slight bleeding.
According to reports, laparoscopic surgery for rectal bleeding volume
of about 50-100ml, while traditional open surgery for bleeding volume
of about 300-800ml. There is a clear difference. Moreover, with the
surgery, laparoscopic colorectal surgery case numbers increase, the
amount of bleeding during surgery will become less and less.

4) short hospital stay. Laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery in the
hospital stay is usually a week or so. During this period the doctor
mainly to study post-operation anastomosis and eating after
defecation. If the patient performance all is well, after eating,
physical and mental state, recover well and consideration may be
given to the early implementation of chemotherapy after surgery,
which typically need to stay for 5 days or so. While traditional open
surgery for rectal cancer, postoperative hospitalization time may
take 10-15 days (not including chemotherapy, because usually surgical
patient postoperative recovery issues, more need to go home
recuperation time to once again admitted to hospital with
chemotherapy). If Postoperative wound infection occurred,
hospitalization time may be longer.

5) can be achieved and open surgery the same radical effect. A
majority of patients and their families ' concerns, by those who do
not yet have the ability to carry out laparoscopic colorectal surgery
doctor suspected, but by many laparoscopic colorectal surgeon by
topic. All of the information on another front, the answer is

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is becoming a rectal surgery "gold
standard"--this is a common vision for the industry.

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery, anus, or row, stoma surgery depends
primarily on the rectal diseases, particularly in the lower edge
distance from the anus.

If laparoscopic surgery, because the stoma surgery without abdominal
incision, completely without surgical wound infection or disruption
of fear--usually abdominal do fistula surgery, and postoperative
wound infection or disruption of incidence or very high.

Laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer, "and" less likely is higher
material expenses. Cost sources, one is the use of laparoscopic
myotomy sealer. Now use the Johnson and Johnson company products.
$ 4000 per turn to, you may want to use 1-2 nail cartridge; second
harmonic scalpel. By now the Henan province, 500 yuan/hour, each
operation limits of $ 2500. But if you are considering a short
hospital stay, the cost savings in transfusion medicine, there is no
change of wound infection medicine, as well as at the postoperative
chemotherapy savings (e.g. admission tests again, check and payment--
Luoyang new medical care patient for 800 Yuan, etc.), and so on,
always speaking, than open surgery. Moreover, with the cost of
domestic appliances, there are further reduced.

Diagram of laparoscopic anus patients

Diagram of laparoscopic surgical patients Gastrostomy
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