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					Rikvin Discusses Singapore Company Incorporation
When one speaks of incorporating a business, one refers to the process of making a business a legal
entity, independent from its founders. Through incorporation, the business or ganization’s leader —be him
the chief executive officer or chairman—constitutes a distinct legal entity in the eyes of the law in
operating a business. T hus, the corporation alters the way the business is regar ded fr om the law’s
perspective and the way it should be run.

Just how differently an incor poration of business is run depends on its features and characteristics
emerging from its legal status. Among them are taxation, liability, stock offerings, transferability, and
uniqueness of a business name.

After the incorporation, the founders are not viewed anymore as the one conducting the business or
generating income and creating tax liabilities. Rather, it is the corporation that does all these operations.
Corporations have lower tax rates than personal tax rates.

Since the corporation is directly involved in business operations, it is in itself liable for almost all
accountabilities, instead of the founder or the entrepreneur. In all manners concerning liability, the
corporation and the entrepreneur have legal limits, however.

Also because of the legal status accorded to a corporation, it can possess and dispose properties by its
name. The same thing can be said of its shares, which can be issued to another individual or corporation,
or be bought or sold.

In case of death or sale of a corporation, its ownership, together with all liabilities and assets are
transferred to the new owner or proprietor without much ado.

One way of knowing that a business organization has been successfully incorporated is the way the
business is named—it ends with incorporated or Inc.

Thus, all legal documents including business contracts, bank accounts and checks, invoice and bills bear
the name of the business and their registration number.

More than its profitability, entrepreneurs find it self-fulfilling to see their business grows and develops.
Expansion of the investor’s organization may prove lucrative both on his part and the countr y’s economy.
No doubt, businessmen are keen in choosing w hich nations are the best for investment.

Since 2009, Singapore, which has a population of 4.99 million people from diverse ethnical and racial
background, has been named as the easiest place to do business by World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business
2010 report. Also from that repor t, Singapore continues to have the environment conducive to doing
successful business.

Evidence to that statement is the composition of its population as provided by the city-state’s
gover nment. In 2009, 74.2% of its population came from different Chinese linguistic groups, while 13.4%
composed the Malays, 9.2% were Indians, and the remaining 3.2% were a combination of Euroasians,
Arabs, and other groups.

The procedure involved in incorporating a company in Singapore is designed for the investor’s
convenience. However, there are guidelines that must be followed strictly for they are a component of
Singapore’s protection for its investors.

In order to incorporate a company, the following conditions must apply:
    ● Anybody whether a Singaporean or a foreigner can register or incorporate a company in
    ● The minimum paid up capital amounts to S$1.
    ● There should be at least 1 director and 1 shareholder. Among the shareholde rs and directors, a
        local resident director must be appointed and w ho must be a natural citizen of Singapore or a
        Permanent Resident. If such is not the case and a foreigner wishes to be appointed as the local
        resident director, an Entrepass, Employment Pass or Dependent Pass w ould be a satisfactory
    ●   A local business address must be obtained

Authorities allow independent companies to facilitate the incorporation of a business organization in
Singapore. It is its way of expressing how valuable investors are in Singapore.

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