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?Cleft lip and palate treatment


Congenital cleft lip and cleft palate, cleft lip, commonly known as
the Wolf, is an oral and maxillofacial common congenital
malformations. About 1.82 ‰, existing patients 170 million,
hereditary diseases belonging to many factors. Cleft lip and
seriously affect beauty, swallowing, voice, psychological parents
urgently want to know how to treat. In order to improve the treatment
effect, in addition to simple cleft in the 3 months of operation,
(LIP) palate in 5 months of operation of this major measures,
orthodontic physicians also for preoperative and postoperative
orthodontic, ear, nose and throat doctors for hearing tests,
myringotomy, the voice doctor for voice assessment, training,
psychological counseling, physicians for physicians to do oral
treatment of dental caries. Only in this way, through the many
specialist physicians work together at different times with a
sequence of positive treatment in order to maximize the improve
survival in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate. Chongqing
children's Stomatology Li Shan

?Check, swallowing, physicians, patients, oral