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Cervicogenic headache not despise _36301


									?Headache, checking, tenderness, ringing in the ears, and spas

?Cervicogenic headache not despise


Cervicogenic headache refers to the cervical spine or neck of organic
or functional defects caused by chronic pain, one-sided head of
syndrome. According to statistics, the headache patient, 70% to 80%
for cervicogenic headache. While cervicogenic headache in 65% of the
performance for cervicogenic headache and migraine to women. The
etiology and long bow work, stress, etc. The pathogenesis is not
unified, more of that and atlantoaxial instability and neck joint and
muscle trauma occipital, inflammation, spasm. Many patients with non-
steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, head of physiotherapy and pain
points injection for the treatment does not improve after illness,
forming the "patient headache, headache" embarrassing situation. The
first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional
Chinese massage koca Super

Anatomical study found that the No. 1 ~ 4 cervical nerves and
cervicogenic headache closely these neural interconnected together,
greater occipital nerve pillow small nerve, greater Auricular and
cervical Plexus, a division of the occipital muscles and skin feeling
conduction. In addition, the cervical spinal cord dorsal horn, 1 ~ 3
cervical nerves from the olfactory, glossopharyngeal, vagus nerve,
and incoming branch of the trigeminal nerve fibers and extensive
contact with end-stage renal disease, making sense of scope extends
forward to the forehead, the infraorbital, etc. When cervical disc
herniation or degradation, cervical spine facet joints disorders,
pillow, muscle injury, neck of nerve root of mechanical oppression
and spinal inflammation, especially the latter is cervicogenic
headache. Headache neck edge is deceased.
Cervicogenic headache symptom is: single-sided or double-sided
occipital, ear ache after swelling or may spread to the forehead,
temporal, top, neck or upper limb, or even face, often accompanied by
nausea and vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, eye swelling as well as the
sense of smell and taste to change; check upper cervical neck and
mastoid obvious tenderness in the rear, the head may have pain point,
top and head and neck may be headaches; photos show degradation or
cervical disc display prominent, cervical lordosis straight, but
degradation and prominent location, extent and pain and may not be
closely related.
Use massage combined with reconstruction of upper cervical joint
disorder, treatment effect is very good, but the readily recurrent,
largely because of the lack of attention for long periods of time
sitting, bowed his head, so prevention is the cure, the usual
attention to sit, sleep, avoiding high pillow or low pillow, pillow
multi-function control can be used. For serious cervicogenic headache,
it is necessary to carry out further checks, in order to exclude the
cervical spinal cord involvement and other serious complications.

?Headache, checking, tenderness, ringing in the ears, and spas

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