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Cervical erosion_ cervical polyps – laser therapy unique good _36360


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									?Drugs, leucorrhea, cervical cancer, cervical, polyp

?Cervical erosion, cervical polyps
– laser therapy unique good


   Cervical erosion and cervical polyp is a married women's diseases, increase
or bloody leucorrhea, lumbosacral discomfort, worthy of attention that only a
few patients may develop into cervical cancer, patient physical damage, and
bring mental stress. Shaanxi Provincial people's Hospital Dermatology
Wang XING Wu

Currently, the treatment of cervical erosion, cervical polyps and there are a
number of ways, such as: RF, microwave, medicine, surgery, etc have a certain
effect, but there are some disadvantages. I introduced the "strong" laser can
treat all types of cervical erosion, cervical polyps, only 10 minutes with no
pain, no bleeding, can achieve good results, a cure rate over 90% above. At the
same time, the laser on the vulva, vagina and cervix neoplasms, batholin cyst
treatment of diseases is also very satisfied with it.

About "laser for treating cervical erosion, cervical polyp of" article is
published in medical journal: China's laser and other national formal medical

If you want a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the situation, Google
or Baidu search jgw120.com (see laser King's relevant content) will allow you
to obtain more information on laser treatment.

    In short, I think: laser surgery, treatment or surgery, each doctor
(United States) was "tranquillity", is the first time, it may be the last time;
repeatedly for doctors who may be the "little things", but each treatment or
surgery, a "perfect" is a new challenge!

?Drugs, leucorrhea, cervical cancer, cervical, polyp

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