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					?Skin, grinding, malaise, cases, scar

?"Erase the youth of regret" –
acne scars of salvation — micro-


Micro dermabrasion principle? Beijing China-Japan friendship
hospital orthopedic Xue Bosco

Principle of microcrystalline grinding hand vacuum State, to produce
thousands of twinkling star small aluminum polyhedral Crystal (glass),
through the introduction of vacuum sealed system, high-velocity
impact in the rugged surface of the skin scars, scars, skin friction
so that skin re. Because of the role of small and micro-particles
evenly, and scar tissue friction, its surface and the debris of
tissue and tissue fluid bonded, Crystal original edges blunt, and
thus polishing will not be too deep, easy to control, the effect is

Ceramic grinding, the medical officer shall note?

Surgery strict aseptic operation; Ceramic grinding level requires
accurate depth appropriate; according to the different cases require
the use of different intensity.
What to do before the treatment?

You should clean the skin before treatment, removal of oils and fats
and dried. At the same time ensure the skin is a skin rash, sunlight
and sunburn and other stimulating reactions.

What is microcrystalline grinding?

Due to the wear resistance of the Ceramic grinding is smaller and
therefore too bumpy skin is not an ideal choice, it can only be used
as a secondary means to use. In well before the treatment, the doctor
will rock-crystal peeling instrument handles, according to the
specific direction in the face, this time to feel the impact of
numerous fine face, most people have no soreness, very few have a
burning sense of sensitive skin.

   Ceramic grinding hurt?

Because the glass ceramic grinding on the skin and stimulate the
nerve endings are very slow and gentle, rubbing only slight sense of
burning Thorn, operation without anesthesia.

   Which skin problems?

Sun damage caused by pigment spots and uneven skin tone, facial
wrinkle; the face of the hand, forearm and age pigment; black acne
pores, shrinks; oily and acne skin. The face is the main
microcrystalline grinding treatment area, but on the neck, chest, the
forearm and the hand can be treated.

   After how long can recover? should pay attention to what issues?

Because grinding technology soft and fine, surgery with anti-
inflammatory cream not dressing. Sometimes wound guitar has a layer
of thin jiapi, more than 4 ~ 7 days off on their own, to study and
work in General. After the first day it's not a good idea to wash
your face, it is important to note that sunscreen.

    Treatment a course you need to wear a few times every time
interval? how long?

Because of their gender, age, disease, etc., are not the same
grinding, grinding can be piloted in General once every patient under
different circumstances, and considering the next treatment
programmes, with 7-14 days to wait.

Some superficial lesions such as Brown dark age, skin aging and skin
pores and thick with several treatment can be effective; small
wrinkles and sun damage the skin and other skin problems in need of
treatment, the number of times. There is no limit to the number of
treatment, after each treatment should involve the skin, the one-week


Treatment Department of the pore is bulky Pitou

?Skin, grinding, malaise, cases, scar

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