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									                                                                              Society and Environment

                                       Teacher Plan for Year 8: Indigenous Australia: Law, Governance and Participation

Timeframe      Teaching strategies and learning        Outcomes focus:           Values and cross-         Assessment and    Progress map:          Reflection and
and            opportunities                           overarching and           curriculum links          monitoring        Band outcome           response
resources                                              learning area
Week 1         Students use the Stepping Out (SO)      Overarching               Values:                      Concept map   English Learning
               Before, During and After learning       Learning Outcome                                                      Outcome (LO) 8
               strategies to introduce the topic:      (OLO) 3: Students         5.1 Cultural heritage:                      Reading:
Stepping Out   Traditional Indigenous Societies.       recognise when and        The cultural heritage                       BAND 5 -
strategies:                                            what information is       of Australia, including                     Analyse a genre        Students found the
Secondary         At the Before stage, students       needed, locate and        Aboriginal sacred and                       and identify generic   language of some of
written            note everything they know about     obtain it from a          archaeological cultural                     and stylistic          the resources difficult
genres             the nature of the topic using a     range of sources and      heritage, should be                         features.              to understand. More
                   ‘concept map’.                      evaluate, use and         respected and                                                      'word sort' and glossary
                  In the During stage, students       share it with others.     maintained.                                                        activities needed to
Longman            read through information about                                                                            SOSE LO 4              address this. Refer to
Framework:         different aspects of traditional    OLO 8: Students                                        Note-taking   Culture:               Stepping Out strategies.
Society and        Indigenous societies and record     understand their                                        framework     BAND 5 -
Environment        their ideas using a ‘note-taking    cultural and                                                          Examine in greater
1, ch 6            framework’ (SO: Secondary           historical contexts.                                                  depth traditional
                   written genres).                                              3.6 Cooperation:                            cultural
                  After completing the note-taking    OLO 1: Students use       Each person should                          characteristics of
                   exercise, students share their      language to take and      strive to work                              the Aboriginal
                   table of information with another   organise notes.           cooperatively.                              people.
                   student and compare their work,
Secondary          discussing the most important       English Learning
written            aspects of the content.             Area Outcome
genres            Students complete the               (ELAO) 8                                                              SOSE LO 4
                   introductory exercise by using      Reading:                  4.8 Responsibility and                      Culture:
                   the information in note form to     Informational text.       freedom: People have         Paragraphs    BAND 5 -               Students needed
                   construct well-structured                                     the right to choose                         Understand that        modelled examples of
                   paragraphs about ‘Traditional       SOSE Learning             their way of life, and                      within a group the     the structured
                   Indigenous Societies’.              Area Outcome              are responsible for the                     social organisation    paragraphs.
                                                       (SLAO) 4                  impact of choices on                        reflects beliefs and   Reinforce the concept
Stepping Out       Students follow the SO              Culture: People           nature and other                            traditions, eg         of the difference
strategies         framework of paragraph writing      form groups because       community members.                          different roles,       between the 'general'
                   by revising work already            of shared                                                             family structures,     statement (topic
                                                       understandings of                                                     rituals.               sentence) and the
                   completed about factual              the world.                                                                                 'specific' statement
                   paragraphs:                                                                                                                     (developing and
                   1 Topic sentence;                    OLO 12: Individual                                                                         supporting sentences).
                   2 Developing sentence;               and collaborative
                   3 Supporting sentence/s;             reading and writing.
                   4 Concluding sentence.
                                                        ELAO 9 Writing:
                   Examples are modelled on the         Students write for a
                   board to reinforce the process of    variety of purposes:
                   constructing paragraph text.         informative

Week 2            Students use a simple                ELAO 8 Reading:        1.6 Critical reflection:      Comparison   SOSE LO 4
Stepping Out       comparison map to record and         Individual and class   Each person should be          maps         Culture:                Some students had
resources          illustrate the differences between   reading.               encouraged to reflect                       BAND 5 -                excellent background
                   the legal systems in traditional                            critically on both the                      Examine specific        knowledge of and
Teaching           Indigenous and contemporary          ELAO 9 Writing:        cultural heritage and                       aspects of cultural     experience with
Reading in         Australian societies.                Comparative map.       the attitudes and                           tensions and            'kinship' providing a
the Content                                                                    values underlying                           conflicts in            good focus for
Areas,             Students read information and        SLAO 4 Culture:        current social trends                       Australia.              discussion.
Blackline          images about the kinship system,     Members of a group     and institutions.
Masters, 2nd       law and customs in traditional       have common social
edition            Indigenous societies in order to     and legal systems.
                   make the comparison. Their
Discovering        knowledge of Australian              ELAO 4 Processes
Democracy          government and decision making       and Strategies:
Lower              is enhanced by their study of the    Paragraph writing.     5.1 Cultural heritage:
Secondary          Discovering Democracy unit in                               The cultural heritage                                               Students discussed the
Units:             Term 1.                              SLAO 6 Natural and     of Australia, including       Discussion                           difference between
'Should the                                             Social Systems:        Aboriginal sacred and                                               good leadership and
People            Students examine the question of     Societies have         archaeological cultural                     SOSE LO 6               leadership in reality.
Rule?'             leadership in different societies    varying leadership     heritage, should be                         Natural and Social
                   and explore the differences. How     and representative     respected and                               Systems:                Discussed the concept
Resources          were leaders chosen/appointed in     structures.            maintained.                   Paragraphs   BAND 4 -                of power being
from the           traditional Indigenous                                                                                  Recognise that          potentially corruptible.
local              communities?                                                                                            membership of
Aboriginal        Students are provided with a                                                                            society carries with
section of         variety of texts to research this                                                                       it certain rights and
the school's       question and write two or three                                                                         responsibilities.
library            well-structured paragraphs on
                   the topic.
Week 3              Students examine the impact of        ELAO 5 Processes        4.7 Social justice: The      Discussion   ELO 9 Writing:         Students responded
                     European invasion on the law          and Strategies:         right of each person to                    BAND 5 -               very well to Alinta the
Secondary            and culture of societies in           Editing and drafting.   a fair share of                            Develop a writing      Flame.
written              Australia.                                                    society’s economic                         process of
genres              Students view the film Alinta the     SLAO 5 Time,            and cultural resources                     brainstorming,
                     Flame. This film illustrates the      Continuity and          is recognised.                             drafting, editing
Film:                lifestyle of a group of               Change:                                                            and proofreading.
Alinta the           Indigenous people in south-           People's actions and    3.1 Compassion and                         BAND 5 -               Good class discussion
Flame,               western Victoria. The language        values are shaped by    care: Each person has                      Use descriptive        about 'land ownership'
Women of             spoken throughout the film is         their understanding     a right to receive care                    language in            and 'law'.
the Sun              one of the languages of Arnhem        and interpretation of   and compassion and                         appropriate
series, Part 1       Land.                                 the past.               have a life of dignity,                    contexts.
                                                                                   free from harassment
                     The use of Indigenous language        SLAO 3 Resources:       and discrimination.          Plot line
                     and English subtitles gives           People attempt to                                                  SOSE LO 2              Could be beneficial for
                     authenticity to the film. The         meet their needs and    2.3 Ethical behaviour                      Place and Space:       students to record
                     fictitious story traces the events    wants by making         and responsibility:                        BAND 5 -               instances where they
                     following the arrival of two          use of limited          Each person has                            Identify and explain   (or someone they
                     escaped convicts who are found        resources.              freedom of will, is                        the conflicts and      know) have felt
                     by members of the group. The                                  responsible for his or                     tensions that          'powerless'.
Discovering          English men are generally             ELAO 6 Speaking:        her own conduct and                        emerge between
Democracy            welcomed by the group but             Class discussion.       should be encouraged                       competing users of     Develop the whole
Lower                create fear for some members.                                 to develop                                 places.                concept of
Secondary                                                                          discernment on ethical                                            powerlessness and
Units: ‘Law’         When one of the men breaks the                                issues and to recognise                    SOSE LO 3              discuss instances in the
(pp 50-2)            law, offending the women, he                                  the need for                               Resources:             film where Alinta and
                     meets his death under the law of                              truthfulness and                           BAND 5 -               her people were
                     the community.                                                integrity.                                 Identify how the       powerless.
                                                                                                                              use of resources
                     The film addresses the following                                                                         varies according to
                     issues: culture, marriage, rites of                                                                      culture and time.
                     passage, kinship, leadership,
                     dispossession of land,
                     ownership, massacres and

                    In a class discussion of the film,                                                         Discussion
                     students nominate the most
                     significant scene of the film and
                     give their reasons for their
                  Students complete character                                                                 Character
                   maps on four characters from the                                                             maps

Week 4            Students consider the notions of      SLAO 4 Culture:         5.1 Cultural heritage:                       English LAO 8:
                   land and ownership as a segment       Cultural differences.   The cultural heritage                        BAND 6 -
Film:              of Alinta the Flame is replayed.                              of Australia, including                      Examine how
Alinta the         (Europeans and Indigenous                                     Aboriginal sacred and                        narrative texts are
Flame              people are sitting discussing the     ELAO 3                  archaeological cultural                      constructed,
                   desire of the Europeans to            Conventions:            heritage, should be                          focusing on setting,
                   acquire land belonging to the         Students use the        respected and                                character, conflict
                   group.) This scene illustrates the    conventions of SAE      maintained.                                  and resolution.
                   opposing perspectives on land         with understanding
                   and the conflict this                 and critical            1.6 Critical reflection:                     SOSE LO 1              It would be good to
Discovering        foreshadows.                          awareness.              Each person should be                        Investigation,         have a guest speaker
Democracy         Students read through                                         encouraged to reflect                        Communication          come to class and
Lower              information outlining the             SLAO 7 Active           critically on both the                       and Participation:     speak to the students
Secondary          significance of land to the           Citizenship:            cultural heritage and                        BAND 5 -               about 'Aboriginal
Units: 'Law'       Indigenous people - the               Behaviour and           the attitudes and                            Identify differing     spirituality'.
(pp 50-8)          connection between the Spirit         participation of        values underlying                            points of view on a
                   ancestors of the Dreaming and         individuals in          current social trends                        topic.
                   the sacred nature of land.            accordance with the     and institutions.
Stories of        Students construct a table            principles and                                        Table         SOSE LO 6
Democracy          distinguishing between the            values associated       1.3 Empowerment:                             Natural and Social
CD-ROM             European and the Indigenous           with the democratic     Each person should be                        Systems:               Students enjoyed their
                   views of land.                        process and social      encouraged to develop                        BAND 5 -               visit to the Broome
                  Students explore the notion of        justice.                … their creative                             Identify ways in       museum and, even
Film:              'terra nullius' as explained by the                           imagination.                  Concept map   which people might     though most had been
Mabo - The         teacher and complete a concept        ELAO 4 Processes                                                     influence creation     before, they were all
Life of an         map on the topic.                     and Strategies:                                                      and revision of        interested in local
Island Man        Students read some background         Character map.                                                       laws.                  history.
                   information about Edward Koiki
                   Mabo and highlight the events                                                                              SOSE LO 1
                   that they think would feature on                                                                           Investigation,
                   a timeline of his life.                                                                     Character     Communication
                  Students then view Mabo - The                                                                map           and Participation:
                   Life of an Island Man. As                                                                                  BAND 5 -
                   students watch the documentary,                                                             Discussion    Integrate data from
                   they complete a character map of                                                                           a variety of sources
                   Eddie Mabo and discuss their                                                                Museum        (print, people,
                   responses.                                                                                display       electronic).
                  Students are given their
                   assignment outline about the                                                             Report
                   Eddie Mabo museum display.
                   Students visit Broome museum.

Week 5         The Mabo decision is put into            ELAO 9 Writing:         4.7 Social justice:         Note taking   SOSE LO 4              With more time,
               perspective with a look at other         Students write for a    The right of each                          Culture:               students could
Discovering    significant land rights and human        variety of purposes.    person to a fair share                     BAND 6 -               complete a directed
Democracy      rights campaigns in Australia's                                  of society’s economic                      Examine ways in        Internet search on the
Middle         history.                                 SLAO 7 Active           and cultural resources                     which cultural         human rights
Secondary                                               Citizenship:            is recognised.                             groups are             campaigns in
Units:            Students read about the              Involvement in the                                                 represented and        Australia's history.
‘Human             following events: Bark Petition,     community and                                                      protected by
Rights’            Wave Hill strikes,Tent Embassy,      democratic              4.1 Participation and                      various bodies and
(pp 67-71)         Freedom Rides and Wik.               processes to enact      citizenship: As a                          organisations.
                                                        change.                 democratic society,
Video:             (The 1967 Referendum was                                     Australia should                           SOSE LO 4
The                covered in detail in the Term 1                              encourage its members       Discussion    Culture:
Aboriginal         Discovering Democracy unit and                               to participate in the                      BAND 6 -
Civil Rights       will be touched on briefly in this                           political process and                      Recognise a range
Movement,          unit.)                                                       to contribute to                           of equity and social
VEA from                                                                        community services          Timeline      justice issues that
the series        Students draw up a timeline of                               consistent with good                       exist in Australia
Exploring          these events with boxed details                              citizenship.                               with respect to
Indigenous         of the events around the simple      OLO 2: Students                                                    cultural groups.
Australia          timeline.                            select, integrate and
                                                        apply numerical and
                                                        spatial concepts and
Week 6            Students read short biographies      ELAO 8 Reading:         1.1 The pursuit of                         English LAO 8:
                   of Indigenous leaders in             Students read a wide    personal excellence:                       BAND 6 -               It could be good to
Discovering        government and non-                  range of texts with     Each person should be                      Read texts that        include some
Democracy          government political                 purpose and             encouraged to achieve                      introduce              contemporary
Lower              organisations to learn about their   understanding.          his or her personal                        unfamiliar concepts    Aboriginal activists in
Secondary          participation in the political                               best in all                                or topics.             the study to appeal to
Units:             process.                             ELAO 1                  undertakings and to                                               the students.
‘Men and          Students choose one person and       Understanding           respect the                 Summary       SOSE LO 4
Women in           prepare a brief summary of their     Language: The           achievements of                            Culture:
Political         contribution to Indigenous rights   framework and           others.                      Oral            Identify the roles
Life’             and present their summary to the    structure of the                                      presentations   and contribution of
(pp 129-34)       class. Their presentations to be    biography.                                            to class        some key
                  videotaped.                                                                                               individuals within
                                                      OLO 12: Students                                                      some cultural
                                                      are self-motivated                                                    groups.
                                                      and confident in
                                                      their approach to                                                     SOSE LO 1
                                                      learning and are able                                                 Investigation,
                                                      to work individually                                                  Communication
                                                      and collaboratively.                                                  and Participation:
                                                                                                                            BAND 6 -
                                                                                                                            Ask directed

Week 7           Students listen to a local          ELAO 9 Writing:         3.6 Cooperation: Each        Concept map                           Students need to revise
                  Indigenous leader speak about       Students write for a    person should strive to                                             the work completed in
Teaching          how she or he has been involved     variety of purposes.    work cooperatively.                                                 the Discovering
Reading in        in community decision making.                                                                                                   Democracy unit in
the Content      Students complete a concept         SLAO 7 Active                                                                               Term 1, in order to
Areas             map about political process and     Citizenship: Role                                                                           complete the concept
                  participation.                      model.                                                                                      map about political
                                                                                                                                                  process and

Week 8           Students listen to speeches by      OLO 9: Students         1.3 Empowerment:             Questioning     English LO 8:         It was timely to be
                  members of the Kimberley Land       interact with people    Each person should be         techniques      BAND 7 -              learning about Eddie
                  Council and ATSIC educational       and cultures other      encouraged to develop                         Identify deeper       Mabo as we celebrated
                  officers who outline the process    than their own and      … their creative                              layers of meaning     'Reconciliation Week'
                  of making a land claim under the    are equipped to         imagination.                                  and comment on        on the tenth
                  Native Title Act.                   contribute to the                                                     their significance    anniversary of the
                 Students participate in the         global community.                                                     and effect.           Mabo High Court
                  'Design a Mosaic' exercise for                                                           Mosaic                                decision.
                  the Reconciliation tree             OLO 10: Students                                      design          The Arts LO 1
                  competition and submit their        participate in                                                        Arts Ideas:
                  designs for judgement.              creative activity of                                                  BAND 4 -
                                                      their own.                                                            Collaborate in the
                                                                                                                            design of art works
                                                                                                                            for a specific

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