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					                   Wake County Guardian ad Litem
                   District 10                                    July 2006

Inside This Issue:
1-2 Bits & Pieces                "We are guilty of many errors          New GAL
3-4 GAL Spotlight                and many faults but our worst       Office Assistant
5   Bits & Pieces                crime is abandoning the
6   Kinship Care Facts           children, denying them the
                                                                     Teresa Mitchell is the new
7-8 Resource Highlight                                               GAL Office Assistant
                                 fountain of life. Many of the       provided by the Senior Aide
                                                                     Program. Teresa worked
                                 things we want can wait. The
                                                                     thirty years with a state of
       July                      child cannot. Right now is the      Connecticut human services
       Birthdays!                time his bones are being
                                 formed, his blood is being          Teresa is in the office Tuesday
                                                                     through Thursday. Please stop
                                 made, and his senses are
                                                                     by to say hello and welcome
 Alyce Boyd-Stewart              being developed. To him we          her to the program.
 Barbara Burkhart                cannot answer 'Tomorrow'.
 Alonza Burnett
 Kristin B. Cooper
                                 His name is 'Today'."
                                                                       Special Thanks
 Kristen Fleming                 (Unknown)
 Richard Hurley                                                      Thanks to Kristen Fleming,

                                     Wake County
 Lucrezia Jones                                                      GAL Intern, for her work on
 Jessica Kraft
 Gwenda Laws                          Gal Stats                      the July newsletter.
 Naeime Livingston
 Kristine Elizabeth-Leggett       In Wake County, 14 new
 Marilynn Marsh-Robinson           Abuse/Neglect/Dependent                 GAL Notes
 Pamela Naugle                     Petitions involving 20
 Cindy Lange Nickels               children were filed.              Congratulations to Angela
 Edith Renee Pender                                                  Blalock who welcomed her
 Cecelia D. Powell                Wake County GAL                   first grandchild in June.
 Morgan Richardson                 advocated for 549 children
 Stephen Meyer Sheriff             in 299 cases.                     Congratulations to Jessica
 DeShelia Andrea Spann                                               Kraft and husband who
 Betty Joanne Steiner             Wake County GAL closed            welcomed Hayden Tanner
 Becky Streamo                     9 cases involving 13              Best, born June 16, 2006.
 Linda Fox Taylor                  children.
                                                                     Condolences to Florence
 Athena Leonndakis Tracy
                                  Wake County GAL has a             Batine, GAL Trainee, on the
                                   total of 264 active               loss of her family member.

                                    Note to IBM & Duke                  Thank You!!
                 July               Energy or Duke Power
                 Supper             Employees & Retirees           To Legal Support Staff of
                                                                   Wake County for an
                 Club               Please contact Beverly Parks   invitation to attend their June
                                                                   meeting and talk about the
                                    at 835-3276 or via email at    GAL program and for their
Please join your fellow
                             donation to support our work.
GALs for food, fun,                                                Thanks to Valerie Chaffin,
conversation, and good              to learn how you can help      GAL, for pitching in to help at
company. Bring a friend,            support the GAL Program!       the last minute.
spouse, or just yourself.
                                                                   To Junior League of
      All are welcome!                                             Raleigh’s Leadership
                                                                   Council for their generous
 Wed., July 19 - 6:45 pm                                           donation in recognition of our
                                                                   advocacy for children.
   Savannah Restaurant
4351 The Circle at North Hills                                     To Triangle United Way’s
     Raleigh, NC 27609                                             Teaming 4 Technology for
       919) 510-9900                                               the donation of two computers
                                                                   for use by our volunteers.
                                                                   To Kristen Fleming, GAL
            RSVP:                                                  Intern, for her work on the
Please contact Julie Joyner                                        office bulletin boards and to
   by Monday, July 17th.             Remember to keep up          Kristen and Teresa Mitchell,
                                      with your MONTHLY            Senior Aide, for their help
                                                                   with rearranging the office.
A Good                                                             To Keynisha Powell
                                     Court Reports are due
GAL                                   to court on Monday of
                                                                   Chambliss, AOC Grants
                                                                   Secretary, for her gracious
Idea                                  the week before your         assistance & kindness all year
                                      hearing.                     long, but especially during
Maria Correa, GAL, sends in                                        GAL training.
this idea for helping GAL to         Family Court office
recruit volunteers and raise          has moved to the 11th        To GALs Valerie Chaffin,
public awareness. Maria, an           floor.                       Michele Orff, and Barbara
NCSU Associate Professor,                                          Berlew; Jackie Hall-
                                                                   Williams of Wake DHS; and
includes the following GAL           Child Planning
info in her office email                                           Rick Croutharmel, GAL
                                      Conferences, formally        Attorney Advocate, for their
signature:                            known as “Day One            facilitation of new GAL
                                      Conferences,” are now        training sessions in June/July.
“Become a Guardian at Litem:     held on the 11th floor in
GAL/”                                 room #1121.

       Thanks Maria!

                 Spotlight On:                              Treasure Boxes are filled with age- and
                                                             gender-appropriate items and are for
                                                             GALs to give to children in care;
                Friends of Wake                             The Kid’s Summer Activity Fund pays
                County Guardian ad                           for camp and other activities; and

                Litem                                       The Friends Scholarship for high school
                                                             graduates who plan to attend college and
The Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem,                do not have access to many resources.
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in
1991. Friends of GAL, which is an entity separate      Friends of GAL have provided children with
from and independent of the Wake County                tutoring lessons, wheelchairs, corrective
Guardian ad Litem Program, is staffed by               eyeglasses; camp sponsorships; and field trips.
volunteers who donate their time, talent, and          They also assist youth who age out of foster care.
resources so that 100% of all donations can go
directly to further their mission.                     In addition, they provide assistance to the Kid’s
                                                       Court Center, located across from the Wake
The Friends of GAL projects enhance the lives of       County Courthouse Building, and to the Wake
children in foster care and other temporary            Guardian ad Litem Program for many of its
custody situations. The children on whom their         activities and initiatives, including recruitment
projects focus range in age from newborn to            and retention of volunteers, and GAL training.
eighteen years of age; are not under the financial
umbrella of other organizations; and have been         Friends of GAL’s current president is Babs
removed from their family of origin because of         Wagner, a long-time Guardian ad Litem. Many
abuse or neglect or are living with extended           of Friends of GAL volunteers and Board members
family members. There are limited resources for        are also Guardians ad Litem.
children in these situations.
                                                       Friends of GAL projects allow volunteers to meet
Friends of GAL accepts referrals from Wake             the needs of children without compromising the
County Department of Human Services, GAL               professional distance and objectivity individual
volunteers, and other nonprofit agencies working       Guardians must maintain while working on an
with youth in need of support, special assistance,     assigned case.
and enrichment services.
                                                       Visit the Friends of GAL page on the Wake
The Friends of Gal conducts several projects           County GAL web site to view information and
throughout the year:                                   announcements about its projects and to find out
                                                       how you can help support their work.
     The Back to School With Pride Project
      provides book bags and school supplies;

     The Friends Grant provides funds for
      special needs;

     The Guardian Angel Project provides
      Christmas presents;

         Back to School With Pride Backpack Project
The Friends of the Guardian ad Litem Program is providing filled backpacks for children in foster
 care. The backpacks should be solid colors without advertising or any kind of endorsement on
 them. The contents for backpacks are listed below and are the suggestions from Wake County
Schools. Backpacks should contain the items listed below and the outside of the backpack tagged
with either the words “Elementary” or “High School” on them. Items for the backpacks need to be
      ready for pickup by: August 11, 2006. Details for pickup will be forthcoming.

   If you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact Valerie Chaffin at 899-3044.
                                            Thank you!
                          Elementary Child School Supplies
Backpack                                                 Construction Paper (a pack)
6 pocket folders                                         Pencils and erasers (a pack)
Wide lined notebook paper (a pack)                       Colored Pencils (a pack)
Crayons                                                  Ruler (1)
Glue Sticks (1-2)                                        Tissues (a pack)

                      Middle School or High School Supplies
Backpack                                                Pencils (a pack)
Pens ( a pack of black & blue)                          Colored Pencils (a pack)
6-8 Pocket Folders                                      4- 1” plastic notebooks
Notebook paper (a pack)                                 Planner (1)
Calculator (1)                                          Ruler (1)
Gummed notebook hole reinforcers (a box)

             The Friends of the Guardian ad Litem Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
                                    All donations made are tax deductible.

             Save the Date                                          Save the Date

                  August 24-25, 2006                                  September 19–21, 2006

         2006 CIP Conference                                        Reflections XII
    Courts & Communities Working
         Together for Families                         The Twelfth Symposium on Child
                                                              Abuse & Neglect
         Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
     421 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh NC                            Lake Junaluska Assembly
                                                                    (Haywood County)
Conference Goals: To provide participants with
information to strengthen their knowledge of            Presented by Action for Children NC
legal, judicial and service issues related to child
welfare and juvenile and family courts; to

                                                            Call for African
showcase promising strategies that may be used
to adjust court practice.

Target Audience: Attorney advocates, child
                                                            American CASA/GAL
welfare (DSS) attorneys, parent attorneys and         Board Members, Staff, &
pro bono attorneys; child welfare professionals;
Guardians ad Litem and other child advocates;         Volunteers
family court administrators; family court case
managers; foster parents and youth who are/have       If you are a member of an African American
been in foster care; judges; juvenile court case      fraternity, sorority, civic or professional
managers, case coordinators, court clerks and         organization, We Need You!
court counselors; other court officials; school
counselors; teen court administrators and other       The National CASA Association’s African
child and family service providers.                   American Advisory Committee (AAAC) needs
                                                      your support to increase outreach efforts in the
Contact Brad Fowler, AOC, for information             African American community.
about reimbursement for GAL volunteers and
staff. Please email Brad at by next Wednesday, 12
July if you are interested in attending this          The AAAC also invites all CASA/GAL staff,
conference (               volunteers, or board members who are currently
                                                      members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Delta
Conference presented by NC AOC, Court                 Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha
Improvement Project in cooperation with the NC Bar    Fraternity to partner with us during your summer
Association, Juvenile Justice & Children's Rights     2006 convention or boule. Please visit the
Section.                                              CASA web site for dates and locations.

                                                      For information, please contact Terene Bennett,
                                                      Regional Program Specialist at (800)628-3233,
“The best and most beautiful things in the            ext. 246 or

world cannot be seen nor touched…but felt             From the “Update: A Newsletter for Court Appointed
                                                      Special Advocate”
in the heart.” -Helen Keller

        Kinship Care Facts                                       NC Kinship Care
The Children
 Nationally, 4.5 million children live in            In NC, the Department of Health and Human
  grandparent-headed households (6.3 of all           Services, DSS reports:
  children under age 18); a 30% increase from
  1990 to 2000.                                       Number of children in kinship care: In 2000,
                                                      of the 5,141 children who entered out-of-home
 Another 1.5 million children in the U.S. live       placement under DSS custody, 964 (18.8%)
  in households headed by other relatives             were placed with extended family of kin.
  (2.1% of all children under 18).
                                                      Preference for kin in foster care placements:
 In NC, 135,158 children live in grandparent-        The DSS Family Services Manual states that
  headed households (6.9% of NC children).            when children cannot be assured safety in their
                                                      own homes, the best alternative resource can
 Another 39,043 NC children live in                  often be found within the extended family and
  households headed by other relatives (2.0%          other kin. Additionally, the juvenile court
  of all children in the state).                      supervising the child’s case is required to
                                                      ascertain whether or not a relative is willing and
 Of the children living in households headed         able to provide proper care and supervision for
  by grandparents or other relatives in NC,           the child.
  80,126 are living there without either parent
  present.                                            Licensing for kin foster parents: There is no
                                                      separate licensing program for kin foster parents.
The Grandparents                                      Kin have to meet the same licensing standards
                                                      and training requirements and receive the same
 Nationally, 2.4 million grandparents report         foster care payment rate as non-kin foster
  that their grand-children live with them:           parents. However, DSS may apply for a waiver
  29% of these grandparents are African-              of some requirements of kin foster homes that
  Americans; 17% are Hispanic/Latino; 2%              do not affect the health and safety of the child.
  are American Indian or Alaskan Native; 3%
  are Asian; and 47% are White. 34% of these          Subsidized Guardianship: Under its Child
  grandparents live in households without the         Welfare Waiver Demonstration Project, North
  children’s parents present. 71% are under           Carolina has been able to offer a subsidized
  the age of 60; 19% live in poverty.                 guardianship program that provides subsidies (in
                                                      the 19 eligible counties) for eligible children.
 In NC, 79,810 grandparents report that their
  grandchildren live with them (47% of these
  grandparents are African-American; 2% are
  Hispanic/Latino; 2% are American Indian or
  Alaskan Native; and 47% are White. 43% of
  these grandparents live in households where         “Success in life has nothing to do with what
  the children’s parents are not present.
                                                      you gain in life or what you accomplish for
“Facts for Grandparents and Other Relatives           yourself. It’s what you do for others. “
Raising Children,” 9/06 (from the 2000 Census)
                                                      Danny Thomas

                                      Resource Highlight
               Supports and Requirements for Families Caring for Kin

                                CHILDREN ARE IN DSS CUSTODY

               Relatives are not             Relatives are licensed as       Relatives are licensed therapeutic
               licensed foster parents.      foster parents                  parents and children are
                                                                             for therapeutic care
Available           Monthly Work First           Monthly Foster Care        Monthly therapeutic payment
supports             payment of                    payment of $475 to            of $1200 to $1800 per child
                     $181 for 1 child;             $550 per child
                     $272 for 3                                                   Medicaid for children
                    Medicaid for                 Medicaid for children
                    Food Stamps if
                     eligible                                                     WIC
                    WIC                          WIC                            Day Care if working
                    Day Care if working          Day Care if working
                    Informal Supports
                     (e.g., faith
                    Child Support, SSI if
                    Semi-annual                                                  Semi-annual clothing
                     clothing allowance           Semi-annual clothing            allowance
                    Casework and                  allowance                      Casework and supportive
                     supportive services          Casework and                    services for permanence
                     for permanence                supportive services
                                                   for permanence
Requirements        Kinship Care                 Must be licensable as a        Must be licensable as a foster
of Family            Assessment is                 foster home                     home
                     required                     Must complete                  Must complete licensure
                                                   licensure training              training plus therapeutic
                                                  Must follow rules for          Must follow rules for foster
                                                   foster parents                  parents.
                                                   (e.g., no corporal             Must implement therapeutic
                                                   punishment)                     treatment plans
Court          Yes                           Yes                             Yes

                                AFTER CHILDREN EXIT FOSTER CARE

                     Kin assume legal custody         Kin assume legal              Kin adopt children
Available Supports        Monthly Work First          Monthly Work First              Monthly Adoption
                           payment of $181 for 1          payment or possibly            Assistance payments of
                           child; $272 for 3              subsidized guardianship        $390 to $490 per child
                                                          payment equal to foster        plus annual special needs
                                                          care payment                   reimbursement of $2,400
                          Medicaid for children       Medicaid for children           Medicaid
                          Food Stamps if eligible     Food Stamps if eligible         Food Stamps if eligible
                          WIC                         WIC                             WIC
                          Day Care if working         Day Care if working
                          Annual assessment of        Annual Assessment of
                           service needs by Family        Service Needs by Family
                           Support                        Support
                          Case management if          Case Management if
                           needed from Family             needed from Family
                           Support                        Support
                          Informal Supports (e.g.,    Informal Supports (e.g.,        Informal Supports (e.g.,
                           faith partnership)             faith partnership)             faith partnership)
                          Child Support, SSI if       Child Support, SSI if           Child Support, SSI if
                           applicable                     applicable                     applicable
Custody subject to   Yes                              Yes                           No
further Court

                            CHILDREN ARE NOT IN DSS CUSTODY
                     Child Protective Services is not involved.     Child Protective Services is involved
Available Supports    Monthly Work First payment of                 Monthly Work First payment of
                        $181 for 1 child; $272 for 3                   $181 for 1 child; $272 for 3
                      Medicaid for children                         Medicaid for children
                      Food Stamps if eligible                       Food Stamps if eligible
                      WIC                                           WIC
                      Day Care if working                           Day Care if working
                      Informal Supports                             Informal Supports
                        (e.g., faith partnership)                      (e.g., faith partnership)
                      Child Support, SSI if applicable              Child Support, SSI if applicable
                      Annual assessment of service needs            Family Support may or may not
                        by Family Support                              stay involved
                      Case management if needed from                CPS casework and support services
                        Family Support
Requirements                                                            CPS must complete a Kinship Care
of Family                                                                Assessment
                                                                        Family may need to follow CPS
                                                                         services and safety plans
Court Supervision    No                                             No

 Supervision    No                                              No


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