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					    Can-Do-It Farm is a 125-Acre horse Farm located in Ashtabula County, Ohio, approximately 50 miles
    West of Erie, PA., and 50 miles East of Cleveland, Oh. Easy access to Interstate 90 and Route 11 makes
    the Farm available for many regions of Girl Scouts in the Area. We specialize in horse riding, care,
    management, and Summer Horse Camp for girls. We have been in business since 1975, serving Girl
    Scouts for many years. The main attractions are the many horses available for teaching girls to ride and
    love. All safety equipment, riding teachers, meals and bunkhous e are provided for the programs. The
    programs offered are listed below with prices for the 2011 season. Our web site will give you
    considerable information on all of the programs listed. (www.cdifarm.com) All Scouting programs will
    require 16 paid participants (girls and/ or parents). All meals are included in overnight programs. A
    saddle and gift shop is located on the Farm.(campers may bring cash to shop with if they wish) An
    indoor arena is available for bad weather dates. All lessons are given in enclos ed areas for the safety of
    the girls. Qualified instructors are always on hand, and horses are trained to the maximum. Whether your
    daughter is a beginner with no experience, or an advanced rider taking lessons now, she will enjoy the
    outing on the Farm. Riding lessons are basic only, and do not include trail riding or jumping sessions.
    *Program #1: Overnight $65 per rider Minimum 16 riders, Maximum 24 riders ..(Non riders pay $35
    each for meals and may participat e in ground lessons only ) from 5pm Friday or Saturday, until 1pm the
    following day. All meals, horses, tack & equipment, safety helmets, and instructors, are provided.
    Bunkhouse sleeps 24 people. Girls are taught basic skills from Horse Fan, Horse Riders’, and Horse
    Sense badges according to Girl Scout Manual. Ground and Mounted lessons are included. Troops may
    combine to achieve 16 minimum . A $100 (non -refundable) deposit is required upon scheduling outing,
    and the balance is due when you arrive. Leaders must collect Insurance Releas e forms (available at
    www.cd ifarm.co m) and call the Farm one-week before arrival to confirm total number of riders. If 16 riders
    do not show up, the troop is responsible for paying for 16, regardless . Pictures are available for $2.50 per
    rider, optional. There is no smoking on the Farm, and no riders over 200 lbs. please for safety reasons.
    Dogs are not permitted, and Girls only please. There is a horsey gift shop locat ed on the Farm.
    To book any program, you may call starting on January 2, 2011. When dates are filled, we will begin a
    wait list. Please book early, as programs fill quickly. 440-858-2244 ask for Candy Stokes, Director.
    Program #2 2-night Overnight: $140 per rider ($75 for a non-rider) New for 2011..a two-night outing for
    troops of 16 – 20 riders who want to stay at the Farm for two nights. Arrival Friday night, 5pm, and
    departure is Sunday afternoon at 1pm. E verything is included in this outing; horses, equipment, safety
    helmets, meals and snacks, mounted riding lessons, ground lessons, and special Hors emanship lesson.
    Includes 6 meals, (along with snacks). Two overnight stays in our bunk house. Five riding sessions and
    many ground sessions. Horsemanship classes are included in this two-night adventure. (Teaching the
    girls how to care for their horse, including training and medical information) Badge work covered, and lots
    of extras included. A free 4x6 picture of each girl with their horse is included with this program.
    Please fill out and clip the coupon below and send with your deposit to : Can-Do-It Farm, 2279 East
    Union Road., Jefferson, Ohio 44047 Our phone number is: 440-858-2244 (812-3488 cell) Deposit is
    $100 for a one-night program, and a $150 deposit for a Program 2 (2-night overnight adventure)
    *pleas e keep the sheet of Driving Instructions with you on your trip to the Farm. Insurance Release forms
    are required for each rider and non rider attending the Girl Scout Programs , including moms.

Troop # ________________ Here before?_____ Arrival Date of Overnight: _________________________
Our troop would like to earn: Horse Fan          Horse Rider Horse Sense             Badge please
   Program: #1 is $65 per rider         Program #2 is $140 per rider…($75 non rider) . (check one box)
Primary Contact: Name & Phone _______________________________________________________
Cell Phone: ________________________ email ____________________________________________
Additional contact: Name __________________phone_______________________________________
Total number of riders anticipated: ____________        (call with confirmation before arrival)
   Approximate age of riders attending ______ Call: 440-858-2244 for confirmation of troop totals
 I will have _______ non riders at $___ each      Our email is: cd ifarm@roadrunner.com
Both Parents must sign Release Forms, releasing Farm from liability. No exceptions to this rule.
Deposit is $100 ($150 #2)… Check # _______                 {I have called ahead of time to reserve a date}
I understand that deposits are non-refundable, and 16 minimum riders are required.
Girls only. No Smoking. No dogs.          No electrical appliances.           Call for more information.
  Please provide your full mailing address on back of this coupon. See you soon! Thank you.