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Direct and Stafford Loan borrowers can download deferment forms at:
                                                                                            National Institutes
                                                                                             of Health Loan

T-Bill, Prime Rate and LIBOR information can be found at: or

Credit Bureau information can be obtained at:
 Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc.
 P.O. Box 740241
                                             P.O. Box 105281
                                                                     P.O. Box 2002
 Atlanta, GA 30374                           Atlanta, GA 30348-528   Allen, TX 75013
 (800) 685-1111
                                             (800) 916-8800
                                                                     (888) 397-3742
                                                                         Presented By:
Federal Student Aid Office of the Ombudsman: (877) 557-2575

Information regarding loan and practice assistance can be obtained from:
               National Association of Residents and Interns (NARI)
               Hillsboro Executive Center North                                          Henry Khachaturian, PhD
               350 Fairway Drive, Suite 200
               Deerfield Beach, FL 33441-1834
               (800) 221-2168; fax#: 954-571-8582                                                 Keefer Auditorium
                                                                                                 November 10, 2009
                        National Association of Doctors                                            3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
                        180 East Main Street, #203
                                                                                                 Sandia Chau, Assistant Director
                        Smithtown, NY 11787
                                                                                               Joseph F. Corbett, Project Manager
                        (800) 237-0270                                                   Marguerita Eastmond, Administrative Coordinator
                                                                    Alexis Fishbone, Associate Director
                                                                                                 Jeffrey Ross, Assistant Director
                                                                                            Kathy R. Stavropoulos, Executive Director
Borrower interest rates for federal education loans can be obtained on our website at:        Karen Van Dyne, Associate Director

Loan repayment, consolidation updates, Department of Education announcements,
scholarship and other valuable information can be obtained on our website at:
  For more information about the Federal Government Public
       Service Loan Forgiveness Plan for Direct Loans:           Welcome

                                                                   Office of Student Financial Services
                                                                     Joseph F. Corbett, Project Manager


                                                                   National Institutes of Health
                                                                     Henry Khachaturian, PhD

                                                                 Dr. Henry Khachaturian received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biology
                                                                 and Chemistry from the State University of New York at Brockport (1974                         and 1976, respectively). He received the Ph.D. in Anatomy                  (Neuroscience) from the University of Rochester, School of Medicine                                                  (1981). After postdoctoral work, he joined the faculty of the University
                                                                 of Michigan, School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry (1983-
                                                                 1987). He then moved to the University of Tennessee as
                                                                 Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy (1987-1988). His
                   Online Loan Calculators                       research interests focused on cellular, molecular, and systems biology
                                                                 of neuronal regulation.                                 In 1988, he changed career directions and took a position at the                                National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) as Chief of the Neuroscience
                                                                 Centers Program. In 1996, he was appointed to the position of NIMH
                                                                 Training Director. In 2000, he moved to the National Institute of
        National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)                Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) to serve as the NINDS
                                                                 Training Director. Since 2004, he has served in several Program Policy
Information about your Title IV federal loans is stored in the   positions at the Office of the Director of NIH, both in the Division of
                                                                 Intramural Research and the Division of Extramural Research. His
                                                                 current appointments are NIH Extramural Program Policy Officer, and
                                                                 Acting NIH Research Training Officer. For his dedication to the NIH and
   > Toll-free # - (800) 4FED-AID (333-243)
                                                                 public service, Dr. Khachaturian has received numerous awards,
   > TDD # - (800) 730-8913                                      including two NIH Director’s Awards.
   > Website - (PIN required)

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