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									                                                   Proposition 84 Planning Grants
                                Combined list/summary of Questions/Comments from email, calls, mail, etc.

                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)               Name                                     Comment/Question
11/18/09 Krista     Monterey Air District          Gene                Wanted to know if it was safe to assume the timeline for applications is yet
                                                                       to be determined.

11/18/09 Krista     Shasta County RTPA             Dan Wayne           Wanted to know if timeline for grant award is set in stone. Has some ideas
                                                                       for project and wanted to know if timing coincided with their proposed
11/19/09 Email      City of Yucaipa                Mary Petite         "I have noticed that an application for an Economic Development Plan is an
                                                                       eligible activity of the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and
                                                                       Incentives Program. The City of Yucaipa may be interested in submitting a
                                                                       proposal to prepare a Comprehensive Economic Development
                                                                       Strategies (CEDS) plan as a pre-requisite to making application for
                                                                       Economic Development Assistance Programs. Please advise whether a
                                                                       CEDS falls under the category of eligible proposals."
11/24/09 Krista     City of Paso Robles            Susan D. Carly      Caller did not see a timeline for submittal of applications.

11/24/09 Krista     County of Santa Clara          Steve Ross          Do we give examples of projects we have in mind? If so, he would like them
                    Planning Office                408-299-5791        included in the final RFP. Are we affiliated with the California Vision Process
                                            which also received Prop 84 dollars?
12/1/09   Krista    City of Los Angeles Planning   Naomi Guth          Thinking about attending Burbank workshop on 12/7. Will it be a
                    Office                         naomi.guth@lacit    presentation on the RFP and opportunity to learn more about what we are
                                                        looking for or just going over public comments to be entered into the record?
                                                                       Will there be more than one funding round? Will we accept more than one
                                                                       application per city for different projects?
12/2/09   12/2                                                         What's the relationship between SB 375 and AB 32?
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)           Name                                    Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2                                                Focus the $ on making infill easier to accomplish--reduce logjams.
          work-                                               Sustainable benefits will be reaped & be complimentary to the goals of
          shop                                                SB375. Use these $'s for specific area plans. Ability for these funds to result
                                                              in short-term real benefits not just revamping or amending a general plan.
                                                              Suggesting 80% to LG.
12/2/09   12/2      Attorney                     Bob Joenhk   Verbal: Match requirement is unrealistic when targeting disadvantaged
          work-                                               communities. 15% withhold of contract=counter-productive for
          shop &                                              disadvantaged and rural communities. Healthcare guidelines are way too
          Letter                                              general to be helpful. Rural comm's need more detail than this. No explicit
                                                              recognition for job creation or job retention. In rural comm's this is extremely
                                                              important--more so than larger ci/co's. Should be more explicit (economic).
                                                              Letter: There is no statutory requirement that requires the awarding of 5
                                                              possible points for an application "supplemented with additional funds." It
                                                              does not makes sense to require "disadvantaged communities" to have to
                                                              provide a "match." Prop 84 allowed such "matches" to be waived for these
                                                              types of communities. This would also then eliminate references to them
                                                              found on pages: 7, 14, 34, and possibly the modification of item 4 in
                                                              proposed "certification" resolution on pg 37. Withholding 15% of invoiced
                                                              amounts is counter-productive esp when dealing w/rural or disadvantaged
                                                              communities. State only requires 10% retention of public works. Perhaps
                                                              providing 5-10% retention of final amounts to be paid under the contract until
                                                              SGC is satisfied that all work called for in agreement has been satisfactorily
                                                              completed. Provisions of the G&A dealing w/public health (p.31) not useful
                                                              or helpful. They currently overlap concerns (parks & rec, housing,
                                                              transportation) that are the provenance of other categories under the
                                                              proposed G&A. They also don't really address "planning" for health facilities,
                                                              clinic distributions, attracting general medical practitioners to locate in rural
                                                              areas. SGC should be explicit in addressing the importance of economic
                                                              development and job retention. "Community" needs clarification. Too much
                                                              diversity of disadvantaged/advantaged communities w/in one county even.
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)           Name                                       Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2      Associate Director of ABAG    Henry Gardner       We cannot address ALL these efforts at once. We need to focus and build
          work-                                                       upon efforts we have already started. We are already asking ci/co's to do so
          shop                                                        much, w/shorter staff and larger populations. Need for updating general
                                                                      plans is huge and this money is not enough. Link the regional measures
                                                                      w/local measures. Remember who it is you represent when you leave here.
                                                                      Remember what it is. We need to be strategic and focus.

12/2/09   12/2                                    Carey Knecht        Verbal: Primary litmus test should be likelihood of resulting in near-term
          work-                                   (Greenbelt          physical change that improves the lives of Californians consistent w/Prop
          shop &                                  Alliance), Mary     84. Reduce typical logjams of development and protection of open spaces
          Letter                                  Elana Burstein      and farmland. Focus on specific plans, neighborhood, master plans and
                                                  (Environment        ordinance and zoning changes not general plans. Only award funds to
                                                  Now), Judy          General Plans that include updated zoning. Only release final grant payment
                                                  Corbett (LG         when adopted plan is certain to be implemented. Leverage other regional
                                                  Commission),        planning funding and complement the process between local and regional
                                                  Amanda Eaken        efforts. Letter: 1) Prioritize plans that result in real on-the-ground change in
                                                  (Natural            local communities. 2) Leverage other regional planning funding. 3) Promote
                                                  Resource            local and regional collaboration.
                                                  Council), Elyse
                                                  Lowe (Move San
                                                  Diego), Elizabeth
                                                  O'Donohue (The
                                                  Robin Salsburg
                                                  (Public Health
                                                  Law & Policy),
                                                  Julie Sniyder
                                                  (Housing CA)
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)                Name                                    Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2      Comfort Homesake                  Marliyn Ababio   Verbal: Regional approach is very beneficial for cities. Guidelines need to
          work-     Homecare & Hospice                510-839-6120     ask "what is the impact of this plan on low-income, minority…" The answer
          shop &                                                       should be provided in the plan. Email: Are there any barriers to EJ
          Email                                                        community participation in Planning Grants and Incentive Programs to
                                                                       promote sustainable land use practices? Comfort Homesake suggests the
                                                                       Council base its decision on how well planners answer the environmental
                                                                       justice question. "How will this project impact low income, racial or culturally
                                                                       minority groups and/or linguistically isolated populations who live around the
                                                                       project site?"
12/2/09   12/2      GreenBelt Alliance, VP of         Jake Mackenzie   In agreement with the ABAG letter.Tension exists between ci/co's.
          work-     Public Policy; Elected Official
          shop      for Rohnert Park
12/2/09   12/2      Chico Builder & Developer         John Anderson    Finds himself stuck between regional planning and logistics as well as
          work-                                                        supporting 375. Look favorably on grant funds for LG partnering w/MPO on
          shop                                                         the development of catalyst projects. MPO's can be the authors of the new
                                                                       codes. Reform of zoning ordinances to remove barriers. Specific regulation
                                                                       supercedes their efforts in Butte County.
12/2/09   12/2      League of Cities                  Bill Higgins     Cities believe it should be a 20/80 split b/c they are the ones who will
          work-                                                        actually be making the changes. Guidelines are too broad, some are
          shop                                                         duplicative and go beyond the statute. Thinks we will see 10-20 times the $
                                                                       in apps. Money has already dwindled to $65m w/o $1 going out to ci/co's yet.

12/2/09   12/2                                        Ted Pause        In agreement with the ABAG letter. We don't talk enough about time and the
          work-                                                        2020 timeline is fast closing. We have not made enough progress. It is the
          shop                                                         worst time to try to implement SB 375 and it is a Herculean effort. If all these
                                                                       efforts are a priority, then nothing is a priority. Fiscal scarcity, imperativity of
                                                                       Climate Change. Need clearer strategic priorities or there will be a result in a
                                                                       peanut scramble in awarding these grants. Smaller grants will be spread so
                                                                       thin that nothing will be accomplished. Urges SGC to be very careful in
                                                                       spending this $.

12/2/09   12/2      Senator Steinberg                 Bill Craven,     Good start, but RFP should focus on planning that achieves state climate
          work-                                       Consultant,      focus; not just planning as usual. Don't need two sets of guidelines. Use SB
          shop                                        Senate Natural   732 to fund SB 375 priorities - more prominent - RFP and keep other
                                                      Resources        Council requirements. Don't break fund into pots; it's a competitive process;
                                                      Committee        Award to best, whether proposal is a regional or local proposal.
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)            Name                                        Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2      High Speed Rail Authority     Eric Fredericks    No mention of high speed rail. Make planning around hi-speed train stations
          work-                                                      a priority. Specific plans that can actually be implemented and over-coming
          shop                                                       barriers. Committed to higher density around stations. Critical to begin
                                                                     planning for the area around stations now to begin feeder stations and
                                                                     ultimately more sustainable cities. Has asked for funding to provide grants to
                                                                     cities itself to promote high speed rail stations. Would be willing to partner
                                                                     with the SGC.
12/2/09   12/2      Mayor of Oakdale              Michael Brennan    Small cities should be given higher priority and state should be accountable
          work-                                                      for the reduction of $90m down to $65m. This is a lot of money for rural city
          shop                                                       or county.
12/2/09   12/2      Fisher Communications         Bobby Fisher (?)   Public Health should be given higher priority. Make section more specific
          work-                                                      and require more detail.
12/2/09   12/2      Law Office for Low Income     Brian Augusta    Equitable distribution focusing on rural and low-income communities.
          work-     and Rural Areas                                Broader housing and planning goals that end in real results. Several pockets
          shop                                                     of poverty that are commonly ignored (lack of sidewalks, adequate drinking
                                                                   water, paved roads, sewage). The communities need their planning and
                                                                   housing deficits met. Funds should "incentivize" the type of growth that has
                                                                   not been happening. Increase density and housing affordability,
                                                                   infrastructure deficit and access to transit. $ could make the most difference
                                                                   in these communities.
12/2/09   12/2      City of Fresno                Kathy Van Osten, Verbal: Can't expect one project to transform a community. Fresno is
          work-                                   Rose & Kindell   assuming a more broad-based approach already. Letter: Major portions of
          shop &                                  Associates       Prop 84 funds should be available for updating General Plans to meet and
          Letter                                                   exceed SB 375 requirements; and for innovative initiatives such as the
                                                                   "Sustainable Fresno" program our city is undertaking.
12/2/09   12/2                                                     Does not support the split but would support a letter from the other
          work-                                                    region/city. A split is too limiting at least for the first round of funding.
12/2/09   12/2      Local Government              Judy Corbett       Don't have the staff to respond to the complicated RFP--can't hire a
          work-     Commission (LGC)                                 consultant. Would like to work with RFP writers to make it more user-friendly.
12/2/09   12/2      The Nature Conservancy        Julia Garner       Natural resources should receive a higher score and define "protect,
          work-     (TNC)                                            enhance, natural resources…"
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)            Name                                      Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2                                                     What is "implementation?" maybe it needs to be more specific to planning
          work-                                                    w/such limited funds available. Consideration for those already struggling to
          shop                                                     implement blueprint planning.
12/2/09   Email     City of San Luis Obispo      Kim Murray        On page 8 of the draft guidelines, under VIII. Examples of Ineligible
                                                                   Proposals, it states that the grant funds cannot be used to fund the
                                                                   development of an EIR. Does this mean that the grant if proposed for
                                                                   development of a Comprehensive General Plan or update of a General Plan
                                                 805-781-7274      Element cannot be used to help fund the associated EIR required to
                                                 kmurry@slocity.or evaluate the General Plan revision? Please clarify. Thank you in advance
                                                 g                 for your help!

12/2/09   12/2      City of Ventura              Kaizer Ranwala     Local development regulations are significant barriers to smart growth. This
          work-                                                     money should go to remove those barriers by funding the development of
          shop                                                      Form Based Codes.
12/2/09   12/2      AECOM                        Mathew Gerken      The draft guidelines note that funding may NOT be applied to the
          work-                                                     preparation on an EIR. However, as CEQA Section Guidelines 15166 allows
          shop                                                      EIR requirement to be met w/in a General Plan. Is this approach--integrating
                                                                    environmental analysis w/in the general plan itself--OK? We see an EIR is
                                                                    not fundable. However, would an Initial Study/Mitigated Neg Dec on a
                                                                    sustainability plan be fundable under this program?
12/2/09   12/2      Town Green                   Steve Coyle        Verbal: Maximum focus on municipal and county code upgrades, specifically
          work-                                                     in the creation of form and function-based codes…the general plan is not
          shop &                                                    where implementation lies, and we need action." Email: I respectfully
          Email                                                     recommend that grants include funding for recognition/incentive programs
                                                                    that reward the achievement of SGC goals. For example, municipal and
                                                                    county's that develop sustainability plans, comprehensive climate action
                                                                    plans, and significant code reform, that meet or exceed state, regional, and
                                                                    local targets should be recognized by the State as exemplars and given
                                                                    priority for additional grants and resources as they become available
                                                                    through the State and other agencies and organizations.

12/2/09   12/2      AECOM                        Jeff Henderson     suggests using a Letter of Interest process
12/2/09   12/2      North Fork Associates        Eileen Shaw        EIRs NOT eligible--but CEQA likely required for these plans.
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)          Name                                           Comment/Question
12/2/09   12/2      Natural Resources Defence     Amanda Eagen       SB 375 should be the spine (backbone) for everything we do. Should be two
          work-     Council (NRDC)                                   pots of funding: regional and locals. Leverage 375 implementation. Should
          shop                                                       prioritize "on the ground" changes - zoning ordinances.
12/3/09   Email     University Associates, Silicon Cindy Rubin       Is it possible that a limited liability corp, established by public education
                    Valley LLC                                       institutions, for the purpose of furthering public goals of education and
                                                                     research, could be eligible? See proposed project attached to email.

12/2/09             City of Sacramento            Steve Cohn,        Need planning dollars and analyses for ordinances, plans so we don't
                                                  Council Member     subsidize developers.
12/2/09             Cal State Assn of Counties    DeAnn Baker        Will send comment letter. Implementation too open. Money goes farther in
                    (CSAC)                                           rural areas, should be set aside for rural areas. Also should be discretion of
                                                                     funds (80/20 split proposal) because some areas need more funds than
12/2/09             City of Sacramento            Tom Pace,          Agreed with John Anderson (Chico). Way to coordinate between city and
                                                  Senior Planner     MPO is COG review (advisory) to SGC, but don't increase time for approval.
                                                                     Increase monies to cities and counties. Focus on growth, areas of greatest
                                                                     need for regional plans (target monies to region). Maybe tiered approach.
                                                                     Matching funds is a burden.
12/7/09   12/7      Climate Plan                  Beth S???          More specificity for proposals, for quick implementation. Specific plans,
          work-                                                      TOD overlays. City of LA has updated General Plan but developers want
          shop                                                       urban design around station, maximum parking. Add more transportation
                                                                     opportunities, income mix, etc.
12/7/09   12/7      Cal COG                       Jerry Jaffe        More strategically focused proposals. Split funds into two pots: 80/20
          work-                                                      (Cities, Counties/MPOs). Rural areas should receive 5 to 10% of funds.
          shop                                                       Add SB 375 to RFP. SCS should be funded first. 18 MPOs get funds; RTPA
                                                                     apply directly to SGC.
12/7/09   12/7      City of Fullerton             heather Allen      Clarify disadvantaged communities. Does it mean area served or must it be
          work-                                   heathera@ci.fuller a geographic region that meets definition? Might want to use AB 32
          shop                           (714)    definition of census tract.
12/7/09   12/7      Santa Barbara County COG      Kim ???            How will the proposal be monitored?
12/7/09   12/7      City of Glendale                                 Want to submit proposal for General Plan Update and Zoning changes;
          work-                                                      three year period for grant may not be long enough to do both. Can funds be
          shop                                                       used for city staff?
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)            Name                                    Comment/Question
12/7/09   12/7                                                      Can funds be received "up front"? Why reimbursement basis?
12/7/09   12/7      City of Los Angeles          Jane Blumenfeld, $1 million limit per application will limit City of Los Angeles which has larger
          work-                                  Planning Dept    area/needs.
          shop                                   jane.blumenfeld@

12/7/09   12/7      City of Los Angeles                             What does two or more entities mean? Can it be two departments within a
          work-                                                     city?
12/7/09   Email                                  Chris Castorena The first bullet under Section IX - Grant Selection Process - reads in
                                                 castorenac@sacc parenthesis that one application per entity. Does that mean a local city or
                                              county can apply only for one grant under the guidelines, or does it mean a
                                                                 department within a city or county can apply only for one grant application.
                                                                 Please specify the meaning one application per entity.
12/7/09   Email     City of Pasadena             Alice Sterling  Potentially thousands of toilets in Pasadena are destined for the landfill. This
                                                                 could be addressed with a replicable pilot program for local communities
                                                                 whereby 1) areas are designated for replaced toilets to be dropped off, 2)
                                                                 toilets are crushed, 3) local sources for the crushed porcelain such as trails,
                                                                 asphalt admixture for streets, drainage medium in trenches, etc. are
                                                                 identified, and 4) green jobs are created to run the program. This closed-
                                                                 loop program would also assist in reducing greenhouse gases associated
                                                                 with water conveyance and truck trips to landfill, and it supports the state’s
                                                                 Zero Waste Goal through diversion. We think there is a tremendous
                                                                 opportunity with this type of program. In concept, would such a program
                                                                 qualify for a sustainable communities planning grant? If not, are there other
                                                                 grants available for a toilet replacement and reuse program?
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)            Name                                     Comment/Question
12/7/09   Email     City of Encinitas             Patrick Murphy   1) We feel grants should focus on planning docs (General Plans/Specific
                                                                   Plan Updates, Climate Action Plans) that address long-range policies and
                                                                   regs for GHG reduction and meeting state targets. 2) we are opposed to the
                                                                   CalCOG recommendation to set aside $20 million for regional govts/
                                                                   regional govts are required to develop regional sustainability plans and such
                                                                   are underway. Local govts need incentives to implement regional
                                                                   sustainability plans. Directing funds to local govt (city or county) to prepare
                                                                   long-range planning docs is critical to ensure consistency w/regional plans.
                                                                   3) Planning funds should be allocated directly to local agency requesting
                                                                   funds not through COGs. We are concerned the COGs will incorporate
                                                                   additional requirements and/or evaluation criteria.

12/7/09   Email     California Conference of      Edward Moreno    We urge the Council to retain the public health requirements including
                    Local Health Officers                          consulting w/local public health officers in finalizing the application for these
                                                                   funds. 1) pg 5: Please add "promote equity." 2) pg 6-7: the multiple
                                                                   categories of additional requirements and priority considerations and scoring
                                                                   there-of is confusing. 3) pg 12: we strongly support the inclusion of these
                                                                   requirements under "promote public health"; it would be helpful to refer to
                                                                   the glossary that contains info on Local Health Officers. 4) pg 19: should
                                                                   read "Local Health Officers."
12/10/09 Krista-    Amador County                 Neil Peacock     Verbal: Is urban greening funding part of the sustainable planning grant
         Call &     Transportation Commission     209-267-2282     guidelines $90 million. A one time award was mentioned, yet the guidelines
         Letter                                   neil@actc-       state possible multiple funding cycles. Which is accurate? If multiple cycles,
                                               will Council accept multiple apps from same entity (1/per cycle)? Will the
                                                                   Council consider funding projects over a multi-year timeframe, such as a 2-
                                                                   yr project? A planning phase and an implementation phase? The guidelines
                                                                   make no mention of schedule of projects. Also, MPOs have requested an
                                                                   additional 1/3 of the money to what they are already being given. What is the
                                                                   staff's response to that? Letter: 1) There should not be a set-aside in the
                                                                   Planning Grant Program for MPOs. 2) The proposed $1 million funding cap
                                                                   on awards should remain and no allowance should be made to increase
                                                                   awards beyond this for any reason. 3) Applications from MPOs should be
                                                                   cross-referenced w/awards made under the Modeling incentive Program to
                                                                   ensure duplicative awards are not made. 4) MPOs should not be allowed to
                                                                   rank any applications submitted. 5) Consistency w/SB 375 goals and
                                                                   existing blueprint documents should not be used as evaluation criterion
                                                                   when ranking proposals. 6) Do not establish criterion that would
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)             Name                                      Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    Sacramento Metropolitan Air    Larry Greene      1) Need for collaboration. MPOs should prove collaboration in applications.
                   Quality Management District                      Extra points should be given for collaborating. 2) Overreaching. Guidelines
                                                                    are calling for too broad of projects. Sample projects (pg 8) contain items ie
                                                                    Economic Development Plan and Community Action Plan which may not be
                                                                    an effectinve use of funding. The sample list should be revised in
                                                                    compliance with SB 375. Catalyst projects should get extra points.

12/10/09 Letter    County of Contra Costa,        John W.
                   Dept. of Conservation &        Cunningham
12/10/09 Letter    California State Association   DeAnn Baker    1) Support Allocation of funding 80% to cities and counties and 20% to
                   of Counties (CSAC)                            regions. 2) Support various planning and implementation efforts at local
                                                                 level. 3) Support set-aside for planning efforts in 26 regions outside of the
                                                                 18 MPOs.
12/10/09 Letter    San Francisco Planning Dept. John Rahaim,     To be consistent w.Prop 84, it must reflect and reward smart growth-
                                                Doug             particularly those already developed & successful structures. Currently,
                                                Shoemaker,       guidelines ignore the importance of regional planning and local cooperation
                                                Nathaniel Ford   toward sustainable, well-used transit system.
12/10/09 Letter    California Association of    Jon Edney, Art   1) Guidelines need more focus. Should be more closely linked to each
                   Councils of Governments      Brown, Henry     region's Blueprint or SCS approach. MPOs should be given first priority for
                   (CALCOG)                     Gardner, Rusty   funding and sufficient funds set aside. 2) Funding for all regions should be
                                                Selix, Tony      $20 million w/recognition that it could cost more. Some of remaining funds
                                                Boren, Rob       should be held until this has been determined. 3) One-third of funds should
                                                Brummett, Will   go to regions and two-thirds to local governments. 4) SGC should recognize
                                                Kempton, Mike    that some rural agencies are not required to implement SB 375, but may
                                                McKeever,        wish to voluntarily implement portions of it. Council should develop some
                                                Ronald DeCarli,  criteria for evaluating those apps. 5) Regions should be assured reasonable
                                                Jim Kemp, Daniel amount of funds but be subject to state standards. 6) Recognize that SB
                                                Little           375 allows Sub Regional strategies w/in the Southern California Assoc of
                                                                 Governments region. Sub Regions should be eligible for this funding. 7) All
                                                                 Councils of Governments and County Transportation Commissions w/in the
                                                                 SCAG region should be eligible to be direct recipients of the funds. 8) State
                                                                 may be able to withhold portion of funds for any region whose plan needs
                                                                 further assistance to meet state requirements--realizing unique
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)            Name                                       Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    California Rural Legal        Brian Augusta &   1) Should go to those communities most in need of planning assistance,
                   Assistance Foundation         Martha Guzman,    (neglected disadvantaged). Increase points for serving disadvantaged
                   "PolicyLink"                  Chione Flegel     communities, Priorotize funding for planning that will include a focus on
                                                                   connecting low-income people, to education, economic opportunity and
                                                                   services. "Super-infill" communities. 2) Ensure equitable regional and
                                                                   statewide distribution of funding: Establish criteria that ensures equitable
                                                                   funding distribution. Waive or modify the supplemental funds priority for
                                                                   disadvantaged communities. Make GHG reduction a co-equal factor. It's
                                                                   unlikely that rural or small communities will be able to compete on this facto
                                                                   w/larger cities, counties and COGs that have already invested in blue-print
                                                                   planning and GHG reduction modeling. 1) Guidleines should require and
                                                                   encourage public input from grantees prior to their submission of an
                                                                   application. Timelines for the app should accommodate community notice,
                                                                   participation and feedback on proposed actions for the planning.

12/10/09 E-mail    San Jose Park, rec &          Rajesh Adoni      It would be helpful if advance payments could be given. Use state income
                   Neighborhood Services                           limits which are adjusted for the area median (Income limits pursuant to Title
                                                                   25 No. 6932 California Code of Regulations). Include outcome
                                                                   measurement as eligible for grant reimbursement.
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)           Name                                       Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    City of San Jose, Dept of     Joseph Horwedel 1) Focus on compact infill development. Currently too broad in scope,
                   Planning, Building and Code                   Needs to be a strategic focus on linking transportation and land use. SGC
                   Enforcement                                   should set a priority to target grant funds for local governments to plan for
                                                                 and promote compact, infill development that achieves CA's climate
                                                                 objectives, particularly funding for local governmet planning around transit
                                                                 stations that link to regional blueprints. Additional points should be awarded
                                                                 for planning activities that promote collabortaion between regional and local
                                                                 governments and for locan infrastructure planning to support compact, infill
                                                                 development in existing employment and population centers supported by
                                                                 transit. 2) Prioritize local sustainable planning efforts: Guidelines must
                                                                 support local government efforts to promote compact infill development by
                                                                 targeting funds to planning efforts that remove logjams to infill and produce
                                                                 actual change on the ground. The SGC should fund local planning initiatives
                                                                 directed at resolving actual implementation realities that thwart compact,
                                                                 infill development. Guidelines should prioritize funding for local governments
                                                                 to prepare specific or area plans that implement regional blueprint plans. To
                                                                 promote local sustainable planning activities that can and will actually
                                                                 happen in the hear term, the SGC should allocate 90% of grant funds for
                                                                 local governments planning efforst and 10% for regional governments,
                                                                 respectively. SGC should consider regional allocation of grant funding based
                                                                 on population. Should also consider past Regional Housing Needs
                                                                 Allocation persformance as a measure for allocating funds for sustainable
                                                                 planning. Matching funds will be problematic for most communities due to
                                                                 local government budget deficits.
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)            Name                                    Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    The Nature Conservancy        Elizabeth      Urge the Council to ensure that proposals emphasize the preservation of
                                                 O'Donoghue     our natural lands and working landscapes receive the highest priority.
                                                                Ensure that Natural resource protection is emphasized in the grant criteria
                                                                scoring system. Strengthen the eligibility criteria in draft SGC guideline by
                                                                providing a definition for "protect, preserve and enhance environmental,
                                                                agricultural and recreation resources.": On pg 5, eligibility criteria would be
                                                                strengthened by defining what this means. We recommend this definition
                                                                include: 1) Areas of importance for the maintenance of endemic, rare, or
                                                                imperiled plant and animal species and communities. 2) Areas that provide
                                                                connectivity between natural habitats, especially in areas with high rates of
                                                                land use conversion, including riparian areas, and areas that have low levels
                                                                of fragmentation from human land uses and infrastructure. 3) Natural areas
                                                                adjacent to existing public or privately protected areas that serve to buffer
                                                                and improve habitat values within the protected area. 4) Areas that can
                                                                serve to buffer developed areas from natural disturbance such as
                                                                floodplains or natural fire breaks. 5) Existing farm and ranchland. 6) Natural
                                                                areas important for the protection of climate benefits (e.g., carbon storage
                                                                and sequestration). 7) Areas essential for maintaining or improving the
                                                                integrity of watersheds, and for maintaining or improving the water quality
                                                                and availability in surface water bodies and groundwater tables. Provide
                                                                grants for preparing and implementing Natural Community Conservation
                                                                Plans (NCCPs).

12/10/09 Letter    City of Sacramento            Thomas Pace    See Mark-Up
12/10/09 Letter    Breeze-Martin Consulting      Rick Breeze-   See Mark-Up
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)           Name                                       Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    City of Oakland, Public       Robin Salsburg   1) Create a uniform and consistent set of funding priorities and evaluation
                   Health Community                               criteria between all 3 Prop 84 grants to reinforce the focused goals of
                                                                  achieving actual reduction in GHG emissions while making significant
                                                                  improvements in health and equity outcomes. The language is very broad
                                                                  and does not provide sufficient targeted direction to applicants. Specific
                                                                  recommendations are: Develop a point system that clearly incentivizes the
                                                                  strategies and priorities that achieve the Council's goald and make these
                                                                  required elements in the application. See letter for specific evaluation criteria
                                                                  suggestions. Create a "mandatory requirements" section that sets forth the
                                                                  threshold elements an applicant MUST have. Place significant emphasis in
                                                                  the evaluation criteria on projects that will result in meaningful and actual
                                                                  change. Convene a multi-disciplinary grant review team that consists of
                                                                  representatives with dep-expertise in the application priority areas. Add
                                                                  specificity to the comprehensive description of a Health Community
                                                                  Appendix to enable applicants unfamiliar with public health strategies to
                                                                  better integrate tangible elements into their plans or programs. Integrate
12/10/09 Letter    City of Santa Rosa            Gillian Hayes    Pg 4: Cities need to be able to receive fund directly and not have the
                                                                  additional layer of pass-through at the regional government level. Pg 5:
                                                                  Important not to penalize applicants who are unable to meet all 11
                                                                  requirements. Very few applications will be able to meet all 11. Consider
                                                                  weighting scoring to applicants who meet 7 or 8 but not losing points. Pg 9:
                                                                  Please allow cities who may not entirely fall under disadvantaged to focus
                                                                  efforts of a potential grant program on portions of our community which do
                                                                  contain a low income neighborhood. Pg 12: Staff finds the categories and
                                                                  listed questions appropriate.
12/10/09 Letter    League of California Cities   Bill Higgins     1) Immediate funding of Local Planning Grants will further SB 375 Goals. 2)
                                                                  Target support for Local Planning. 3) Set aside for SCS Implementation. 4)
                                                                  Local documentation of Regional Plan consistency.
12/10/09 Letter    City of Fresno                Mayor Ashley
12/10/09 Letter    California Habitat            John Hopkins
                   Conservation Planning
12/10/09 Letter    City of Santee                Melanie Kush
12/10/09 Letter    CEQAmap                       Don Ritter
12/10/09 Letter    City of Santa Clara, Valley   Ying Smith
                   Transportation Authority
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff       OK but not necessary)          Name                                      Comment/Question
12/10/09 Letter    Alias Designs                 Derek Ryder
12/10/09 Letter    City of Los Angeles           Jane Blumenfeld   1) Streamilne the application process by establishing a 2-phase process. 2)
                                                                   Establish a "Local" grant program and "Regional" grant program w/in the
                                                                   planning grant program. 3) Reduce the application materials. 4) Clearly state
                                                                   the requirement for consistency with a Regional Plan. 5) Provide guidance
                                                                   to applicants regarding Additional Requirements. 6) Provide guidance to
                                                                   applicants regarding Priority Considerations. 7) Provide guidance to
                                                                   applicants regarding "Community Support" and Organizational Capacity. 8)
                                                                   Provide additional information for some terms in the Glossary. 9) Clearly
                                                                   state all criteria to be used in determining funding awards. 10) Add impact
                                                                   on Reducing GHG as a criterion in making funding decisions. 11) Allow
                                                                   more than one application per entity.

12/10/09 E-Mail    City of San Diego             Carol Wood
12/10/09 Email     City of Glendale              Stephanie Reich   There should be some recognition of the varying needs throughout North,
                                                                   Central and Southern California, due to geographic conditions and existing
                                                                   governance structure. There should be some recognitions of these different
                                                                   needs within the application, and perhaps a prioritization based on these
                                                                   differences. This type of recognition may precent bias toward one region
                                                                   and not another.
12/11/09 Letter    Senator Steinberg             Bill Craven,      1. SB 375 should be the backbone of Council grants, along with SB 732
                                                 Senate            indicia. 2. Add SB 375 to guidelines. Applications should weave specific
                                                 Consultant        planning into grant proposal should score highest. Do not consider
                                                                   applications that have only one or two SB 732 sustainability indicia. 3. Add to
                                                                   proposal scoring: 1) helps achieve GHG targets that will be set by ARB; 2)
                                                                   quantify outcomes to measure achievements of grant; 3) reward
                                                                   applications that propose amibitious working relationships between local
                                                                   government and relevant MPO. (reward regional/LGs that work to achieve
                                                                   SB 375 goals). 4) Consider ways to coordinate Council's grants with other
                                                                   sustainability programs to maximize benefits not only of Council's grants, but
                                                                   efforts of other state department programs.

12/22/09 Email     City of El Cerrito            Melanie Mintz     Will whether a city is awarded a grant within one program affect whether a
                                                                   city would be competitive in another program or a future round?
                    Organization (contact info
  Date     Staff      OK but not necessary)            Name                                      Comment/Question
01/04/10 Email     McKinleyville Community         Norman Shopay   We are a Community Serves District (CSD) and are responsible for water,
                   serves District                                 sewer, parks and recreation and street lights. Are we eligible to apply for
                                                                   this funding as a CSD?
01/18/10 Email     Wallace Group                   Nicole L. Smith Is there a percentage that is acceptable for overhead costs (e.g.,
                                                                   adminstration, rent, etc)? 10%?
2/01/10   Letter   PHLP, Housing California,       Brian Augusta,  1) Support focus on greenhouse gas and SB 375; (2) Plans funded by SGC
                   California Rural Legal          John Clayburgh, must address the full range of SGC goals, including public health
                   Assistance Foundation, the      Judy Corbett,   improvement, advancement for disadvantaged communities and natural
                   Nature Conservancy, Policy      Amanda Eaken, resource conservation; (3) request for 20 percent set-aside for
                   Link, Sierra Nevada Alliance,   Chione Flegel,  disadvantaged communities; (4) make a variety of plans eligible as long as
                   Local Government                Jermy Madsen,   they meet the requirements; (5) focus on successful outcomes and
                   Commission, Greenbelt           Liz O'Donoghue, implementation, including strategy and timeline; (6) allow for co-applicants
                   Alliance, American Farmland     Robin Salsburg, or sub-recipients to be part of the proposal; (7) allow input during the
                   Trust, NRDC                     Sharom Sprowls, drafting of revised grant guidelines.
                                                   Ed Thompson

Comments on Proposed Final Guidelines: Posted 2/12/10

2/16/10   email    LGC                                               Allow for sub-recipients of the Planning Grant, including: University and
                                                                     Community Colleges, Community-Based Organizations, Non-Profit
                                                   Paul Zykofsky     Organizations (501.C.3) and Public Entities
2/16/10   email/   City of Palo Alto               Arundhati Sett    (1) Project Scope (a) Provide a complete list of eligible proposals (b) Does
          phone                                                      the project have to be completed in the 3 years? Where mentioned in the
                                                                     proposal (2) Funding (a) must a proposal have a life span of three years to
                                                                     be eligible (b) are appendix L and M estimated dollar amounts and
                                                                     probable start dates and end dates. (3) How often will reimbursements be?
                                                                     (4) Who are eligible for second cycle and when will they be considered by
                                                                     the state?
2/18/10   email    NRG Group, Inc.                 Carol Deaning     I am interested in submitting two projects for the Butte County area. Is there
                                                                     a mailing list to get the final draft and proposal dates for the grant
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)           Name                                       Comment/Question
2/24/10   email                                  Lauren Hilliard   (1) There is no mention of SB 391 in the Guidelines (2) pleased with the
                                                                   inclusion of Government Code 65041.1- to achieve equity, strong economy,
                                                                   etc by ensuring that all state agencies specify how infrastructure
                                                                   expenditures are consistent with infill development and redevelopment will
                                                                   play out in other state-level decisions outside of Proposition 84 guidelines?

3/2/10    email     County of Sacramento         Judy Robinson     We are considering an application that would involve analysis of potentially
                                                                   2-3 sites. Does the grant allow for 1 application to include multiple sites?

3/3/10    workshop Rural Assistance              Bryan Agusta      Supports Disadvantage Communities set aside ~20%
                   Foundation/Climate Plan
3/3/10    workshop City of San Diego             Howard            Not clear how the 60 points work. What if proposal is really strong in 1 or 2
                                                 Greensteen        areas?
3/3/10    workshop ?                             Question on       Can an Urban Greening Plan Proposal be considered under the Planning
                                                 phone ?           Grants?
3/3/10    workshop CSAC                          Kiana Buss        The GHG threshold requirement seems to elevate other types of plans like
                                                                   to reduce VMT and density as opposed to preserving open space. What are
                                                                   the metrics to use to demonstrate this?
3/3/10    workshop CALCOG                        Rusty Selix       1) Absence of clarity that development of SCS is an eligible use. This is a
                                                                   very conspicuous omission. 2) The collaborative approach is missing with
                                                                   70% of funds to go to focus area 1. 80% should go to focus area number 2.

3/3/10    workshop City of San Diego                               While we support our local cog there is concerned to let region control what
                                                                   gets funded
3/3/10    workshop NRDC                          Amanda Eaken      1) To address "Change on the ground" should link general plan updates to
                                                                   zoning changes 2) Support shift of funds from focus area 1 to focused area
                                                                   2. Local and regional collaboration in pot two. The collaboration threshold in
                                                                   focus area 1 is low. We agree most of the money should go to local
                                                                   governments 3) Blueprint- why it would be more appropriate to include SCS
                                                                   Things we like: 1) GHG and SPP threshold
                                                                   2) Support additional points for disadvantaged communities
                                                                   3) we prefer "actively supports" in stead of "does not conflict with a regional
                                                                   plan" - and that the regional plan should meets all the requirements.

3/3/10    workshop ?                             guy on phone      Are local hazard mitigation plans eligible? all cities and counties doing these
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)             Name                                   Comment/Question
3/3/10    workshop Nature Conservancy            Liz o’donaahue   1) The guidelines should have additional measures for indicators and
                                                                  outcomes. There is some good work being done on that. We will get you
                                                                  some examples of indicators.
                                                                  2) Add to eligible proposals: conservation greenprints and Natural
                                                                  Community Conservation Plans (NCCP).
                                                                  3) We would ask that Urban Greening Plans not be eligible under the
                                                                  Planning Grants

3/3/10    workshop AECOM                         ?                CEQA should be eligible
3/3/10    workshop City of Tracy                 ? Phone          I'm Confused: could one proposal allow both a general plan amendment and
                                                                  zoning code update?
3/10/10   email     Policy Link                                   Establish a set-aside that specifically targets disadvantaged communities,
                                                                  similar to the Urban Greening Planning Grant Program: "at least 20 percent
                                                                  of each round of funding shall be prioritized for projects that target EDC."

3/11/10   letter    SANDAG                       Gary Gallegos    (1) The draft guidelines should list the RTP under eligible proposals, in
                                                                  addition to the Regional Blueprints and SCS.
                                                                  (2) agree with funding allocation, however, funding priority within the three
                                                                  cycles should be given to Focus Area # 2
                                                                  (3) Under Focus Area # 2, Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA)
                                                                  and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) should be listed under other
                                                                  planning processes.
                                                                  (4) The draft guidelines need to clarify the role of the lead agency.
3/13/10   email     Local Government             Judy Corbett     Encourage that the Planning Grants use the Caltrans provision that limits
                    Commission                                    sub-applicants to educational institutions, MPOs and nonprofits.
3/15/10   email     Greenbelt Alliance           Jeremy Madsen    (1) Shift the majority of funds (roughly 80%) into Focus Area # 2.
                                                                  (2) 20% of the funds from each Focus Area (not a single set aside from all
                                                                  Focus Areas) should be targeted to disadvantaged communities to ensure
                                                                  affordable housing and other needs of low income neighborhoods are
                                                                  addressed via this program
                                                                  (3) Establish an advisory committee to help review applications. The
                                                                  advisory committee could have a makeup similar to the RTAC.
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)           Name                                           Comment/Question
3/15/10   email                    Don Ritter         Please accept this information as a "place holder" until we can formalize a
                                                                     proposal for Prop 84 funds relating to the 10% set aside for environmental
                                                                     information: initial feasibility, needs determination and algorithms, hardware
                                                                     and software configuration, application development, beta testing, quality
                                                                     assurance/ quality control. The estimated funding request from the 10% of
                                                                     Prop 84 funds is $1.75 - $2.25 million.

3/16/10   email     AMBAG                                            Support letter for the Caltrans $2 million request for California Household
                                                                     Travel Survey (CHTS)
3/16/10   email     California Council of Land    Darla Guenzler     Supports the proposal that would provide funding to improve protected
                    Trusts                                           areas data for California.
3/16/10   email     Greenbelt Alliance            Jeremy Madsen      (1) provide local planning funds and link them to SB 375. Local and regional
                                                                     collaboration is essential
                                                                     (2) reserve 20% of funds for disadvantaged communities and social justice
                                                                     (3) funds should only be used for planning efforts that will make all the
                                                                     changes necessary for homes, jobs, parks and preserves, and complete
                                                                     streets to actually be created.
                                                                     (4) grants should be selected with the help of the public advisory committee
                                                                     that includes expertise in the full range of the Council's goals.
                                                                     (5) Non-profits, universities and COGs should be eligible to co-apply with
                                                                     applicants, but believe that it would be better for cities to select any for-profit
                                                                     partner after grants are awarded, to improve the likelihood that public
                                                                     bidding process would allow us to comment on the teams that a local
                                                                     government might partner with.

3/16/10   email     Greenbelt Alliance            Stephanie Reyes Support directing grant funds to additional data acquisition projects.
                                                                  Projected lands data is a critical research need for future strategic growth
                                                                  planning for the state.
                     Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff      OK but not necessary)           Name                                      Comment/Question
3/16/10   email     NRDC                                           (1) Fund local planning and local-regional collaboration to meet SB 375:
                                                                   focus area # 2 should receive majority of total planning grant funding
                                                                   (~80%), local governments should submit their applications to the state
                                                                   through the MPOs and MPOs will rank, SB 375 (SCS and APS) related
                                                                   planning should be listed as an eligible activity
                                                                   (2) Provide a 20% set aside for disadvantaged communities.
                                                                   (3) No general plan, specific plan or climate action plan should be created or
                                                                   updated without concurrent, consistent changes made to the zoning code,
                                                                   where applicable.
                                                                   (4) Create an advisory committee of stakeholders to review applications.
                                                                   (5) Use Caltrans grant language for sub-recipients that specifies COGs,
                                                                   educations institutions, and nonprofits are the eligible sub-recipients.
                                                                   Support Caltrans request to the SGC for an additional $2 million grant to
3/16/10   email     SANDAG                        Gary Gallegos    conduct the 2010/2011 CHTS.
                                                                   Fund the protected lands database, and provide the information to a wide
                                                                   audience so that local and regional entities, joint powers authorities,
                                                                   infrastructure agencies, nongovernmental organizations and private entities
                                                  Elizabeth        will have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary conflicts and enhance
3/16/10   email     The Nature Conservancy        O'Donoghue       conservation.
                                                                   (1) provide local planning funds and link them to SB 375. Local and regional
                                                                   collaboration is essential
                                                                   (2) reserve 20% of funds for disadvantaged communities and social justice
                                                                   (3) funds should only be used for planning efforts that will make all the
                                                                   changes necessary for homes, jobs, parks and preserves, and complete
                                                                   streets to actually be created.
                                                                   (4) grants should be selected with the help of the public advisory committee
                                                                   that includes expertise in the full range of the Council's goals.
                                                                   (5) Non-profits, universities and COGs should be eligible to co-apply with
                                                                   applicants, but believe that it would be better for cities to select any for-profit
                                                                   partner after grants are awarded, to improve the likelihood that public
                                                                   bidding process would allow us to comment on the teams that a local
                                                                   government might partner with.
3/16/10   email     Urban Habitat                 Vu-Bang Nguyen
                    Organization (contact info
  Date      Staff     OK but not necessary)            Name                                     Comment/Question
                                                                  (1) provide local planning funds and link them to SB 375. Local and regional
                                                                  collaboration is essential
                                                                  (2) reserve 20% of funds for disadvantaged communities and social justice
                                                                  (3) funds should only be used for planning efforts that will make all the
                                                                  changes necessary for homes, jobs, parks and preserves, and complete
                                                                  streets to actually be created.
                                                                  (4) grants should be selected with the help of the public advisory committee
                                                                  that includes expertise in the full range of the Council's goals.
                                                                  (5) Non-profits, universities and COGs should be eligible to co-apply with
                                                                  applicants, but believe that it would be better for cities to select any for-profit
                                                                  partner after grants are awarded, to improve the likelihood that public
                                                                  bidding process would allow us to comment on the teams that a local
                                                 Bonnie Holmes-   government might partner with.
3/17/10   email     American Lung Association    Gen
                    Regional Council of Rural                     Support the guidelines as is, and the allocation of the majority of funding to
3/17/10   email     Counties                     Mary Pitto       Focus Area # 1, the cities and counties.
                                                                  All of these data are needed now to support SGC Local Planning Grants and
                                                                  Urban Greening Projects. The Council should fund all data programs to the
3/17/10   email     SACOG                        Mike McKeever    greatest extent possible in 2010.

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