English II Fall Semester 2010 Syllabus by ashrafp


									                              English II Fall Semester 2010

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to welcome you to a successful semester in English II at Early College High School.
All work in this course will be based on the SC State Standards for English II and Horry County
Schools Initiatives for English II.

Student learning will encompass the enhancing of communication skills, reading, writing,
processing, and research. Language skills, such as usage, punctuation, vocabulary, and
sentence structure, will be taught through direct instruction and through individualized student
reading and writing. Test preparation exercises will also be included in our curriculum for
students to prepare for the HSAP, which is the South Carolina high school exit exam.

Since reading is one of the most fundamental and important tools a person possesses, one of
our major goals is for each student to become a better reader. I have included a list of possible
in-class reading selections—novels, dramas, poems, short stories, and nonfiction samples.
Please review this list with your child. I realize that every selection may not be appropriate for
every student. If you have concerns about any text your child is reading, please contact me so
that we can make an appropriate substitution.

Student work is graded on a point scale. Students will know deadlines and point values before
beginning any assignment, and they also will be given rubrics before completing major
assignments or projects. Students will receive a ten point deduction for work which is turned in
late. I expect students to appreciate the value of knowing how to meet deadlines. They
certainly will face these expectations in the future. I am available to schedule tutoring sessions
for students who need extra help. Please note the following statewide grading scale that will be
used for evaluation of assignments: A 93 – 100; B 85 – 92; C 77 – 84; D 70 – 76; F below 70.

Students are expected to be in class and on time each day. When a student is absent, he or she
always misses some work, and it is his or her responsibility for making up all work in the
allotted time. For this class, students will need their AVID Binder, loose-leaf paper, # 2 pencils,
and a blue or black ink pen.

All of us must work together for this to be a successful learning experience. I encourage you to
contact me at any time during the semester. My planning time is from 12:55- 2:25pm. I can be
reached at 349-5370 after 3:00. If you call before 3:00pm, please leave a message, and I will
return your call promptly. You may also contact me via email at

Please place your signatures on the form provided indicating that you have read this packet.
Send that form to me, and have your child place his or her syllabus in the front of his notebook.
I look forward to working with you to help your student be successful in my class this year.

Kindest regards,

Martina McKoy
Parent/ Signature Form for English II                                             McKoy
The attached information communicates academic expectations for English II College
Preparatory. Please read the packet of information and sign in the appropriate place.

Please return this form as soon as possible as students will be receiving their first homework
grade for the return of this assignment.


       I have   read and understood the following:
           o    Teacher letter
           o    Syllabus/ Pacing Guide
           o    Classroom Rules and Procedures

Parent’s Name ________________________                      _______________________
                    (print)                                       (signature)

Parent’s Information:
       Home phone       _________________________
       Work phone       _________________________
       Cell phone       _________________________
       Email            _________________________


       I have   read and understood the following:
           o    Teacher letter
           o    Syllabus/ Pacing Guide
           o    Classroom Rules and Procedures

Student’s Name ______________________                _______________________
                    (print)                                (signature)

Student’s Information:
       Cell phone     _________________________
       Email          _________________________

If there is any further information I need to know about your student, please indicate below or
on the back of this sheet so we can arrange a contact to discuss the information.

English II                                                  Fall Semester 2010
Instructor: Martina McKoy

Office: Building 200/Conway Campus

School Phone: (843)349-5370
Email: mmckoy@horrycountyschools.net
Class Website: http://ec.horrycountyschools.net/faculty_pages/ms__mckoy/

Required Materials:
   Textbook: Literature: Language and Literacy.
   AVID Binder and writing utensils (brought to class each day)
   Classroom technologies

If a class session is missed, you are responsible for determining what needs to be
made up. It would be a good idea, for this reason, to get the phone number or email address
of at least one classmate in order to have a contact should an unavoidable absence occur.
Class participation in a composition class often, however, cannot be duplicated if a class is
missed—e.g. peer feedback sessions, group discussions, etc.

Cell Phones:
Horry County Schools requires that students are not to have visible cell phones during the
school day. Use of cell phones during class time will result in consequences according to the
cell phone policy in the HCS student handbook.

Short quizzes will sometimes be given at the beginning of a class session. Homework grades
will be taken at the very beginning of class, and classwork grades may be taken either at the
beginning of class or at the very end of class depending upon the assignment. Students are
made aware of classwork/homework deadlines by keeping up with class website (homework
assignments for the week are posted on Monday). Quizzes and classwork may be related to
material for the day’s reading or on material covered in a previous class (from book or lecture
discussion). There will be no make-ups given for missed quizzes/classwork. The lowest two
quiz/classwork grades will automatically drop from the overall quiz average. After this, the zero
quiz/classwork grades will count in the overall quiz/class work average. Classwork and
homework will be counted in the AVID Binder, which is 30% of the semester grade.

Each week, on Friday, students will take a comprehensive test on material covered in class that

Essays and projects will be graded holistically. Ideas, organization, voice, sentence fluency,
word choice and conventions [grammar/punctuation] all contribute to the overall effectiveness
of a written document, and all will play a part in an assignment’s final grade. All essays will
count as a major grade which constitutes 40% of a student’s nine weeks average.

All research assignments will need to conform to MLA documentation standards discussed in
class and found posted on the class website.

Out of class essay assignments may not be handwritten under any circumstances. It is
suggested that you use a version of Microsoft Word. Papers need to be double-spaced for
ease in reading. Essay assignments should include the name of the writer, the teacher’s name,
class/section number, and the due date. Papers should be clipped or stapled.

Late Essays:
Any paper turned in after its due date loses ten points per class meeting. After two days, the
major assignment will result in a zero.

Plagiarism is as serious an offense as exists within an academic environment. Plagiarism,
cheating, collusion, falsification of information, or any other form of academic dishonesty will
not be tolerated and will result in discipline including, at the very least, a zero on the
assignment in question, and up to failure in the entire course and possible probation or
expulsion from this College. Anyone guilty of plagiarism, cheating, collusion, or falsification of
information will be reported to the administration of Early College High School.

AVID Binder
The AVID binder is an essential facet of Early College, thus it will be checked a minimum of
eight times per nine weeks to assess academic progress.

Grading Policy:
40%- Essays and Major projects
30% - AVID Binder (Homework, Classwork, Cornell notes, Journal, and Class participation)
20%- Comprehensive reading/writing/vocabulary tests
10%- Quizzes and Other graded assignments

Final Exam
English II EOC Writing (30% of exam grade)
English II Exam (70% of exam grade)

*This syllabus has been adapted from English 101 created by Professor Atkinson.

                                                  English II Course Calendar
           ***Dates, assignments, and readings are subject to change to fit the needs of the students.

                                                                 August 2009

       Monday                          Tuesday                     Wednesday                         Thursday                          Friday

                            3                             4                                5                               6                             7

SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION

                           10                            11                               12                              13                            14

SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION

                           17                            18                               19                              20                            21

SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION                 SUMMER VACATION

                           24                             25                              26                              27                            28
                                Introduction to drama unit
Syllabus                                                       ―Scene 1‖ and ―Ode 1‖ of        ―Scene 2‖ and ―Ode 2‖ of        Antigone- Part One Quiz
                                Introduction to Greek          Antigone                        Antigone
“Letter to Teacher” Essay       theater                                                                                        Antigone – Creative
                                                                                                                               Presentations Workshop
                                Review Oedipus Rex                                             Review for quiz on
                                                                                               Antigone – Part One
                                ―The Prologue‖ and
                                ―Parados‖ of Antigone

―Scene 3‖ and ―Ode 3‖ of

           Notes: _________________________________________________________________



                                                                    September 2009

        Monday                           Tuesday                        Wednesday                        Thursday                        Friday

                                                                1                               2                            3                             4
                                  ―Scene 4‖ of Antigone             ―Paean‖ and ―Exodus‖ of         Antigone Creative            Antigone
                                                                    Antigone                        Presentations Due            Comprehensive Exam
                                  ―Scene 5‖ of Antigone
                                                                                                    Review of Antigone-
                                                                                                    Parts One and Two

                              7                                 8                               9                           10                            11
                                  Introduction to Poetry Unit
LABOR DAY- NO SCHOOL              and Assessment                    Narrative Poetry- ―The          Framework for Poetry         Summer Reading
                                                                    Bridegroom‖                     excerpt due                  Celebration !
                                  Narrative Poetry- ―The
                                  Bridegroom‖                                                       Poetry elements and
                                                                    Review of Poetry                narrative poetry quiz
                                                                    elements and narrative

                             14                              15                                16                           17                            18

Introduction to Epic poetry       ―Childhood‖ from Sundiata:        ― Lion’s Awakening‖ from        Review for test on           Rough draft for poetry
and background information        An Epic of Old Mali               Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali   narrative and epic poetry    excerpt due
to Sundiata: An Epic of Old
Mali                                                                                                                             Test on narrative and
                                                                                                                                 epic poetry

                             21                              22                                23                           24                            25

Introduction to Figurative        ―Love without love‖               ―Fear‖                          Writing Workshop for         Final draft for Poetry
Language                                                                                                                         excerpt due
                                  ―The Taxi‖                        ―The Bean Eaters‖               Poetry Excerpt
                                                                                                    Presentations                Poetry Excerpt
                                  *Poetry will be assessed          *Poetry will be assessed                                     Presentations
                                  through skills applied to         through skills applied to
                                  Poetry Excerpt Presentations      Poetry Excerpt Presentations

                             28                              28                                30

Introduction to Literary          “Keep the Memory Alive‖           ―Hold Fast to Your Dreams
Nonfiction/ Persuasive                                              and Trust Your Mistakes‖

           Notes: _________________________________________________________________




                                                                     October 2009

       Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                           Thursday                            Friday

                                                                                                                                    1                           2

                                                                                                      Preparation for Class Debate      Formal Class Debate

                              5                                 6                                 7                                 8                           9

Introduction to Short Story       ―Monkey’s Paw‖                    ―Monkey’s Paw‖                    Review of “Monkey’s               Framework for Short
unit                                                                                                  Paw” for quiz                     Story Project Due

                                                                                                                                        Monkey’s Paw Quiz

                             12                                13                                14                                15                          16

―The Censors‖                     ―The Masque of the Red            ―The Masque of the Red            Review of “Monkey’s               Short Story Project
                                  Death‖                            Death‖                            Paw” and “The Censors”            Rough Draft Due
                                                                                                      for quiz
                                                                                                                                        “Monkey’s Paw” and
                                                                                                                                        “The Censors”
                             19                                20                                21                                22                          23

―Contents of a Dead Man’s                                           Review of short stories           Short Story                       Short Story Project Final
Pocket‖                            ―Contents of a Dead Man’s        covered in unit.                  Comprehensive Test                Draft Due
                                                                                                      Writer’s Workshop-
                                                                                                      Short Story Project
                             26                                27                                28                                29                          30

Introduction to Novel Unit        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Novel Quiz 1                      STUDENT HOLIDAY

Speak or Lord of the Flies                                          Review of part one of the         Speak or Lord of the Flies
                                                                    novel study/

           Notes: _________________________________________________________________





                                                                    November 2009

       Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                           Thursday                             Friday

                              2                                 3                                 4                                 5                                 6

Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Framework of Novel
                                                                                                                                        Study Due
                                                                    Review of Part 2                  Novel Quiz 2
                                                                                                                                        Speak or Lord of the Flies

                              9                                10                                11                                12                                13

Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Rough Draft of Novel
                                                                                                                                        Study Due
                                                                    Review of Part 3                  Novel Quiz 3
                                                                                                                                        Speak or Lord of the Flies

                             16                                17                                18                                19                                20

Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Speak or Lord of the Flies        Final Draft of Novel
                                                                                                                                        Study Due

                             23                                24                                25                                26                                27

Review of the novel               Comprehensive novel               HOLIDAY                           HOLIDAY                           HOLIDAY
study of Speak or Lord of         exam
the Flies


Introduction to
Informational Texts/
Propaganda/ Research Unit

            Notes: _________________________________________________________________





                                                       December 2009

     Monday                   Tuesday                     Wednesday            Thursday                Friday

                                                   1                   2                   3                             4

                       ―On Using Research‖                                                     Proposal, Visual, and
                                                                                               Articles for Technology
                                                                                               Research Project due

                   7                               8                   9                  10                           11

                       ―Video games used as bait                                               Article Summaries and
                       to hook readers‖                                                        Website Hotlist for
                                                                                               Technology Research
                                                                                               Project due

                  14                             15                   16                  17                           18

                       ―Compass Instructions and                                               Survey with findings and
                       Warranty‖                                                               technical instructions for
                                                                                               Technology Research
                       ―GPS Quick Start Guide‖
                                                                                               Project due

                  21                             22                   23                  24                           25

HOLIDAY                HOLIDAY                         HOLIDAY             HOLIDAY             HOLIDAY

                  28                             29                   30                  31

HOLIDAY                HOLIDAY                         HOLIDAY             HOLIDAY

          Notes: _________________________________________________________________





                                                          January 2010

      Monday                         Tuesday                 Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday



                         4                            5                        6                        7                         8

                             ―Pepsi- Cola‖ Ads and                                                          Final Presentation/ All
                             Commercials                                                                    components of research
                                                                                                            project are due

                        11                           12                       13                       14                        15

End of Course Writing        Final Exam Review            Final Exam Review        Comprehensive Multiple   Classroom Awards
Prompt                                                                             Choice Final Exam        Ceremony

                                                                                                            SEMESTER ENDS
                        18                           19                       20                       21                        22

NEW SEMESTER>>>>>            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>              >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>         >>>>> NEW SEMESTER

                        25                           26                       27                       28                        29

NEW SEMESTER>>>>>            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>             >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          >>>>>NEW SEMESTER

         Notes: _________________________________________________________________






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