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									                        The              Interest in intelligent trans-
                intelligent              port systems (ITS) stems
                        car              from the problems caused
                                         by traffic congestion world-
                 (March 2007)            wide and a synergy of new
                                         information technologies
                                         for simulation, real-time
                                         control and communica-
                                         tions networks.

                                         The March 2007 issue of
                                         ISO Focus is devoted to
                                         how standards can support the networked car and ITS. It
                                         examines the importance of standards to vehicle safety,
                                         fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, and the imple-
                                         mentation of standards in transport systems.

                                         Providing insight into the practical application of stand-
                                         ards to the automotive industry, Yann Vincent, Senior
                                         Vice President, Quality, Renault, highlights industry col-
                                         laboration with ISO on the development of vehicle and
                                         ITS standards. He outlines Renault’s vision of the future
                                         using intelligent transport systems, as well as the appli-
                                         cation of quality and environmental management sys-
                                         tems standards to Renault’s operations.

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