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									                                            Woodland Elementary School
                                                           830 North Moseley Drive
                                                           Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
                                                            (770)-506-6396 Fax

                                                                                      Christine Anderson
                                                                                         Allison Griffith
                                                                                          Assistant Principal
August 6, 2010

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful start we have had to our school year. We are so excited to have our students back
with us. It is great to have them come back to school with such excitement. Thank you for your patience and
support as we reestablish our safety routines and procedures for the 2010-2011 school year.

The following are areas in which we need your support in an effort to provide a safe environment for your child
while at Woodland. We realize that you send us your most prized possession in your child and we want to
ensure that we provide the safest of environments for him or her when at Woodland. We respectfully ask for
your support and cooperation with our safety procedures for students.

Morning Arrival:
   During the first week of school we welcomed parents walking their students to class or assembly areas
     in an effort to assist our students in becoming adjusted to new classrooms and new teachers. Starting
     with the second week of school (August 9, 2010) we ask that parents say good bye to
     their children in the front hall area as teachers will not be able to conference with
     parents at the classroom door.
   Students should not arrive at school earlier than 7:15 a.m. as there is not WES staff available
     for supervision (please refer to the HCS parent- student handbook). Please do not drop students off
     prior to the designated arrival time of 7:15 a.m. Any student arriving before 7:15 a.m. will need to wait
     in the car with their parent until the 7:15 a.m. bell rings.
   From 7:15 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. all students are assigned to morning assembly areas. Breakfast begins at
     7:15 a.m. If a student arrives prior to 7:30 a.m. they will either go to the assigned assembly area or to
     the cafeteria for breakfast.
   At the 7:30 a.m. bell students are then dismissed to their classrooms where teachers await to greet them
     with a smile and a warm hello. Our early morning instruction for all grades begins at this time. Our
     focus for this time is math. This is a great time for students to receive extra practice and instruction in
     this area.
   All before school conferences with classroom teachers must be scheduled prior to the morning of in an
     effort to ensure coverage for a teacher to meet with a parent. All teachers are participating in student
     supervisory duties from the time they arrive each morning until approximately 3 p.m. each afternoon.
   If a parent has a prearranged conference with a teacher we ask that you please sign-in and wait in the
     front office. Our front office staff will then call the teacher to the front office area to meet with you.

Early Check-outs:
    In an effort to protect the instructional time and the safety of our students, checkouts between 2:00 –
      2:45 are limited to emergencies or when a parent has sent in a note in that morning documenting a
      prearranged need to pick up a student before the afternoon dismissal bell rings.
    Early checkouts will be considered unexcused unless medical documentation is provided.

Afternoon Dismissal:
      Dismissal Schedule:
              2:00 -2:25   End of the Day Procedures / Wrap- up / Preparation for dismissal
              2:25         Bus riders board buses
             2:30   School Buses leave the WES Campus
             2:30   Car Rider dismissal begins
             2:50   Walkers dismissed (after car rider dismissal is complete)
             2:50   Student check out in the office (if needed)

   The afternoon car rider bell rings at 2:30 p.m. At that time all students K-5 being picked up will sit in
    the front entrance area. Only school staff will be permitted in this area between 2:25 and
    2:45. (According to the HCS handbook parents should not check-out students for the purpose of
    avoiding car rider traffic.)
   For the safety of our children between 2:25 and 2:45 students will only be dismissed
    through the car rider lane. WES staff will match the car rider student number with the parent car
    rider tag. Students may not be picked up by parents waiting in the parking lot. (All car rider students
    must be picked up through the car rider lane unless prior authorization has been granted by an
   If a parent has forgotten the assigned car tag a temporary tag will be issued by the office staff. The
    parent will then be asked to utilize the car rider lane for pick up of the student.
   Any students that will be walking home will be dismissed following car dismissal and will be walked to
    the edge of the property at that time. If a student will be walking home written notification needs to be
    sent to the school.
   All changes in transportation must be sent in writing and must include the signature of
    the enrolling parent. Changes in student transportation cannot be taken over the phone or by email.
    Any transportation changes faxed to the school must be signed by the enrolling parent and sent with a
    copy of the parent id.

We would like to thank all of our families who assisted in making the first week of school
run smoothly. You can anticipate that all procedures and routines will improve as the students adjust to
being back in school. Our primary goal in procedures is to ensure student safety. We are grateful that at
Woodland we have parents that are so supportive of that mission and the vision of the school staff. Again,
we look forward to a safe and successful school year; if we can assist you in any way please let us know.


Christine C. Anderson                                            Allison Griffith
Principal                                                        Assistant Principal

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