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					                                               TWIN STAR CARS
                                       Rock Island 1956 ACF ADAPTO

                                       RI 18 - Courtesy of Chuck Yungurth, Rail Data Services.

In 1956 ACF delivered 50 experimental container flat cars known as Adapto. The Adapto rode on two single
axle fixed trucks with a unique automotive type suspension with torsion springs and Monroe stabilizers. Rock
Island was at the forefront of what we see on a regular basis: the future of containerized freight service. Many
different types of cargo units were built for the car. Many saw service on other cars after the Adapto cars were
removed from general service. Each cargo unit was secured with a patented device known as the Clark Locking
System. The locks were located at four locations on the car and could hold one unit in four location or in the
other case two unit were loaded and secured at two locations each. After the general public did not see the far
reaching vision that the Rock Island had the cars were used in non-revenue service and served as wheel cars,
pile driver service, and even a car was converted in to a mobile office.

               Please be sure to read instructions completely before beginning assembly of kit.

Tools required to complete this model: Modeler’s knife, sanding block and small file, ACC type adhesive, and a flat
surface to work on. It is also recommended to use acrylic cement for joining the laser cut side frames

Kit Contents: 2 complete car kits consisting of resin cast frames, end sills and wood decks, brake gear, laser cut side
frames, 1/16” styrene rod, cast center sill weights, wheel sets with rotating bearing caps, Kadee #78 couplers, decals,
detailed instructions including photographs of prototype cars.

Suggested Additional Items: The following items are not provided in the kit and will make assembly easier and help to
finish the model with a more prototype appearance. wire, paint

Pre-Assembly Work: For best joint strength, remove flash and gate material and smooth edges.

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                                                        page 1
Assembly: After preparing the parts.
1.    Sand the frame top surface to ensure that the channel for the sides is the highest point on the part and that the
      surface is uniform. Sand the deck to achieve a uniform surface for mounting to the frame. Assemble the frame
      and deck by applying ACC to the deck surface and aligning the two parts. Be careful, you only get one chance to
      do this. The modeler may also choose to change the deck material at this time.
2.    Install the center sill weight by attaching it to the frame with ACC

3.      Attach the end sills.

4.      Install the #78 Kadee couplers with ACC. Position the coupler assembly so that the coupler box extends 1/16”
        away from the end sill. (Note: you can install the coupler pocket assembly after painting but the end of the coupler
        box will need to be painted.)

5.      Assemble the side frames for the movable truck. The bogy sides are best prepared by sanding the mating surface
        with 600-grit sandpaper. Position the sides and then apply the Acrylic cement. The capillary action will draw the
        liquid between the parts and form a strong joint. NOTE: You will have a right and left side assembly. Be sure to
        make one of each or it will not go together properly.

6.      Cut two cross bars for each movable truck assembly. The bars should measure 0.920”, drill a 0.030” hole through
        the bars at the middle. These holes will be the pivot points for the truck.

7.      Movable truck assembly: A side is and the two cross bars are assembled and allowed to dry. Not it is best to have
        a piece of wire through the two pivot holes. Position the wheel and then place the other side assembly in place.
        Ensure that the assembly is square prior to gluing the second side in place.

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                                                    page 2
8.      The fixed truck assembly is fitted into the frame located by small channels the width of the truck side frame
        material. The channel should be cleaned with the point of a #11 blade to allow the side frame to fully seat.

9.      Once the fixed side frames fit correctly cross frames #1 & #2 can be fitted to make sure they can be fit into
10.     The whole assembly must be done with the wheel set in place. Insert the fixed side frames into the frame with the
        wheel set.

11.     Do not glue it into place until a loose parts fit is achieved or the wheels will bind and the car will not roll
12.     Cross frames #1 & #2 are now positioned and glued into place.
13.     The moveable truck assembly is attached to the frame assembly. The side frame attachment points are attached to
        the frame the same as the fixed assembly.
14.     The moveable truck assembly is held in place by two wire hooks made from .030” wire. A wire is cut .375” long
        and a 1/16” leg is bent on one end. Two washers 1/16” thick are cut from the remaining 1/16” diameter rod
        material and need to have a .030” hole drilled in the center.

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                                                   page 3
15.     The four frame cross members are located on the notches on the car frame. The channels are faced so that two are
        facing each end.

16.     The brake details are positioned to face the B end sill and glued in place.
17.     The brake wheel and bracket are located on the B end of the car.

Painting & Decals: The car was painted silver in most cases. The best way to paint this car is after assembly. The
wheels treads and couplers must be masked prior to painting. We hope you have enjoyed building this kit.

1.     RITS Digest Volume #5
2.     Rock Island Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, by Steve Hile, David H. Hickcox, Todd Miller,
       Morning Sun Books

Special thanks to: Al Westerfield for all the help in making these resin castings possible, Steve Hile for the great art work
for the decals, LaserKit, Kadee, Railgraphics

        For more information on the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific please try “”
                   Rock Island Technical Society (RITS) 3496 Dexfield Road, Dexter, IA 50070-8013

                      Thank you for buying this model and please send comments and suggestions to:
                                                    Twin Star Cars
                                                  3113 Teepee Court
                                                Nampa, Idaho 83686-7932

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                                                     page 4
                            RI # unknown - Courtesy of Steve Suhs

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                           page 5
                            RI 2 - Courtesy of Bill and Bob Riebe

                              RI 43 - Courtesy of Ted Schneff

Twin Star Cars rev.1 2005                                           page 6

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