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Term 2, Week 9                                          18th June, 2010

                         Working Bee Sunday 27th June 10am

Election BBQ and Cake Stall

Thank you to all the people who have volunteered to help out on the bbq
and cake stall for the Hawkesbury by Election held here at school
tomorrow. Cakes may be dropped off to sell throughout the morning.

Congratulations BEE Award Winners!
These students have achieved 10 tokens through the schools BEE
Awards recognition system.
   Count Down Awards – Week 8         Count Down Awards –
     Breanna Tunstall                 Brayden Carabetta
     Liam Murphy                      Luke Fox
     Henry Winters                    Maxim Born
     Hailie Burns                     Jaden Giudice
     Lindsay Wilbow                   Nicholas Rogers
     Joshua Vicary                    Abbey Bain
     Rachel Morgan                    Andrew Aceituno
     Nathan Bailey                    Jake Giudice
     Matthew Kinnish

     Blast Off Award                  Blast Off Awards
     Brooke Coulter                   Brianna Giblett
     Jodie Wilbow                     Lars Martinsons
     Jayne Bradshaw                   Ben Smith
     Jacob Carr                       Daniel Kinnaird
Grandparents Day
We will be holding our annual grandparents day on Tuesday 29th June. An
invitation was sent home to grandparents with the last newsletter. Please
note RSVP date is Friday 25th June for catering purposes.

Have you sent in your scratchies yet for the Christmas Festival raffle??
The class drive finishes next week. The class that brings in the highest
percentage will win a class pizza party.

Cake Stall
Thank you for supporting our cake stall to raise money for Lidia our World
Vision child. We raised over $70. Thank you to Year 1/2 parents for
supplying the cakes.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 Gross Motor
With the weather getting colder and the grass being quite damp in the
mornings, we have changed our time for gross motor to the afternoon of a
Friday. We will begin gross motor at 2pm and finish at the end of the
school day at 2.45pm. If you are able to assist with a sport activity, please
contact Mrs Mackey or Mrs Dorahy.

Hot Dog Day
The school canteen is organising a hot dog day on Thursday 1st July. An
order form will be sent home next week.
NAIDOC Week Celebrations
We have organised a visit from Mura Mittigar on Monday 28 th June.
Children will be participating in boomerang throwing, Aboriginal stories,
Aboriginal painting and cultural artefacts. Please return notes ASAP.

I hope that your children are taking advantage of the great maths program
that they are signed up for this whole year. Mathletics is available for
students to use at home. Ensure your children have their user name and
password to use at home. Their mathematical skills will improve
dramatically with the additional practice.

Long Neck Lagoon
When we first got to Longneck Lagoon, we met Trevor who is in charge.
Trevor talked to us about how to treat the environment with respect, to not
climb trees or upset the animals. All of us went to the grassed area and
played some games, this was so we could meet the other people at
Longneck. Kermit the frog (a puppet) gave us a little talk, he talked about
what was killing all the frogs. We think that climate change and increased
rubbish is what is killing the Kermit and the frogs. Trevor talked about how
they put coloured bands on birds to track them. He hid about 100 different
coloured counters for us to find, we learnt that red, orange and yellow are
really visible and easy to see, black is really hard to find. We all went back
to the lab and ordered the colours from most visible to least. Trevor then
divided us up into groups, so you were not with anyone from your school.
All of us went to Dragonfly pond, it was here that we did dip netting-really
great! Each person in the groups had a job to get the clipboard, the
chemicals or the tube. Trevor explained what tests we would be carrying
out. We were testing for the ph in the water and oxygen. Lastly we did dip
netting. The first thing we caught was a fresh water shrimp, we caught a
few more animals then we took them back to the lab to study further using
a microscope.
Trevor talked to us about the animals and we named them. We had a
great day and were so glad we got to go to Long Neck Lagoon. The
souvenirs at the end were fun to buy. We bought plants to grow and
plastic frogs and snakes.

Aimee, Alex L, Brooke and George.
Recipe Book

The P & C are producing a Maraylya Cook book to sell to the community.
Each child is asked to bring in a recipe to contribute. Classes will be
examining the characteristics of a recipe book and the procedure genre of

Athletics Carnival

Our athletics carnival is on Tuesday 20th July - first day back next term.
The permission note will be sent home next week for students who are
turning 8 or older to attend. Students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2
will not be attending. They will be having their own carnival at school at a
later date. This year students under 8 yrs old will not be attending the
Small Schools Carnivals.

District Cross Country

Congratulations to those students who represented our Hawkesbury Small
Schools. Special congratulations to the following children.

Jodie Wilbow – 13th 12/13 Yr Girls
Lars Martinsons – 1st 11 Yr Boys         Adam Rowston – 8th 11Yr Boys
Ryan Sultana – 26th 11 Yr Boys
Josh Freeman – 17th 10 Yr Boys
Daniel Freeman – 7th 8/9 Yr Boys
Lara Parish – 26th 10 Yr Girls

Working Bee

We are having a working bee on Sunday 27th June at the school. We are
planning to mark out the soccer oval and move the goal posts. The
working bee will commence at 10am. Please bring appropriate tools if you
have them.
Dates for the Diary
   End of term Disco- 24th June
   Working Bee –Sunday 27th June 10am
   Mura Mittigar- 28th June
   Grandparents Day- 29th June
   Hot Dog Day – 1st July
   Last day of term – 2nd July
   Students return to school- 20th July
   Athletics Carnival 8yrs old and up – 20th July
                            School Disco

                The school Disco for Term 2 will be held
                         Thursday 24th June
                            Maraylya Hall
                     theme is BLACK AND WHITE
               Kindergarten to Year 3 from 4.30 – 6.00pm
                  Year 4 to Year 6 from 6.00 – 7.30pm
           Cost: $5.00 includes a drink and packet of chips.
      Preschoolers are welcome to attend with parent supervision.
   Any parents who are able to assist on the night please come along
              and/or contact Mrs Sultana via the school.

Please note: Children need to wear closed in shoes which must remain on
their feet for the entire disco (this is to prevent foot accidents)

                            *      *      *
                          Assembly Awards

                           Term 2 – Week 7
                   K/1- Courtney Stafford & Luke Fox
                1/2 – Emily Schaffarczyk & Gabriel Azmi
               3/4–Sarah Eller-Turner & Natashja Sultana
                  5/6– Jayne Bradshaw & Rhys Parish

                          Person of the Week
                              K/1- Luke Fox
                          1/2 – Jaden Giudice
                           3/4 – Joshua Vicary
                          5/6 – Adam Rowston

                      ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS

Order forms for the Entertainment books have been sent home.
Entertainment books will be sent home as they are ordered. The last day
for orders will be Friday, 25 June.

Any inquiries please contact Danielle 0405 044470.
         Maraylya Christmas Festival

                Class Christmas drives
                      Each class will keep a weekly tally of the items collected

        The class that brings in the most items will enjoy a pizza at the end of the term

     Term 2                      Money Tree                   $1 & $2 scratchies   Raffled Christmas tree
                                                                                   full of scratchies
     Term 3                      Lucky dip items              $2 items             Items used to make up
                                                                                   lucky dips for children to
     Term 4                      Themed baskets               A list of themes /   Themed baskets – full of
                                                              ideas will be sent   interesting items. Sold
                                                              home                 for $10

    All items collected will be used at the Maraylya Christmas Festival to fundraise for Maraylya school.

       2007-    money   raised   for   Outside lunchtime seats
       2008-    money   raised   for   smart boards
       2009-    money   raised   for   library renovations
       2010-    money   raised   for   smart boards for new classrooms

                                   SCHOOL CANTEEN NEWS

Snack pies ($1.50) will now be replaced by larger traveller meat pies
at $2.00 each.

                                                  *       *          *
                             Class News


We are asking any Mums if they are interested on a Friday afternoon at
2.00pm to come and help with Gross Motor Activities for K/1 and 1/2. It
would be very much appreciated. It has been great to see so many
children bringing in their reading books to read to me. Keep up the good
work K/1.


Thank you for sending in all the cakes for our cake stall yesterday. Many
thanks for sending in the mementos over the last month. Our class has
written some wonderful stories with them. We will be making up a
questionnaire for their grandparents to fill in for grandparents day. We
want to make a story about their grandparents.


So much coming up and it is so exciting. Thanks to everyone who helped
out this Friday. Great day ! Do not forget in Week 11 we have Muru
Mittigar’s visit on Monday 28th June and the Grandparents Day Tuesday
29th June. What a great way to end the term.


5/6 had a great day at Wisemans Ferry playing against other Hawkesbury
Small Schools. We will be practising athletics skills in weeks 10 and 11 for
sports in preparation for the athletics carnival.           Do not forget
Grandparent’s Day with will be on Tuesday of week 11. Year 6 students
will be running activities.
                           Happy Birthday to….

           Alexandra Beard, Aimee Carpenter, Jacob Carr,
          Brooke Coulter, Cole Hilton-Butt, Orlando Hopkins,
              Paris Klimczyk, Jack Moran, Lucas Rando,
                   Courtney Stafford, Ryan Sultana

 Happy Birthday to the children who celebrate their birthday in June

          Congratulations and hope you had a great birthday!


As we are no longer using a maths textbook we are asking that families
pay a $5 paper levy.

I enclose $15 for the payment of each child’s use of Mathletics.

Name_______________           Enclosed___________

                                 Paper Levy

I enclose $5 for each child for the paper levy this year.

Name______________           Enclosed__________

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