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  COAL CAR CATALOG      August 2009

                           Letter f I t d ti
                           L tt of Introduction
Dear Valued Customer,

The Wabtec Corporation has grown exponentially over the past few years and our product offerings in the Freight
Car Locomotive and Transit markets have followed suit The recent addition of The Standard Car Truck Company
Car,                                                suit.
to the Wabtec family of companies is another exciting step in that direction.

Having received numerous customer requests to provide “railcar specific” product catalogs as a quick and easy
reference guide, the catalog enclosed herein is assembled specifically to address the high speed, high mileage
environment inherent for both Rapid Discharge and Rotary Coal cars.

The Catalog is divided into separate sections corresponding to the specific Wabtec subsidiaries that provide the
particular components. For example, Cardwell Westinghouse provides the Mark 50 draft gear, long seen as the
unquestioned leader in the freight car draft gear sector. TMX and UBX truck mounted brake systems; proven
performers that are cost effective and easy to recondition after many years of service. A comprehensive selection
of Slack Adjusters, which address the varying requirements of every freight car type in today’s environment.
Wabco Air Brake division, in existence for well over 130 years, has for decades and still today continues to set
standards for Air Brake Valves, Empty/Load Devices and a myriad of other air brake components. This division,
 l       ih     b       il      l      i
along with Wabtec Railway Electronics, i at the f f
                                           is                     f developing and i l
                                                   h forefront of d l i                         i    l      i ll
                                                                                   d implementing Electronically
Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking systems.

Standard Car Truck Company, recognized as a global leader in railcar truck component design and truck
stabilization, provides complete freight car truck packages that offer superior performance with the heavy axle
loads seen in today’s railroad environment. Zeftek, acknowledged as the industry leader in wear and damage
prevention solutions, addresses many different car types and service environments. Providing engineered-grade
non-metallic products that reduce both component wear and life cycle costs, Zeftek offerings also increase rail
car utilization with the reduction of out-of-service time.

Railroad Friction Products Corporation, the developer of the COBRA® TreadGuard® DayOne™ brake shoe, has
earned the coal sector’s highest respect, by providing a supremely effective wheel tread conditioning brake shoe
that significantly reduces the number of wheels changed in service. The patented design TreadGuard® is evidence
                                              y       g             p
that the entire team is focused on continuously adding value to the product.

Schaefer Products, in business for over 90 years, provides high quality accessories like brake levers, rod eyes,
jaws, corner caps and bolster bowl rings, while also offering custom fabrication and forging services.

You can see why we at Wabtec are truly excited about our recent expansion and everything that means for you,
our customer. Contact your Wabtec representative and see what the future of customer service looks like today!

Respectfully yours,

The Wabtec Freight Car Group

                 Wabtec Freight Car Group
                             Company Contact List

   Visit us on the web for a complete listing of Wabtec companies.
Wabtec Corporation * 1001 Air Brake Avenue * Wilmerding, PA * 15148 * Phone: 412-825-1000

           For Freight Car Products Field Service - call 1-888-264-0011.
*Locomotive and Transit products are not included in the chart above. Please contact your local
                     Wabtec Global Service Center for a complete listing.

Wabtec Equipment Diagram*
*Standard Car Truck Company and ZefTek Shown Separately






                                            Equipment Diagram*
                PERFORMANCE WabtecTruck and Zeftek shown separately.
                              *Standard Car

                                                          Parts List
unmatched menu of freight car products and
services.                                                 1 Corner Caps

Our reputation for developing advanced braking            2 Dirt Collector & Cut-Out Cock
equipment for freight cars is unsurpassed. No other       3 Two-Compartment Reservoir
supplier has more experience or has made more
distinguished contributions to this sensitive and         4 Release and Hold Hand Brake
complex arena.        A recent innovation is the          5 Draft Gear
development of Electronically Controlled Pneumatic
braking equipment that integrates electronic and          6 Brake Pipe End Cock
pneumatic communications hardware into one                7 Hose & Coupling
package that instantly responds to locomotive
braking commands. Wabtec provides field proven            8 TrainLink® End-of-Train Device
ECP braking solutions that are AAR-approved under
                                                          9 Truck-Mounted Brake Assembly (TMX® & UBX®) or
S-4200 series specifications. ECP Options include an
overlay to conventional AAR Pneumatic brake                 Schaefer Conventional Rigging Kits, Brackets, Braces,
equipment, as well as “stand-alone” ECP braking.            Levers, Rods & Hangers (not shown)
                                                          10 Double-Acting Self-Adjusting Slack Adjuster
We’ve also developed a unique computerized,               11 Brake Shoe
Automated Single Car Tester that permits quick,
easy, accurate testing of the car’s air brakes.           12 Retaining Valve
Wabtec’s depth of capability and service goes             13 1-1/4” DYNABALL Angle Cock
beyond technology and innovations. We’re the only
company in North America that offers a definitive         14 ABDX® Freight Brake Control Valve Mounted on
selection of components and products, from control           Single-Sided Pipe Bracket
valves to brake shoes to draft gears and articulated      15 ELX-S™ Empty/Load Valve. Brake Cylinder
couplings to End-of-Train devices.
                                                             Monitoring Taps and Fittings (not shown)

And, as an original equipment supplier for such a
vast array of products, we can service, replace or
upgrade virtually any mechanical, pneumatic or
electronic braking component to suit our customers’
particular needs. We offer these capabilities, along
with guaranteed workmanship and fast turnaround,
through our network of strategically located facilities
operated by Wabtec Global Services.



                  ABDX® Systematic Product Improvement
Since its introduction in 1989,         Enhancements
the ABDX control valve has              Some of the product
undergone numerous                      enhancements and process
improvements to increase                improvements incorporated into
service life and make the valve         the ABDX product line include:
more robust in the demanding
and ever-evolving railroad              •Vibration damage protection.
environment. At Wabtec, all             •Improved pipe bracket gasket.
processes involving design,             •New long-life, quick-service
test and problem resolution             limiting valve.
make use of modern statistical          •Wire mesh emergency
engineering methods.                    accelerated release filter.                                   The Service Accelerated Release (SAR) valve
                                        •Plastic top on back-dump spool                                has been redesigned to improve vibration
                                                                                                    protection by reducing metal-to-metal contact.
Performance                             for improved vibration protection.
The ABDX control valve                  •Integral vent protector.
provides state-of-the-art brake         •Lost foam process used in
response times, as well as              production of ABX and Single-
precise brake cylinder                  Sided Pipe Bracket for more
pressure control under all              consistent, cleaner castings.
braking conditions, including           •Aluminum valve bodies.
                                                                                                    The Quick Service Limiting Valve significantly
long, steep grades. The                 •100% computer controlled                                        improves initial train service brake
ABDX control valve applies              testing of all valves after shop                             application times while further improving
                                                                                                            internal leakage protection.
and laps precisely, assuring            assembly.
the proper brake cylinder               •Redesigned service accelerated
pressure.                               release valve.
                                                     Protective Guide Rings effectively eliminate
                                                   internal valve damage caused by high vibration
                                                        frequently found on lightweight cars.

                        Service and emergency Mounting Gaskets
                        have been redesigned to virtually eliminate
                         leakage or blowout due to uneven torque

           ABDX® Maintenance and Automated Testing
Maintenance/Life Cycle Costs             Wabtec ABDX control valves                      accommodates connection to
ABDX control valves include a            clearly represent your best                     a     computerized      Wabtec
combination of poppet and slide          value for the long haul.                        Automatic Single Car Test
valve technology for primary                                                             Device (ASCTD). The efficient
braking functions. Overall, this         Automatic Testing                               system provides a precise
combination provides precise brake       ABDX control valves can be                      method for testing freight car
cylinder pressure control, while         purchased with a unique                         air brakes while requiring only
using 20% fewer working parts.           integral   automated    testing                 half of the time of the
The result is a control valve far        receiver built into the pipe                    conventional manual test, and
less costly to clean, oil and test.      bracket . This receiver                         yet providing a far more
                                                                                         comprehensive test. It greatly
Reduced maintenance costs mean                                                           improves the accuracy of
reduced operating costs and a                                                            testing the car brake system,
lower life-cycle cost for your                                                           provides documented record
braking     system.   Additionally,                                                      of the results, reduces costly
Wabtec     maintains   the    most                                                       misdiagnosis       and      the
extensive and complete line of                                                           erroneous removal of properly
Service Centers in the industry for                                                      working valve portions.
repair of ABDX control valves and
all other brake equipment used in
North America.

                                      Wabtec ABDX Control Valve shown with a single-
                                      sided pipe bracket and standard 4-port receiver.

                                      ABDX® Features & Benefits

 Wabtec ABDX Control Valve with conventional ABX pipe bracket
 shown with optional 4-port receiver and #11 port location. This
configuration is also available with top and bottom access plates.

30%, 35%, 40%, 50% & 60%
Empty and Load Equipment
Designed to Optimize Performance
On Any Application

Why ELX Empty/Load Equipment?
Most freight cars built today are designed for gross weights of up to 286,000 lbs. Empty
weights can be as low as 41,700 lbs for some aluminum gondola cars, creating a gross
to tare weight ratio of 6.9/1. New AAR S-401 specification mandates require higher
loaded braking ratios of 11% to 14% on all new cars, putting more emphasis on
reducing empty braking ratios to levels that will prevent costly wheel sliding during
normal braking. Studies have shown that wheels are less likely to slide, even on poor or
slippery track, if the empty braking ratios are kept at or below 25% versus the AAR
allowed 32%.

Wabtec’s expanded family of ELX Empty/Load equipment now includes 40% units that
reduce loaded braking ratios by 60% to ensure that empty cars achieve adequate
retardation, while minimizing chances for wheel sliding. Wabtec’s ELX equipment also
offers other advantages stemming from its proportioning of up-side high pressure air.
This virtually eliminates brake cylinder pressure spikes during initial braking, while
reducing reservoir sizes and related weights.

ELX equipment is available in three different configurations for
simple installation on any car, and is compatible with both body
and truck mounted brake equipment. Required brake cylinder
pressure taps can be included as part of the ELX unit, eliminating
separate installation costs.                                     ELX unit with built-in pressure trap.


ELX-B               Basic Unit-Sensor-arm actuated.
                    Requires detached equalizing volume.
                    Low profile –Sensor-arm actuated.
ELX-BRLP            Requires detached equalizing volume.

ELX-S               Slopesheetapplications -
                    Diaphragm actuated. Integral equalizing volume.
 For more information on part numbers and pricing, call our customer service
                     department toll free 1-877-922-2627

ELX-S is available in 30%,      the slope sheet. Car loading is   the ELX-S unit to change from
35%, 40%, 50% and 60%           detected directly when the        empty to a loaded brake
proportioning for use on bulk   bulk     load   depresses     a   position.
commodity cars. The unit is     reinforced rubber diaphragm
self contained and mounts to    in the slope sheet, causing

                                                                    SELF RESETTING
                                                                    LOCK OUT
                                                                    The ELX-S includes a self
                                                                    resetting lock-out button that
                                                                    simplifies single car testing
                                                                    while ensuring that the device
                                                                    automatically resets when the
                                                                    brake pipe is recharged.

                                      ELX-B & ELX-BRLP
ELX-B is available in 30%,             It consists of two assemblies.    separately mounted equalizing
35%, 40%, 50% and 60%                  A sensor/proportioning unit       reservoir that can be supplied in
proportioning and is a basic           mounts to the car body in a       varying capacities to meet
design with a sensor arm for           way that allows the integral      specific brake cylinder volume
measuring     truck   spring           sensor arm to contact the top     requirements.
deflection on loaded and               of the truck side frame when in
empty cars.                            a loaded car mode. There is a

ELX units are constructed mainly
of alodined aluminum. Weights
are significantly lower than most
other empty load units.

All ELX units utilize up-stream
brake cylinder pressure thereby
requiring a reduced size
equalizing volume resulting in a
compact unit.

Equipment set up and proper
adjustment is simple. Position the
empty car on a level track, apply
a full service brake and check for:
1. A ¼” gap between the arm
      stop and the top of the side
2. The empty-car indicator
      button to be protruding out.

* LP version incorporates low
    profile sensor arm.

                                     The Automated Single Car Test Device is the most effective
                                     way of testing air brakes to ensure they are functioning as
                                     designed. Instead of trial and error repair, the ASCTD helps
                                     to identify the root cause of air brake malfunctions and
                                     tests valves in half the time of the industry standard. The
                                     Wabtec ASCTD is also equipped to conduct brake tests
                                     from the end of the car. This helps to lower maintenance
                                     costs by keeping good cars in circulation, fewer cars in
                                     repair, and also helps improve life cycle costs associated
                                     with improper brake applications (wheel damage, excess
                                     brake shoe wear, and other vibration related issues).
                                           •Enhanced Rail Car Productivity
                                                •Improved Test Quality
            ASCTD                        •Helps to Identify Failures in Half the
(Automated Single Car Test Device)                     Test Time
  The ASCTD can be utilized with either a Single-Sided or Conventional
     Pipe Bracket equipped with a 4-Port Receiver as shown below.
     ABDX Control Valve with                          ABDX Control Valve with
SSPB (Single-Sided Pipe Bracket)and                 Conventional ABX Pipe Bracket
     Standard 4-Port Receiver


               Wabtec Railway Electronics’ TRAINLINK ES improves braking performance by automatically
               making service brake pipe reductions at the rear of the train. As the locomotive engineer
               begins making the brake pipe reduction, the desired brake pipe pressure is immediately
               transmitted to the TRAINLINK ES. The TRAINLINK ES responds by venting the desired brake
pipe pressure at the rear of the train. The effect is a dramatic improvement in the brake application
response time, while operating entirely transparent to the locomotive engineer.
              1-1/4” Dynaball Angle Cock
              The DYNABALL angle cock features a Teflon-coated ball to provide smooth,
              effortless hand movement. The large rubber seals, which are self-lubricating, self-
              cleaning and self-adjusting, reduce leakage and can be replaced quickly.

              Retaining Valve
              The RX-3 retaining valve controls airflow from the brake cylinder during brake release. For
              retaining brake cylinder air pressure to control train speed during the brake recharging
              process, the valve can be positioned manually to provide three cylinder release modes: full
              release at either normal or slow air flow rates, or retention of 20 psi.

              Composite Retaining Valve
              The Composite Retaining Valve is an AAR S-446 compliant, lighter version of the current
brass RX-      RX-3 retaining valve and constructed of high strength, UV stabilized, impact resistant
              thermoplastic resin. The durable lightweight design provides long service life and is
              interchangeable with the Standard RX-3 Retainer.

                Two-Compartment Reservoir
                A two-compartment reservoir on a freight car is used to store compressed air for
                auxiliary service and emergency brake applications. The fabricated one-piece design
                has two attachment lugs on the auxiliary side and one lug on the emergency side to
                ensure proper application on the freight car.

                1-1/4” Brake Pipe End Cock
                The 1-1/4” brake pipe end cock is designed for use on specific rail vehicles where the
               standard pipe angle cock cannot be used, and where the air pressure and the
               equipment arrangement does not exceed 150 psi. The cock provides a means for the
               manual closing of the brake pipe, as on the end of the last car of a train consist, and the
 continuation of the brake pipe between coupled cars by the connection of an attached brake hose

                Hose and Coupling
                Wabtec provides AAR compliant End of car Hoses, Brake Cylinder Hoses and Empty
                Load Hoses.

45% Less Weight than a Conventional
       Body Mounted Brake


Key Features:

                                         •Weight: 63 release.
•Top quick release Top quick release handle and wheellbs
                   handle and wheel
Model 9300 and 7500                      Model 4493-3
•AAR approved Interchange Rule 13,       •AAR approved Interchange Group O
Group N.                                 •Minimum force 4475 lbs.
•Minimum force 3350 lbs.                 •Chain Travel 40”
•Chain Travel 18”                        •Weight: 71 lbs.
•Weight” 63 lbs.

Continuous Release CRX Hand Brake
9300 CRX and 4493 CRX

                                      Introducing the new
                                       continuous release
                                       CRX Hand Brake…


                                •Reverse wind stop.

                                •Helps to extend wheel life.
                 Model Shown:
                  4493 CRX
                  Hand Brake    •Eliminates the potential of
                                partially released hand brakes
                                causing car and wheel vibration

Key Features:
•Apply with hand wheel, gradual release with hand wheel, quick
release with full release handle to activate continuous release
•No visible operational differences between Groups Q & R vs.
Groups N & O.
•Quick release activates the continuous release feature.

Universal Slack Adjusters
Models 2300-DJ, C1000

•First Draft Gear to Receive Unconditional
Approval Under AAR Spec M-901E.
•High Performance in any Operating Environment.
•Well Suited for ALL Railcar Types with 24-5/8”
Pocket and 3-1/4” Travel, up to 286K lbs GRL.
•Has Saved Customers Millions of Dollars Since It’s
Inception in 1961.

                                          Recondition your Universal Slack
                                      Adjusters for a second lifetime of Service.

All compression slack adjuster rod weldments are re-plated.

Recondition your Mark Series Draft Gears
    for a second lifetime of Service.

 COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoes
                                     Key Features:
                                     Cast Iron Insert
                                     •Continually Cleans Minor Tread Defects and Damage.
                                     •Minimizes Impact Between the Wheel and Rail.
                                     •Slightly Roughens Tread to Improve Wheel to Rail
                                     AP Design
                                     •Prevents Rim Over-Ride , Flange Overheating and
                                     Consequent Damage.
                                     •Painted Red for Immediate Identification.
                                     •Heavy Duty Steel Backing Plate.
                                     •Decal Provided at No-Charge for Car Identification.

                                     •Reduces Wheel Removal for Repair, Shelled Tread,
                                     Out-of-Round Conditions and Wheel Bearing Failures.
                                     •Prolongs Life Cycle of Wheels.
                                     •Reduces Out of Service Time.
                                     •Reduces Wheel Set Inventories.
                                     •Increased Shoe Life.

 Test conducted over a 36-month
period comparing two Unit Trains
 (without COBRA TG shoes) with
 one Test Unit Train (with COBRA
 TG shoes). All three trains were
   made up of 119 cars running
    under identical service and
  operating conditions. The two
trains running without COBRA TG
  shoes averaged 119 wheelsets
removed due to shelling, while the
unit with COBRA TG shoes had 20
   wheelsets removed. An 83%

      TreadGuard® Brake Shoes · Cover a lot of ground.


   Shoe        COBRA®                              COBRA®
  Length       Standard Brake Shoes                TreadGuard® Brake Shoes

                  V472– 1.5” Standard High                     V625 – 1.5” DayOne
                  Friction Freight Brake Shoe                TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

                  V474– 2.0” Standard High                     V624 – 2.0” DayOne
                  Friction Freight Brake Shoe                TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

Cobra® and TreadGuard ® are registered trademarks of Railroad Friction Products Corporation.

                                     COBRA ®

 Schaefer Forged Railcar Components
                   … Forging solutions for over 90 years.

 Our Quality Forgings Keep You On Track From Start To Finish:
•Coupler Carrier                                  •Hollow Forged Truck
 Wear Plates                                      Lever Connections
•Air Hose Hangers                                 •Brake Rod Jaws
•Link System                                      •Brake Cylinder Push
•Bolster Rings                                    Rods
•Cross-ridge Brace Foot                           •Replacement Bolster
•Corner Caps: Bolted or
Weld-on.                                          •Forged Truck Brake
•Hook Anchors

The Schaefer Link System
        … A low cost solution for improved braking performance.
                                                 Key Features and Benefits:
                                                 •Uses standard truck lever
                                                 •Promotes even brake shoe
                                                 •Improves brake shoe force and
                                                 shoe alignment.
                                                 •Extends life of the end guide
                                                 and wear liner as well as the
                                                 brake shoe and wheel life.
                                                 •Equipped with Schaefer 3-hole
                                                 truck lever connections and
                                                 equipment links.


This combination of components guides the
brake beam in a horizontal configuration,
regardless of brake beam end extension wear.
The brake beam is prevented from drooping,
which can cause the top of the brake shoe to
wear more than the bottom as the top of the
brake head tilts closer to the wheel tread. It
also reduces the frictional losses between the
brake beam and the side frame pocket,
thereby increasing the rigging efficiency and
reducing brake shoe force variations from side
to side on the same brake beam.

Schaefer Custom Forged Solutions
     … Specialty Components from Concept to Design
              Push Rods, Brake Rod Jaws and Brake Rod Eyes
              •Drop forged from special bar quality steel.
              •Designed and proven to be stronger than the brake rods themselves.

              Truck Brake Levers and Body Brake Levers
              •Weigh approximately one-third less than fabricated levers.
              •Proportioned for uniform resistance to stress.
              •Heat treated upon request for maximum pin hole wear.
              •Longer service life.

              •Available in AAR sizes and special sizes upon request.
              •Straight or twisted.

              Pedestal Side Frame Keys, Coupler Carrier Wear Plates,
              Roping Staples and Miscellaneous Car Parts

              Crossbridge Bracefeet, Vibrator Brackets
              and Bolted Corner Caps

              Truck Lever Connections
              •Hollow design significantly reduces weight.
              •Available in various lengths and various pin hole sizes.
              •Straight or offset.

              Bolster Replacement Rings and Gibs
              •Weld configuration machines to suit requirements
              •Heat treated to lessen wear.
              •Available in sizes from 12” to 16” diameter.


     Schaefer Custom Forged Solutions
                … Specialty Components from Concept to Design
                                   Meeting challenges and exceeding our customers’ expectations is a
                                   Schaefer tradition. During the past 90 years, we have worked with
                                   virtually every railroad and freight car builder in North America. We
                                   forge our commitment into every component we manufacture, from
                                   our standard product line of forged freight car brake parts, to the
                                   forgings we customize for an ever-growing number of customers.

The Schaefer facility includes a professional design and
engineering department, a high capacity forging plant and
extensive warehousing space for raw materials and
standing inventories of the components you need.
Schaefer continues to expand its facilities to serve our
customers even better.


                                              TWISTING                             FORGING

                 BENDING                     CNC DIE MACHINING                           DRILLING

      Component Diagram

        Exploded View

 Truck Components

Bolster Nomenclature

   Truck Components

Side Frame Nomenclature

                                         S2HD-9C Design
                              The S2HD is the first true 100 ton three-piece freight car truck, and has
                              been used extensively in heavy axle load service for over thirty years.
                              So, when it came time to arrange the secondary suspension spring group
                              for the S2HD-9C for S-286 service, we decided to go with the proven, full
1.5 reserve ratio, 286K GRL capacity spring group for the truck. As designed, the S2HD-9C offers a
substantial load carrying capacity advantage over an alternative truck, which has only 5 inner load springs
making it essentially a 263K GRL capacity suspension. The S2HD-9C is also M-976 approved for use on all
110 ton cars.

The primary suspension and snubbing components are also featured here to further emphasize the
importance of the three component groups together. As illustrated here, the primary suspension is made
up of a roller bearing adapter and shear pad, and the snubbing is made up of the wedge, pocket insert,
sidewall wear plate, and column wear plate. More detail is provided about these components later in the

Our S2HD-9C is M-976 approved for use on all 110-ton cars and offers
a substantial load carrying advantage compared to alternative trucks.

                                    Split Wedge Design
                                             Bolster Pocket Insert

                                                    Side Wall Wear Plate

               The Bolster Pocket Inserts and Side Wall Wear Plates
                are easily replaced within minimal time and effort.

The S2HD-9C also includes the modern standard of wedge performance, the split wedge. Developed
in the ’90’s to improve stability and curving, the split wedge accomplished both and has become the
preferred wedge of many railroads and car owners alike.

Our 915-SW Split Wedge features easy to install and replace bolster pocket inserts and sidewall wear
plates. We include these durable, labor saving components in all our S2HD bolster castings standard
to ensure that every Standard Car Truck Barber truck exceeds your life cycle expectations, and is easy
to restore to new condition with a minimum of time and effort. Instead of time consuming and
difficult weld and grind, our pockets are restored by simply replacing the inserts and sidewall wear

Our 915 friction castings are made of highly durable friction iron, instead of steel. Our friction iron
has proven to be more than twice as durable as steel, creating better longer lasting friction castings.
Our friction iron has also proven to have lower friction than steel, creating a smoother acting, better
performing friction wedge.

             The Modern Standard of Wedge Performance

                           One-Piece Wedge vs. Split Wedge

   Example of a One-Piece Wedge. The gaps (shown by the green arrows) allow movement resulting in wear to the truck.

Why are split wedges better? They are because they do a better job of keeping the truck square, and a
square truck is a better performing, and longer lasting truck.
One-piece wedges leave gaps between the wedge and sidewalls in order to provide space to fit the wedge
into the pocket. After installation, these gaps are undesirable, because they leave room for the wedge to
move in the pocket. So, the one-piece wedges rotate easily allowing the truck to warp. Truck warp then
leads to more wheel wear in curves, and component wear and damage from hunting.

       Split Wedge =A better performing, longer lasting truck

      The Split Wedge design eliminates the gap problem, thereby eliminating truck warp caused by wedge rotation.

The split wedge solves the gapping problem by bracing two independent wedge halves against the
sidewalls. The split wedge bracing action eliminates the possibility of truck warp due to wedge rotation,
and raises truck squaring or warp resistance to a much higher level. With the split wedge, a truck cannot
warp unless the wedge halves slide in opposite directions to each other, and this action requires much more
warp force. As a result, the 915-SW Split Wedge keeps the truck square at higher speeds, under greater
loads, in tighter curves, and for more of its life than any one-piece wedge can.

SCT Barber Friction Wedges

             Friction Wedge Interchangeability Matrix

                      Increased high speed      350 degree
Most durable iron          51
                        stability and longer                  Prolongs wedge life up to
material available.                             deformation
                       component wear life.    temperature.       1.4 million miles.

                      Barber Split Wedges

Split Wedge Assembly = Right Hand + Left Hand + Bolster Pocket Insert

            Bolster Pocket Wear Plates and Inserts
Replaceable Bolster Pocket Wear Plates prevent wear to the casting and help reduce maintenance
costs over time. Available in steel or stainless as shown. Convert any Barber Truck to a split
wedge with the Bolster Pocket Inserts shown below.

              Bolster Pocket Side Wall Wear Plates
                     Primarily utilized for split friction wedge conversions.

                             S2-86 Radial Adapter
The Barber S2-86 Radial Adapter is based on time tested technology that has been in service for
many years and many heavy axle load gross ton miles. The name, as you might have guessed, is a
conjunction of our well known Barber S2 truck brand name, including S2-A, S2-B, S2-C, and S2-HD,
and the AAR’s S-286 rule which governs cars in the weight category for which the adapter is
approved. And, the Radial part of the name is meant to convey the semi-radial steering
performance that the shear pad is designed to provide, as well as echo our long history in high
performance truck design by recalling to mind trucks like our Barber Radial.

The adapter is essentially a trim version of the AAR standard narrow pedestal adapter. And, the
primary suspension element is a trim one layer version of our successful, million mile two layer
shimmed shear pad.

             Double Side Tabs act as rejection lugs for
            the old style lord pad and differentiate the
             S2-86 from the standard adapter which
                        has Single Side Tabs.

                                Features & Benefits:
•Center recess – acts as a wear gauge and like the standard adapter, provides better
load distribution for pedestal inconsistencies.
•M-924 approved – Roller Bearing Adapter Specification – Gauge Related
•Shear pad thickness just under the current Pennsy Adapter Plus.
•Vulcanized rubber bonded to steel. Very durable with wide operating temperature
•Center rejection lug – pad cannot be used on std adapter
•Ground wire – static discharge

Shear Pads and Pedestal Roof Shims

           Shear Pads
              •Can be used with a standard AAR adapter.
              •S2-86 Approved Truck Design.
              •Rubber bonded to the steel shear pad, links
              the wheel set and H-frame, allowing flexibility
              in the truck suspension.

           Roof Shims
               The Roof Shim is used in lieu of a Shear
               Pad in a frame brace application for a
               more rigid suspension.

Type-3 Column Wear Plates (Bolt & Weld)

 The 3/8” thick wear plate utilizes mounting hardware that includes a
 washer as shown above. Each item shown is ordered separately.

Barber Side Springs

            Side Springs

Barber Load Springs

         Load Springs

  Barber 976-AAR Spring Groups


Common Barber AAR Spring Groups

     Constant Contact Side Bearing (Low Profile)
 •AAR M-948 Approved

       Part 6343

Constant Contact Side Bearing Blocks (Standard Travel)

     Steel Brake Beam Guide

•Meets AAR Standard S-367-83
•Suitable Alternative to Non-metallic

Barber Brake Beam
Standard Car Truck announced in 2007 the addition of the Barber             Uni-Truss
                                                                            Design =
Brake Beam to the growing line of Barber Freight Car truck products.
Formerly known as the Triax, these world-class brake beams set the
industry standard for quality, durability and innovative design
features. Barber is the only brake beam made with the Uni-Truss             Single Piece
design. The one-piece forged steel construction is why Barber is the
industry standard for strength and reliability.                             Formed Steel
                                                                        •Zero Field
                                     Barber Brake Beam

                                                                        •No Welds to Fail

                                                                        •No Fasteners in
                Uni-Truss Design

Barber Brake Beam, Diagonally Corrected End

      Another innovative and cost saving feature available from Barber Brake Beam is the
     diagonally corrected end. Conventional brake beam ends, like the one shown in the first frame
     are designed as though brake beam forces were balanced, but they’re not. Unbalanced forces
     on conventional brake ends allow the brake beam to rotate in the guide pocket, and wear out
     brake shoes at the top end. The Barber diagonally corrected end, counteracts brake beam
     rotation, and provides even pressure across the full face of the shoe.


   f f       ld l       i                d
ZefTuf ® Cold Flow Resistance CFR and CFR-P (   (Premium) Full Bowl Liners and Horizontal C
                                                     i ) ll         l i       d    i                l
                                                                                          l Center Plate
Protectors provide unmatched durability and wear protection regardless of service environment.
Available in low (CFR) and high friction (CFR-P) models, each is designed to improve curving and lateral
stability performance of truck (bogie) systems. Integrally molded carbon ring/studs provide consistent
conductivity over the life of the liner.

ZefTuf CFR/CFR-P(Premium) - Superior Cold Flow Resistance
ZefTuf® CFR/CFR-
                                                                        Creep Test - Center Bowls
Percent Loss of Original Thic

                                           Material          Temperature            Coefficient of Friction     Lubrication
                                      ZefTuf ® CFR       250°F – 60°F            0.17 Static/0.12 Dynamic     None Required
                                      ZefTuf ® CFR-P     250°F – 60°F            0.33 Static/ 0.27 Dynamic    None
                                      Grey (
                                         y (Premium) )                                                          q

                                               Precaution: Sharp Edges           Heat: Use Caution When Welding
• Up to Four Times the Resistance to Cold Flow versus competitive non-metallic liners.
                                            • Self-lubricating Proprietary Material never needs lubrication.
                                                     • Meets AAR requirements S-3004 and M-976

                                     Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
                                ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

ZefTuf ® Cold Flow Resistance CFR and CFR-P (Premium) Center Bowl Liners and Center Plate Protectors provide
unmatched durability and wear protection regardless of service environment. Available in low (CFR) and high
friction (CFR-P) models, each is designed to improve curving and lateral stability performance of truck (bogie)
systems. Integrally molded carbon ring/studs provide consistent conductivity over the life of the liner. Quantity
2 required per car. Meets AAR Requirements S-3004 and M-976.

  ZefTuf® CFR
  Horizontal Liners

    ZefTek                              Description                       Item Weight          Packaging
    Item#                                                                     (lbs.)
    ZT-370       14” Diameter Horizontal Liner, ¼” Thickness. Color:      1.25 lbs        25 per Box/
                 Yellow . (Replaces WE-1014 models)                       each            500 per Skid
    ZT-371       16” Diameter Horizontal Liner, ¼” Thickness. Color:      1.90 lbs        25 per Box/
                 Yellow. (Replaces WE-1016)                               each            500 per Skid

     ZefTuf® CFR
     Full Bowl Liners

    ZefTek                              Description                        Item Weight         Packaging
    Item#                                                                      (lbs.)
  ZT-380         16” Full Bowl Liner, 2” Deep. Color: Yellow              3.0 lbs each    10 per Box/
                 (Replaces WE-2016-J)                                                     100 per Skid
  ZT-381         16” Full Bowl Liner, For 2 ¼” Deep, Color: Yellow.       3.10 lbs        10 per Box/
                 (Replaces WE-2016)                                       each.           100 per Skid

           Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
      ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

ZefTuf ® Cold Flow Resistance CFR and CFR-P (Premium) Center Bowl Liners and Center Plate Protectors
provide unmatched durability and wear protection regardless of service environment. Available in low (CFR)
and high friction (CFR-P) models, each is designed to improve curving and lateral stability performance of
truck (bogie) systems. Integrally molded carbon ring/studs provide consistent conductivity over the life of
the liner. Meets AAR Requirements S-3004 and M-976.

ZefTuf® CFR-P
Horizontal Liners

   ZefTek Item#                      Description                      Item Weight        Packaging

 ZT-561                 16” Diameter Horizontal Liner, ¼”           2.75 lbs           20 per Box/
                        Thickness. Color: Grey                      each              400 per Skid
                        (Replaces WE-1016-XLS)

 ZefTuf® CFR-P
 Full Bowl Liners

    ZefTek                           Description                       Item Weight       Packaging
 ZT-350             16” Full Bowl Liner, 2” Deep (for 2” Deep          4.5 lbs        10 per Box/
                    Bolster Bowls) Color: Grey                         each           100 per Skid
                    (Replaces WE-2414-J)
 ZT-351             16” Full Bowl Liner, For 2 ¼” Deep (for            4.6 lbs        10 per Box/
                    2 ¼” Deep Bolster Bowls) Color: Grey               each           100 per Skid
                    (Replaces WE-2416)

        Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
   ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Inspection Report: ZT-351, 16” Full Bowl Liners for 2-1/4” deep bowls

Inspection Report: ZT-351, 16” Full Bowl Liners for 2-1/4” deep bowls

Self-Locking Knuckle Pins

Self-Locking Knuckle Pins replace worn or broken C-10 pins with non-metallic knuckle pins for superior
performance. A 1/16” groove at shear points eliminate stress risers caused by worn or out-of-tolerance
castings. No bending fatigue, the primary cause of pin failure. Easy installation, lightweight, and no cotter
pin required. Direct replacement of AAR C-10 pins.

                                                Replace broken or worn C-10 pins
                                                        with our ZT-2075

                                      •Less than 1 minute to install.
                                      •Self-locking tabs require no tools or cotter pin for
                                      • Grooved Shear Points reduce Pin Fatigue.
                                      • 88% Lighter than steel alternative.
                                      • Safe for Thaw Sheds.
                                      • Refer to AAR Code 2075
                                           Material          Temperature                 Heat
                                      ZefTuf® - HD      160 F to – 60 F       No Temperatures above
              ZT-2075                                                         200 F.

   ZefTek Item#            Description             Item        Packaging

   ZT-2075          ZefTuf® Self Locking          .87 lbs     50 per Box/
                    Knuckle Pin                   each        900 per Skid
   ZT-276           Knuckle Pin Removal Tool      4.12 lbs    Each
                                                  each                                          ZT-276

         Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
    ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

‘F’ Type Draft Sills CCWP

Eliminate coupler shank and draft sill basket wear with the ZefTek ZT-360 Flexible Coupler Carrier.
Weighs over 40 lbs. less per car set than steel carriers and eliminates coupler shank and draft sill
basket wear. Requires no lubrication. Available in four sizes for varying coupler height requirements.

   ZefTek      Length   Dimension    Dimension   Dimension    Replaces    Weight          Packaging
   Item#                   ‘A’          ‘B’         ‘C’

 ZT-360-01    11 5/8”      5/8”       3-3/4”       5-3/8”     WE-4001-X    5.0 lbs          Each/
                                                              WE-4900-X     each          90 per Skid
 ZT-360-02    11 5/8”      7/8”         4”         5-5/8”     WE-4001-X    5.0 lbs          Each/
                                                              WE-4900-X     each          90 per Skid

 ZT-360-03    11 5/8”     1-1/8”      4-1/4”       5-7/8”     WE-4001-X    5.0 lbs          Each/
                                                              WE-4900-X     each         150 per Skid
 ZT-360-04    11 5/8”     1-3/8”      4-1/2”       6-1/8”     WE-4001-X    5.0 lbs          Each/
                                                              WE-4900-X     each          90 per Skid

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    ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

‘Weld-On’ CCWP

Our ‘Weld-on’ Coupler Carrier Wear Protectors incorporate our patented bonding process (ZefTuf ® – HD
bonded to A-36 steel) for easy weld-on application without removing the coupler. Eliminates coupler
shank inspection, maintenance and reconditioning costs of conventional coupler carrier wear plates.
They surpass competitive products in cold flow and impact resistance.

 ZefTek Item#      Color     Width “B”        Depth        Thickness         Weight          Packaging

 ZT-326-3A         Green     10 15/16”         4 ½”           3/8”        2.10 lbs each   14 per Box

 ZT-326-4A         Green     10 15/16”         4 ½”            ½”         3.00 lbs each   10 per Box

 ZT-326-5A         Green     10 15/16”         4 ½”           5/8”        3.34 lbs each   8 per Box

 ZT-327-3A         Green        18”            4 ½”           3/8”        4.10 lbs each   14 per Box

 ZT-327-4A         Green        18”            4 ½”            ½”         4.80 lbs each   10 per Box

        Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
    ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

G ‘Drop-In’ CCWP

Our ‘one-piece’ coupler carrier wear protectors require no lubrication and eliminate inspection,
maintenance and replacement costs associated with conventional coupler carrier wear plates.
Constructed of our proprietary ZefTuf ®–’G’ material, they surpass competitive products in cold flow and
impact resistance. Patented locking tabs keeps wear plate securely in place. (Color: Lime Green)

   ZefTek                        Application                     Length   Width     Thick-   Weight      Packaging
   Item#                                                                             ness
 ZT-121           TTX Front Runner Cars.                         16 ¾”    6 3/16”    ½”      2.50 lbs   5 per Box

 ZT-215-12        AAR Wear Plate 215 on type ‘E’ couplers or     10 ¾”    5 1/16”    ½”      1.20 lbs   40 per Box/
                  similar designs. (Replaces WE-4002 and WE-                                  each      16 Box Skid
                  4340 models)

 ZT-215-38        AAR Wear Plate 214 on Type ‘E’ couplers or     10 ¾”    5 1/16”   3/8”     1.00 lbs   44 per Box/
                  similar designs. (Replaces WE-4002 and WE-                                  each      16 per Skid
                  4340 models)

 ZT-215-58        AAR Wear Plate 215 on type ‘E’ couplers or     10 ¾”    5 1/16”    5/8”    1.40 lbs   44 per Box /
                  similar designs. (Replaces WE-4002 and WE-                                  each      16 per Skid
                  4340 models)

 ZT-215T-12       AAR Wear Plate 215 on type ‘E’ couplers or     10 ¾”    6 3/16”    1/2”    1.20 lbs   40 per Box /
                  similar designs. (Replaces WE-4002 and WE-                                  each      16 per Skid
                  4340 models)

 ZT-217           Keystone & Freightmaster type M-E 10” or 15”    8 ¼”    5 1/16”    ½”      1.00 lbs   40 per Box /
                  E.O.C. Cushioning device or similar designs.                                each      16 per Skid

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        ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Brake Beam Guide

100’s of thousands of miles of testing have proven ZefTek’s Brake Beam Savers outperform the
competition. ZefTuf® CFR-P material incorporates the benefits of superior cold flow and impact
resistance needed for today’s demanding rail environment. Dramatically extend brake shoe life, reduce
brake beam maintenance and improve overall braking performance. Compatible with all beam
manufacturers. Quantity 8 per car.

                                     • Improve Brake Shoe Life
                                        • Reduce Brake Beam
                                        Maintenance and Head
                                           Extension Wear
                                     • Improve Overall Braking
       ZT-1696NH                                                                    ZT-1696B

   ZefTek Item#           Description                    Replaces        Weight           Packaging
  ZT-1696NH         Brake Beam Guide. Grey.    AAR Standard S-367-78   .61 lbs     80 per Box/
  Standard          For Diagonally Corrected   Holland WE-5500         each        960 per Skid
                    Beams.                     Holland WE-5505

  ZT-1696B          Brake Beam Guide. Black.   AAR Standard S-367-78   .68 lbs     80 per Box/
  Heavy Duty        For Standard Beams.        Holland WE-5500 XL      each        960 per Skid

        Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
      ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Inspection Report: ZT-1696NH, Brake Beam Guide

Inspection Report: ZT-1696NH, Brake Beam Guide

Brake Rod Wear Protector

Brake Rod Wear Protectors are welded directly to the brake rod to prevent metal-to-metal contact
and subsequent wear between brake rods, hangers, axles, and truck bolsters. Fits ¾” to 1” diameter

 • Applied by method of Longitudinal Stitch Weld, preferred by AAR over the Transverse
 Welds on the “Horse Shoe” stops used with the slotted tube application.

 • Provides a flat 1 5/16” bearing surface that lasts the life of the car. (The “Point Contact”
 of the slotted tube application can wear quickly, especially on top of the rough bolster

    ZefTek                        Description                      Item Weight          Packaging
    Item#                                                              (lbs.)

  ZT-111-12       12” Brake Rod Wear Protector                       1.00 lbs       10 pc/Box
  ZT-111-18       18” Brake Rod Wear Protector                       1.50 lbs       40 pc/Box
  ZT-111-24       24” Brake Rod Wear Protector                       2.00 lbs       40 pc/Box

                    Order proper length depending on brake rod travel.

        Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
    ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Release Rod Wear Liner
ZefTuf® Release Rod Wear Protector
The ZT-377 is a two-piece ZefTuf® assembly that is affixed to the vertical release rod bracket to prevent
metal-to-metal contact and subsequent wear between release rod and the bracket. Requires minor
modification to standard vertical release rod brackets. Slot opening must be drilled or punched to a
1.625” diameter hole.

                                 Example of Release Rod Brackets Equipped with ZT-377

     Eliminate Metal to Metal Contact with the ZT-377

       ZefTek                 Description                Item Weight (lbs.)             Packaging

    ZT-377          Release Rod Wear Liner                     .05 lbs           Each/400 per Box

         Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
    ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

ZefTuf Brake Hanger Wear Protector

Brake Hanger Wear Protectors are snap-on units (no welding) that fit all freight cars, protecting brake rods and
support hangers from metal-to-metal wear. Available in standard sizes and 8-foot units that can be custom cut to
required length. Custom beveled and/or square cut units are available.

   Example of Brake Rod Equipped with the ZT-151 Brake               Example of conventional Brake Rod.
                 Hanger Wear Protector                                 Note the metal to metal contact.

  Protect Brake Rods and Support Hangers from Metal-to-Metal Wear

       ZefTek Item#                           Description                  Item Weight          Packaging
  ZT-151-4                   Square Cut, Dimension A = 4”                .14 lbs          100 per Box
  ZT-151-5                   Square Cut, Dimension A = 5”                .20 lbs          100 per Box

  ZT-151-5.875               Square Cut, Dimension A = 5.875”            .23 lbs          100 per Box

  ZT-151-6                   Square Cut, Dimension A = 6”                .22 lbs          100 per Box
  ZT-151-7.5                 Square Cut, Dimension A = 7.5”              .26 lbs          80 per Box
  ZT-151-8                   Square Cut, Dimension A = 8”                .24 lbs          80 per Box
  ZT-151-96                  Square Cut, Dimension A = 96”               3.5 lbs          6 per Box

* Also available in custom lengths, Standard, Bevel and Single Reverse Bevel.

          Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
        ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Brake Rod Splice

The ZefTek two-piece Brake Rod Splice allows for easy field replacement of worn, broken or bent brake
rods. Two ZT-368 splices are welded together to join the existing brake rod and new brake rod section and
restore rod integrity. Use on ¾” and 7/8” brake rod diameters. Available as a complete assembly (ZT-368-
BRS) or individually (ZT-368).

                    Simple field application for replacement
                      of worn, broken or bent brake rods.

     ZefTek Item#                        Description                      Item Weight          Packaging
  ZT-368                Brake Rod Splice for 3/4” or 7/8”               .55 lbs each       50 per Box
                        diameter rods. (2 required per rod.)

  ZT-368-BRS            Brake Rod Splice Kit: Includes Qty 2 of the     1.10 lbs           25 per Box
                        ZT-368 and Tie.                                 Each

  Precautions: Locate away from hangers to prevent fouling or interference. Check direction of brake
  rod travel.

           Fax Order to: 847-692-6070 E-mail to:, Inquiries Call: 847-692-6050
      ZefTek, A Wabtec Company. 865 Busse Highway, Park Ridge IL 60068

Glossary of Terms
Cold Flow, otherwise referred to as creep, is the dimensional change over time of a material under a
physical load. All materials cold flow, to varying degrees, when a load is applied. After the load is removed,
Memory, it the ability to return to its original dimensions while Compression Set takes place when the
material does not return to its original state. Material wear, or loss of material, must not be confused with
Cold Flow. A product will weigh less after it wears but will weigh the same after it Cold Flows, or simply
changes its shape. A typical value for comparing materials is given in pounds per square inch or p.s.i.
Therefore, the higher the PSI rating the more Cold Flow Resistant the material is. Material characteristics
will vary with time, temperature, rate of loading, part density and wall thickness.

Coefficient of Friction, or C.O.F., is a value (number) used to compare how hard or easy two materials will
slide against each other. Lubricated or greased “Steel-on-Steel” is around 0.1 while dry, or un-lubricated,
“Steel-on-Steel” can be 0.5 to 0.8 or higher. There are many factors that will effect the C.O.F. between two
surfaces. Some of these are of course lubrication, surface texture, material hardness, and the material itself.
Generally speaking, constant lubrication is required to maintain low frictional properties. However, some
plastics or polymers, like Nylon or UHMWPE, have a very low C.O.F. against a smooth steel surface even
without any lubrication. Other polymers, like a soft urethane, can have a very high C.O.F. unless lubricated.

Technically, the Molecular Weight is the average weight of a molecule in a material. It is actually the “sum of
atomic weights of all the atoms in that molecule”. In laymans terms, the higher the Molecular Weight – the
longer the molecular chains, and therefore the denser the material. For instance Nylons and Polyethylenes
can be processed into various molecular weights – less than 50,000 (low) – 50 to 100,000 (medium) –
100,000 to 2 million (high) – 2 to 3 million (very high) – and 3 to 6 million (ultra high). For instance the
lowest polyethylene products range from candle wax and shrink film, to the medium and high densities of
bottles and toys, to the ultimate Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMWPE.

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