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									                                    Car Delivery Check List

Ser                              Checklist Item                             Y   N   Remarks
  1.  Check the car manufacturing month/year
  2.  Visual inspection (look for dents, scratches, repair work)
  3.  Note Chasis and Engine No
  4.  Test drive the car
  5. Visual inspection (look for dents, scratches, repair work)
  6. Car cleanliness (internal & external)
  7. Verify engine & chasis No.
  8. Verify ODO reading (MUST be less than 50 Kms)
  9. Check & Know how 4 Doors, Bonnet and Boot work
  10. Check engine oil, coolant, PS oil, break oil and fuel level
  11. Check windscreen wash liquid & battery water and wipers/spray
  12. No hood parts have visible wear/tear/replacement
  13. Any separate special battery warranty
  14. Where is spare tyre & jack system located?
  15. Are there any wheel locks? If yes, where is lug key?
  16. Check date or MM/YY on all tyres & air pressure
  17. Ask for tyre warranty.
  18. Check glove box
  19. Check for windows roll up & roll down & wipers
  20. Check seatbelts, mats, headrests & seat adjustments incl 60/40 fold
  21. Check steering adjustments & dashboard indicators
  22. Check lock, ignition, horns, keys, child locks
  23. Check hand brake indicator, battery charging light (off when Eng
  24. Crank Engine with open bonnet. Idle for a minute
  25. Check first aid kit
  26. Check internal reading and brake & turn Indicators
  27. Check headlights (LB & HB), tail & fog lights
  28. Check AC & blower speeds & cig. lighter / DC out
  29. Check music system
  30. Duplicate keys
  31. Note down 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance Policy info
  32. Look out for extended warranty card / receipt
  33. Cashless maintenance offer receipt
  34. Take down the contact numbers of staff worked with
  35. Lookout at accessories store and note down info.
  36. Full demo of car
  37. Check Speedo, Tachometer, Check Engine, Temp.
  38. Check Wheel Alignment, Balancing & for other NVH.
  39. Check for tools mentioned in owner’s manual
  40. Check Insurance has correct info
  41. Check PDI, Sale, PUC Certificate and Invoice details (Chassis &
      Engine Numbers match)
  42. Owner’s Manual
  43. RC/Temp Regn Cert (check correct Chassis & Engine No and one’s

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