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									A Guide To Decorating With Beach Bathroom Decor
by Rebecca McKeich

                                                Coastal bathroom decor is the easiest and cheapest theme available
                                                for a complete bathroom makeover. It is all about minimalism and
                                                muted colors that vary very little across elements.

                                                The color scheme, of course, is that of the typical beach. These
                                                colors include light blue, cream, sand, and white wash. If you like
                                                you may also include green and driftwood to add some more color.

                                               For the walls, choose a soft tone of sand or white wash. You can
                                               bring in more color with the accessories. If you prefer a richer and
warmer feel, paint the walls a darker sandy gold hue to give the feel of a night beach rather than one in the stark

If you have wall tiles that do not match you may wish to change them. New tiles are quite pricey and this theme
lends itself well to painted objects so consider giving them a new face instead of replacing them. The painting tile
process involves first making sure they are clean and dry. This is followed by a coat of primer that must also be
allowed to dry completely. The final step is to add a waterproof topcoat. The representatives at the hardware
store will be able to recommend the best option for this task.

The easiest part of redecorating a tropical bathroom is accessorizing. Living near a beach makes the task even
easier if your municipality allows for collection of items from the beach. Take a walk and collect interesting rocks,
sand, shells, driftwood, and other objects. These items can be used to craft anything from soap dishes to waste
baskets to picture frames. You may also think of ways to incorporate the items into a piece of art to frame and
display on the walls.

Do not worry that you're not near the beach or do not have time or the desire to craft items. There are a surprising
number of great things at yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, and discount stores for quite cheap. Also take a
look at your existing items. You can make them beachy by sanding and white washing them or even by leaving
them outside for a few days.

Accessories in a beached themed bathroom don't have to match. The theme is about being random, airy, and
carefree. The towels and shower curtain should be a white or light beige or sand. Wicker baskets and furniture will
do as well as weathered or white washed wood. For a richer feel, go for the weathered wood to create contrast
against all the muted colors.

Greenery is an often overlooked item in this theme. A look around any beach will expose an array of flowers and
greenery at the edges. Including yellow flowers, grasses, and green plants in your bathroom will brighten the space
and add color just where it counts.

The most important thing to remember is simple and minimal. A great final touch to give the room a warmer feel is
the inclusion of candles.

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