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In this article on Best Pickup Lines to Meet Women, Carlos Xuma will show that the the best pickup lines are actually the ones that don't seem like a pickup line at all . He will also reveal 3 best pickup lines, including how they work so that you don't need to use them anymore.

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									                        Dating Tips For Guys On The Best Pickup Lines and how to live the ALPHA LIFESTYLE.

                                       Best Pickup Lines To Meet Women

                              I'm sure you've been in a bar and wished you had something to say to that cute little blonde
                              woman. But when you got up, your mind went blank, your legs got weak, and your stomach
                              clenched up. You wish you just knew what to say to her. The 'right' thing to say to her.

                              Men are always looking for the best pickup lines. After all, a pickup line is the key to getting a
                              conversation started with a woman, right? And if you have the BEST pickup lines to use, you're
                              probably the guy that's going to win.


                              Let's face it, most pickup lines are really cheesy. Ever heard one like this: "Wow, I'm calling
                              heaven, because I think they just lost an angel."

                          The best pickup lines are actually the ones that don't seem like a pickup line at all. And I'm going
to reveal the 3 best pickup lines I know to you right now, including how they work so that you don't need to use them
anymore. (I'll explain how that works, too.)

First of all, remember that a pickup line does not get a conversation started - or anything else for that matter. A line is
simply a bunch of words that you COULD say to a woman. Whether or not you actually work up the courage to approach
a woman and say something is much more important than the clever pickup line you just learned.

World's Best Pickup Lines #1: Quick observation

What do I mean by "quick observation"? Simple - you just notice something about her to either A) lightly compliment, or B)
make a casual comment about.

For example: "I just noticed your dress. You've got great fashion sense!"

Why it works: Women are always intrigued when a man has insight into her appearance. Most guys compliment on her
beauty, which is what every other guy does, so that's why this stands out so much better.

World's Best Pickup Lines #2: "Hey!"

Why it works: Friendly is always better. Women respond to friendly. And by using something that doesn't have a lot of
"cleverness" in it, you also look like a guy who is confident - because you didn't need a gimmick.

You also communicate that you're relaxed and calm, even if you're feeling really nervous and wound up. You're just
saying one word. A lot of guys fumble over a big complicated opening and they just look silly. This way you seem very
laid back.

Besides, you also feel better (i.e., more confident) about using this as your best pickup line because it doesn't require you
remember anything fancy, or go way up in your head. You just get to be YOU. Isn't that nice for a change?

Now, you're going to have to make this into a conversation after she replies to you. The easiest way is to just make a
casual observation about your environment. A little small talk will get things going easily from there.

World's Best Pickup Lines #3: "I saw you _____, so I _____..."

This is the worlds best formula for opening in most ways because it's so simple - and it sounds like you were making it up
on the spot. It won't sound rehearsed or fake.

For example: "I saw you standing over here looking sad, so I had to say hi."


"I saw you guys over here laughing and giggling, so I had to come over and add to the fun."

You can see how you're going to come up with a million and one of these in no time. This is one of the best pickup lines
in the world because it's so effective, versatile, and easy.

Now, here's how you get using these best pickup lines RIGHT AWAY:

1) Go out tonight.

Just get the hell out of the house. Even if you don't meet women, you'll be 100% ahead of the other guys who are sitting
home expecting some hot girl to just knock on his door.

2) Breathe and relax.

There isn't a guy on the planet that has been killed or even slightly injured by flubbing an approach. In fact, women
appreciate you more when you don't look too polished.

3) Say, "Hey" - and then just talk about whatever is going on around you.

Using the best pickup line in the world - "Hey" - will get you a million times further than NOT using a more complicated
one. And if you want to get ambitious, just say: "Hey, I saw you standing here, so I just had to come over and say hi."
And you'll have NO problem approaching women anywhere you go.

And if you still have problems walking up to women - you feel that fear of rejection, that anxiety of approaching women -
then you need to get rock-solid confidence with women. Because when you have confidence with women, you can say
anything to her and she will respond to you - and respect you.

I've got a new free CD you can get right now that will give you that confidence you want with women.

Go get your free CD here: Supreme Self Confidence With Women Free CD

Talk soon...

Wishing you confidence and success with women - With HONOR and integrity.

Carlos Xuma

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