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					Administrative Guidelines (2003)

This Administrative Guidelines were built on the basis of comments and
suggestions of ActionAid International Vietnam (AAV)’s staff. The document
provides detailed Administrative guides for AAV staff and partners in working

In addition, these Administrative Guidelines are strictly based on HROD and
Finance Policies that set by AAV.

The guidelines will be revised and updated in case of any necessary

The document is effective immediately from 1st May 2005 and all AAV staff
and partners must follow while working for AAV.

On behalf of Administrative team, we would like to thank you very much for
your valuable suggestions and co-operation in preparing and conducting the
Administrative Guidelines.

With the best regards.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Part 1. Time regulations

HROD policy of ActionAid Vietnam clearly determines
working time for all staff, in which staff is
requested to strictly follow time regulations.

Staff’s responsibilities in case coming to office
late, on sick leave, on annual leave, or in lieu.
         Ask line manager for permission.
         Inform admin function
         Record the exact on-leave days in Holiday
          Card in HR office.

Staff’s responsibilities when working at weekends
and on holidays.
         register with Admin Department and record
          in “Visitor logbook/Working at weekends”
          so that Admin staff may inform Office
          Building Management Board accordingly

Staff’s responsibilities when applying      flexible
working time
         ask line manager for permission
         inform all office about your      flexible
          working time

Part 2. Using telephones/fax in the office

2.1. Introduction

   a. Telephones

AAV requests staff to keep phone calls as short as
possible in order to cut down on expense (all
personal calls should be no longer than absolutely
necessary). Inter-provincial and international calls
are extremely expensive. Everyone making such a call
must complete in the Telephone Logbooks that are put
next to the telephone set. Admin Assistant will
check these against denominated bills monthly.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Personal calls will be charged to the concerning
individual by Accountant accordingly.

   b. Fax
Any staff that needs to fax out has to write fax
number, receiving place, requested time and leave it
on the Fax Out tray in Admin area. After faxing,
Admin staff has duty to seal “faxed out”, with the
date on and put the original version to the
pigeonhole of the requested person.

Fax machine is used for sending and receiving fax
only but not for taking any phone calls.

2.2. Responsibilities

   a. For all staff:
          Use telephones and fax effectively (save
           cost services such as 171, 177, 178)
          List    out   all    personal    calls    into
           “Telephone Logbook”.
          Reimburse personal phone calls and faxes
           in cash to Finance Dept.
          Send Admin Department telephone/fax list
           of all partners.
          Keep invoices and details of phone calls
           for settling with office when going for
           business in provinces or abroad.
          Ask     Admin     Function      to     arrange
           international phone calls.
          Programme Support Officer at CD office
           will make phone calls for CD (especially
           international phone calls)
   b. Admin staff:
          Arrange all international phone calls when
           requested    and   record     in   “Telephone
          Fax out documents when requested
          Sort out all personal phone calls and send
           to Finance Department.
          Remind individuals when making phone calls
           too long (over 15 minutes /1 call)
   c. Finance staff:
          Deduct personal phone calls as informed by
           Admin Department

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

             Fax telegraphic transfer to the bank

Part 3.       Using vehicle regulations

3.1. General guidelines

AAV vehicles are mainly used for project activities
of ActionAid Vietnam.

Regarding to cars

For convenience in maintaining and repairing as well
as saving money, we try to buy cars of the same

ActionAid   Vietnam   does  not   encourage   buying
expensive and luxurious cars. Cars should be
suitable with climate characteristics of area as
well as topographic features especially in remote
and mountainous areas. Safety must be given priority
and expense need to be put under consideration
within confirmed budget. We can also buy cars in tax
free shops in Vietnam.

AAV   purchases  vehicle   insurance  once   at      the
beginning   of  every    year.  Vehicle   users      and
passengers are insured when using AAV vehicles.

Car technical maintenance is proposed by drivers and
vehicle maintenance service suppliers with approval
from Head of Finance and Admin.

Driver and the passenger next to him have to fasten
the seat belts. Important telephone numbers such as
those   of   police   station,   insurance company,
ambulance service and AAV office, AAV staff and
project areas must be available in cars for
emergency cases. Insurance contract and other
concerned papers must be in cars, too.

Using public cars

AAV staff and partners must use public cars in case
AAV’s cars are busy for field work. AAV encourages

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

staff and partners to use public transportation for
convenience and saving money. (Noi Bai taxi: Tel No
8.865 615/8 866 088/9 272 013)

Using public cars for field trip must be approved by
budget holder.

Using cars for personal purposes

Any staff who wants to hire AAV’s car for personal
purpose has to ask for permission from Country
Director and get agreement from Driver. That staff
must pay all expenses on road tolls as well as
determined rate in HROD policy (1,600VND/km). After
the trip office car must be handed over without any
changes or repairing.

Buying petrol/diesel

ActionAid encourages the driver to have monthly plan
for buying petrol/diesel and at some prestige petrol
stations. Financial bills of petrol/diesel must be

3.2. Responsibility

For drivers

             Remind all people in the car to fasten the
              seat belt.
             Park the car at right and safe place.
             Have driving license issued by Government
              of Vietnam.
             Drink   beer/alcohol   and   smoking    while
              driving is not permitted.
             Check tube and tyres as well as petrol and
              car status before any trip
             Update and sign in Car logbooks after any
              trip. Return car in good condition after
             Inform    nearest    Police    Station    and
              Insurance   Company   immediately    to   get
              timely solution in case of accidents. And
              then inform Office Administrator/ Head of
              Finance and Admin       timely   for better

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

             In case of accidents, driver can never
              promise any payment/compensation for the

For Office Administrator

             Arrange vehicle using effectively
             Monthly sign and check car log books.
             Check and make payment for petrol or any
              others related to car using.
             Monitor    periodic   and    unusual  car

For car users
         Heads of Departments/ Managers have duty
          to send plan for using car to field trip
          to Admin Department once every month no
          later than the 5th monthly
         All staff need to inform Admin before 9 am
          every working day if they want to use
          AAV’s vehicle within Hanoi
         Gather in the office to start the trip
          (even      the      partners       in      case      going
         Sign on “Taxi Receipt” and have Budget holders’ approval

Part 4. Going on Business

4.1. Introduction

When a staff needs to go out for work or meeting,
he/she must inform his/her line manager and inform
Admin. Department or record on Travel Board at Admin

When a staff goes abroad for business, he/she must
gather at the office at the right time that has been
negotiated with the driver.

4.2. Responsibilities

For staff going on business abroad:

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

   -   Inform Hanoi office staff on his/her approved
   -   Inform and collaborate with HROD Department to
       complete procedures    with   Dipserco to    get
       Official Personnel Permission, to get Passport
       back and to buy Traveling Insurance.
   -   Together with Admin Department to get visa
       (he/she has to fill in the form with signature
       on it himself and give Admin Assistant 2 latest
       passport-size photos and invitation letter).
       When required by the Embassy or Consular, that
       staff must apply for his visa in person.
   -   Cooperate with Admin Department to arrange time
       for vaccination. (Note: for some countries such
       as Africa, it is required to get vaccination
       for some diseases like diarrhea, etc.) Admin
       Department   has  the   duty   to   give  people
       consultation on place and time to get it.
   -   Ask Admin function to book air ticket/ arrange
       accommodation/ or pick up at the arrival
       country according to the given form at least 1
       week before. (The requirement must be approved
       and agreed by his/her lime manager with account
   -   Collect all necessary information for the trip
       such as telephone number/contact address of
       arrival country (even emergency numbers of key
       officers    such  as   Admin    officers/Country
       Director/    HROD  Manager).    Information   on
       weather, politics and diseases, etc. must be
       collected too.
   -   Get Traveling Insurance Certificate from HROD
   -   Organize all documents need to be carried for
       sharing at the trip.
   -   Get money advance for the trip (if necessary)
   -   Register with IT office for all properties you
       need to carry for your trip.

After the trip, that staff must:
   - Send passport to Dipserco back within 1 week.
   - Make the trip report and send it to Dipserco
          within 1 week.
   - Clear all expenses related to the trip for
          Finance Department.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

   -   Return counterfoil (both air-ticket and train
            ticket) for Finance Department.

For staff having domestic trip

      Send request to Admin Department at least 1
       week before for arranging air ticket and 2 days
       for arranging train ticket.
      Bring along ID or passport (if any).
      Ask Admin in Hanoi or in project areas to
       arrange logistics at least 1 week before the
       trip (if necessary).

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Part 5. Visa

5.1. Visa for international trip (Please look at
Part 4)
5.2. Visa for ActionAid visitors to Vietnam

General Principles

All ActionAid Vietnam visitors must be approved by
CD and concerning departments where the visitors
will work. Requirements on logistics and visas must
be sent to Admin Department at least 2 weeks before.

Admin’s responsibilities

      Prepare official visa letter with CD’s approval
       and send it to PACCOM to get visa.
      Arrange logistics for visitors (accommodation,
       transportation, etc.)
      In case, the visitor gets visa on arrival at
       Vietnam side, Office Administrator will arrange
       pick-up and vital procedures for him at the
       airport (working with Immigration Department of

Responsibilities of Inviting Departments

      Send information, request for visa, hotel, and
       pick-up to Admin at least 2 weeks before.
      Keep concerning Departments informed about the
      Send detailed information about passport and
       working plan of the visitor to Regional
       Manager, Admin Department to get approval from
       local authorities if the visitors plan to have
       field trip.

5.3. Visa for Vietnamese partners to International

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Responsibilities of staff working directly with
    Send information/plan related to the trip of
     the partners which has been approved by Country
     Director to Admin Dept. for visas at least one
     week before (and 2 weeks for EU).
    Estimate budget for the trip.
    Get advance from Finance Department.
    Give partners guidance on concerning financial
     policy, consultation, and human resource, etc.

Responsibilities of Admin Department
    Get visas for partners.
    Book air tickets for partners.
    Arrange   accommodation   and   logistics   for
     partners at Vietnam side.
    Support to arrange accommodation and other
     logistics for partners at oversea side if can.
    Provide any other necessary information if

Responsibilities of partners

      Get passport themselves.
      Claim expenses base on AAV financial policy.
      Strictly follow AAV’s HROD and financial

Part 6: Hotel

Vietnamese    staff   and   partners:   Encourage
staff/partners (of the same sex) share room when
going on business.

For convenience in arranging accommodation and
settling payment, AAV encourage everyone including
those from development areas, partners and visitors
of AAV to stay at the same one Hotel that was
arranged by Admin. Department.

(The annual survey on service suppliers such as
hotel   in Hanoi will be      conducted   by Admin.
Department. The result of survey must be approved by

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Head of Finance and Admin               in   consulting     with
relevant managers/ staff).

Applicable price in Vietnam

Allowed price for double room (this rate is
applicable in 2005)
         In Hanoi: not exceed 350, 000VND/room/day
         In   Hochiminh   City:  not   exceed  400,
         In development areas: not exceed 250,

In case, rooms can not be shared, it is advisable to
use single room with 50,000VND deduction from above-
mentioned prices in all cases.

For foreigners
         In Hanoi: not exceed $30/room/day.
         In     Hochiminh    City:    not                exceed
         In    development    areas:   not               exceed

 (The above mentioned price includes breakfast, VAT
and service charge)

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Staff’s responsibilities

             Send Admin Dept. plan on accommodation and
              other logistics at least 1 week before.
             Have     responsibility      to     settle
              accommodation payment in the areas which
              ActionAid does not have project office.
             Have responsibility to settle all other
              personal expenses for the hotel such as
              phone calls, laundry service, internet
              access, and drinks.
             In case the staff or visitor himself
              chooses another hotel, he has to contact
              to book hotel himself, settle payments as
              well as be responsible for any other
              risks, which is also applicable for

Part 7. Stationary

To save money (phone call expenses) and to cut down
on ad-hoc work for Admin Department, ActionAid
Vietnam just buy stationary once a month. All staff
sends Stationary Request to Admin. Assistant on the
first three working days every month. Then, Admin
Assistant will collect all these requests to order
stationary and deliver it to staff/departments on
the next three days accordingly.

Part 8. Properties

According to regulations, all properties in the
office and those rented by AAV are under office’s
control and belong to AAV. They all have to be
recorded and updated in Asset/ Inventory Logbook by
Office Administrator timely. All liquidating and
purchasing must be approved by Country Director/
Head of Finance and Admin as well. These properties
must be planned in annual budget by Budget Holders.
Admin   staff  is   responsible  for   updating the
Inventory list at the end of every year or when
there are any changes in the market price.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Standard for office properties must be suitable and
not too luxurious. Office properties/equipments must
be maintained frequently or replaced as requested.
Office Administrator will be responsible on this.

All office properties must be insured. Insurance for
properties   must  be   bought  frequently  at   the
beginning of each year.

Finding out a house for rent for the office or
Country   Director  is   responsibility   of  Admin.
Department. Office Administrator will be a person in
charge of with the consultation of relevant staff.
In case, the staff bring along office properties on
business (laptop, digital cameras, LCD...), that
staff has to register with IT Officer and record in
“Property Logbook” at server room.

Part 9. Meetings/Workshops

9.1    Using ActionAid Vietnam meeting room

             Register at the logbook front of each
              meeting room.
             Ask Admin officers to provide necessary
             Inform Admin Department number of guests,
              name and time of the meeting.
             Ask IT officer to set up equipments if
             Ask Cleaner to prepare tea break (if any)
              1 day before (with detailed information on
              number of guests and budget).
             Clear stationary, chairs, close doors and
              switch   off  electric   equipments  after

9.2.    Using rented meeting room.

a. Responsibilities            of        workshop   organizing

Inform Admin Department on:

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

   -   Plan, number of guests 1 week as normal or 2
       weeks before if there are foreign participants.
   -   Requested   form  (stationary,   meeting   room,
       accommodation, and equipment).
   -   Estimated budget for workshop.
   -   In collaboration with Communication Department
       in agreement on materials need to be printed
       and distributed.
   -   Agree with Admin Department on related matters
       such as meeting room, accommodation (if any).

Besides, request IT officer for necessary equipment
and vital support.

b. Admin’s Responsibilities
   - Collaborate with requesting Department to find
     out     meeting    room,    accommodation  and
     transportation for participants.
   - Order tea break/lunch/reception
   - Provide requested stationary
   - Arrange visa for visitors to Vietnam.
   - Send documents to visitors.
   - Cooperate with communication department on
        printing materials (if any).

Part 10. Photocopy

10.1. Using office photocopy machine

Every staff is responsible for photocopying himself
all documents under 10 pages and 10 copies.

Admin Department will support in photocopying urgent
documents, and secret ones which can not be sent out
(with 20 copies/20 pages).

10.2. Sending documents outside for photocopying.

In case of thick document which needs to copy in
many copies, needs to bid by professional manner,
Admin. Assistant will send it to outside for
photocopying with approval of budget holders.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Account code and signature of budget holders must be
clearly written on the Photo Request Form.

Admin. Assistant has responsibilities      to   settle
payment at the end of every month.

Part 11. Incoming/Outgoing documents.

11.1. Incoming documents

      Admin. Assistant will stamp “received” seal and
       clearly note receiving date on it.
      Log in “Incoming Document Logbook”.
      Send documents to concerning staff/department.

11.2 Outgoing document.

    Every staff needs to send document/letters to
     Admin.    Assistant    (address,     means    of
     transportation and priority level must be
     written on the cover of mail).
    Admin.   Assistant  record   it   in   “Outgoing
     Document Logbook” and send it as requested.
Note: Documents and letters sent to Admin department
after 15.00 will be deliver next day.

Part 12. Security/cleaning for Office.

12.1. Security

All AAV staff has responsibilities to:
     Ensure security for office.
     Never lend other people office keys (In case
      the staff, unfortunately, loses the key he
      must inform Office Administrator and be
      responsible for expenses of buying new lock
      and keys for all staff in the office).
     Close windows, doors, and switch off all
      electric equipments before leaving.

Administrative Guidelines (2003)

Note: any departments’ volunteers must inform Admin
Department their names, numbers of volunteers,
working period and their first working day.

12.2.          Cleaning

All staff is responsible to keep their working place
clean and in order:
       Take cups and glass to Pantry area after
       Pour out dregs of tea, and tea covers into
        dust bin.
       Do not throw cups, glasses, spoons, folks
        into the dust bins.

12.3.        Lunches

Every   staff   must   register   lunch   with   our
Cleaner/Cook by giving a tick on Lunch Order Form on
the board at Admin area before 9.00am every day.

Any department which would like to have office lunch
for visitors/volunteers, that department has to
inform Cleaner/ Cook 1 day before and be responsible
in settling payment for Cleaner.

For those who register office lunch, they have to
make a deposit of 150.000VND for the Cleaner/Cook,
which will be refunded in case they stop having
office lunch.


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