Getting Him Back After A Breakup - How To Make Him Sorry For Breaking Your Heart

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					            Getting Him Back After A Breakup -
       How To Make Him Sorry For Breaking Your Heart

When you are thinking about getting him back after a breakup, that is what you should
do, think before you act. Right after he tells you he needs space or a break, you will be
too emotionally charged to do anything but cry and beg.

If you want to make him sorry for breaking your heart, you cannot let him see you this
way. Instead you have to show him you don't care.

Your ex boyfriend is expecting you to be in his face, sending emails, text messages
and calling him day and night. Imagine his surprise if you do just the opposite. If you
ignore him and appear to accept the breakup and move on, he will be the one that is
confused. He was all prepared to see you lose your pride and dignity by telling him
you cannot live without him.

Think of when you first met the man you fell in love with. You did not pursue him, you
made him attracted to you and then became unattainable. This made your ex chase

This is where most women become confused after a breakup. They think they have to
do everything possible to get him back immediately. That will only make things worse.

Getting him back after a breakup should be no different than getting him in the
beginning. At the time you met him, you were a happy confident woman that had her
own life. Be that woman again and show your ex boyfriend you can have a life without
him. Get involved with community work, or take some night classes. Go out with your
friends and have a good time.

The way to make him sorry for breaking your heart is to make your ex see that you do
not need him in your life. When you do not try to get him back, he will feel as if you are
rejecting him.

By moving on and ignoring him, he will feel like you are dumping him. Instead of
pushing him away, you are pulling him back to you. Seeing how strong and mature you
are will make him regret his decision to breakup with you.

That will put your ex boyfriend in the same position you were in after the breakup. He
will feel you slipping away and he will not want to lose you. Feeling this way will put
him into a turmoil. He wants you back, but his pride and ego make it hard for him to
admit his mistake. He might send you an email and ask you how you are doing.

Ignore the email and do not take any phone calls from him. You won't lose him. Your
actions will only make him more determined to get you back.

If you stay strong he will have to swallow his pride and admit his mistake. This is not
getting revenge, it is only showing him that he cannot mess with your heart.

If this is the man for you, don't give up. There are other proven methods to make him
love you like never before.

Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you
need proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him. What you should and
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Description: Getting him back after a breakup is very possible if you avoid mistakes that can push him away for good. Learn how to make him sorry for breaking your heart and get him back for good.