Deluxe Knitting Machine

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					  Deluxe Knitting Machine

Learn how to use this fabulous machine in minutes. Yard can be used right from the skein saving you
loads of time. Besides the Ultimate Sweater Machine, you get an Extension Kit, the Row Counter, and
the Intarsia Keyplate. Make up to a size XXXL sweater or larger afghan piece using the Extension Kit
added to the machine. The Row Counter automatically keeps track of the rows you’ve knitted, and
the Intarsia Keyplate makes doing picture knits faster and easier. With this machine, you can make:
cables, lace, picture knits, tuck stitch Fair Isle, and many more fancy stitches with professional looking
results. Machine is constructed of plastic and steel.

What's included:Needle bed with 100 needles (total length: 38")Carriage (that does the knitting)4
keyplates (6 sizes - 2 keyplates are reversible - these form the stitch sizes)Extension KitRow Counter
Intarsia Keyplate (for picture knitting)Instructional video (1/2 hour, showing setting up through fancy
stitches)Accessory box with everything you need for your Sweater Machine4 rod weights (inserted in
the hem to allow the knitting to stay on the needles)Instruction book (in picture format)Pattern book
(with 12 patterns for sweaters, accessories, afghans, and more plus information on using hand knitting
patterns)Ball of practice yarn (so you can start knitting right away)

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