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									Advertising specialist job description


If you want to become advertising specialist, you should work for a media company.

When design a job description for Advertising specialist, you should pay attention to key
elements: job purpose, tasks, KRAs, KPIs, job specs etc

Sample tasks for Advertising specialist

   1.      Determine, in consultation with the customer, the best product combinations
           for each assigned account based on a customer needs analysis.
   2.      Use Customer Relationship Management system to track progress and identify
           opportunities for revenue and service.
   3.      Prioritize assigned customer list and Dealer Service to focus on revenue
   4.      Consult and expand relationships with customer or prospect to reach a broad
           cross section of the business.
   5.      Generate and expand relationships with assigned customers and prospects to
           maximize revenue opportunities and minimize customer cancellations.
   6.      Consulting with these customers to determine the business needs and the best
           utilization the products and services offered.
   7.      Develop cooperative relationship with key team members.
   8.      Establish a service call plan for all customers.

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