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									Brand consultant job description


Brand consultant pay a important role in building, developing brands for customer.

When design a job description for brand consultant, you should pay attention to key
elements: job purpose, tasks, KRAs, KPIs, job specs etc

Sample tasks for brand consultant

   1. Design contests/spiffs to motivate sales force on key product initiatives (LOB-
   2. Develops support materials and conducts end- user training as needed.
   3. Maintains departmental inventory/fulfillment user manual.
   4. Oversees print production of assigned projects including brochures, sales
      collateral, brand direct mail and onboard collateral.
   5. Plan and execute an effective relationship strategy and maintain effective long-
      term business relationships at the senior level with key decision makers and
   6. Plan and facilitate and/or conduct complex negotiations achieving lasting
      agreements and commitments.
   7. Build relationships with sales force (on floor and in field) that facilitate ability to
      influence and motivate.
   8. Identify and prioritize opportunities and manage a pipeline of opportunities.
   9. Reviews international orders and ensures proper shipping protocols are used.
   10. Determine customer needs through focus groups, periodically attending weekly
       sales force meetings.
   11. Design and deliver sales force training/web casts related to customer experiences
       associated with specific product.
   12. Provide sales with accurate, up to date tools to help drive the business (product
       roadmaps, positioning recs, etc.).
   13. Oversees end-user communications and provides monthly activity overview and
       adhoc reports as needed.

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