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									Brand manager job description


When design a job description for brand manager, you should pay attention to key
elements: job purpose, tasks, KRAs, KPIs, job specs etc

Sample tasks for brand manager

   1. Leverage knowledge of business, category and brand marketing strategy into
      actionable marketing strategies and plans to deliver against the company’s
      business objectives.
   2. Brand platform to include a definition of the brand vision, promise and value
      proposition as well as positioning, personality, voice, tone and manner, behaviors.
   3. Develop “road show” and employee launch plan to introduce new brand
   4. Attend weekly partner orientation meeting to present brands.
   5. Lead insight gathering research into consumers and competitive category to
      secure knowledge that can be utilized to enhance and evolve the brand.
   6. Be the most knowledgeable resource in the company as it relates to the brands and
      champion the brand throughout the organization, with partners and external
   7. Communications guidelines, development and maintenance of all image libraries
      – images, product shots, illustration/icons.
   8. Maintain and update library of legal and competitive claims.
   9. Ongoing Competitive Positioning, Spend and Analysis reporting.
   10. Develop and implement brand review process to ensure alignment across all areas
       of the Org on Brand Standards and Expression
   11. Develop integrated creative communications program for existing and new
       product platforms.
   12. Leverage consumer insights to develop brand and product positioning and benefit
       ladder frameworks.
   13. Create and execute the brand strategies and marketing plans for the brands,
       including managing both the existing product portfolio and new product launches.

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