how do i connect a wireless router

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					               Wireless Router Configuration
Dynalink ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router (RTA1025W)

Wireless Small Office or Home Network

Step 1: Ensure your Computers have the necessary hardware to connect to a wireless network

Desktop PC: Connect either by the LAN ports / cable or if you’re intending to connect via wireless
then you need to install a PCI Adaptor in one of the serial card slots at the back of the Desktop PC.

Laptop: Most Laptops come with an Internal PCI card or wireless modem. You will need to
purchase a PCMCIA wireless card for your laptop if it does not have an internal wireless modem.

                                                                            PCMCIA wireless card

If your Laptop has an Internal wireless modem the wireless icon will show up in the bottom right
hand corner of your computer screen.

                                                                                    WLAN PCI Adaptor

              Wireless Router

                                                                            DESKTOP PC

    WLAN Cardbus Adaptor                                              Internal PCI Card WLAN
    ( PCMCIA Wireless Card)                                            (Internal Wireless Card)

Step 2: Connect to the wireless router via a LAN cable to ensure you can connect to the internet.

Step 3: Make your wireless router is secure (How to make your wireless router secure section)

Step 4: Connect to your wireless router (internet) via wireless.
How to make your Wireless Router Secure

Step 1: Click on the ‘Wireless’ icon in the top menu

Step 2: Change your ‘Wireless Network Name” e.g. ‘Wireless HomeOffice’ and press ‘Apply’

Step 3: Click on ‘Security’ in the left hand menu.
Step 4: Select ’64-bit WEP’ from the ‘Wireless Security” drop down box.

Step 4: Enter a FIVE digit password into “Key1:” box. The password can be numbers and letters
(recommended). This password will be used to access your wireless router to connect to the
internet. Click ‘Apply’ and reboot the Wireless router.

Step 5: Once the wireless router has rebooted, click on the wireless connection icon in the right
hand corner of your screen or go to the Start menu and click on ‘Connect To’ then ‘Wireless
Network Connection’.
Step 6: Select your wireless router from the ‘Choose a wireless network’ list and click ‘Connect’. You
may have to click on ‘Refresh network list’ if this screen is empty.

Step 7: Enter your 5 digit wireless router password and press ‘Connect’. Your computer will
remember this password each time you connect to the internet.

Step 8: The wireless network will now show ‘Connected’. You can now browse the internet.

Dynalink Helpdesk 0800 653 962 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

Step 1. Log into the router using Internet Explorer via

Step 2. The router login prompt should come up.
Enter User Name 'admin' and Password 'admin' (default setting).

Step 3. ‘Connect to Internet’ page should be the first page you view. If it doesn’t refer to Step 5.
Change the existing ‘Broadband User Name’ and ‘Password’ to your new CallPlus broadband
username and password. ( and press ‘Connect’
Step 4. Wait for the router to connect to the internet, should take around 30 seconds.

Step 5. The following page will appear once you have connected to the internet. You can now browse
the internet.

If this was the first page that appeared when you logged into the router then it means that your new
CallPlus broadband service is not yet active on your line. Please wait till your CallPlus broadband
service is active before changing setting.