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					           MESSAGE FROM THE EXALTED RULER                                                                                    Dinner Time!
                   NOVEMBER 2010
                                                                                                                          Wednesday Night Dinner at
From The ER-                                                                                                                       lodge

           Wow, November already! Thanks to all the folks who volunteered for                                                   Just $5 to eat.
the Halloween Carnival. It was a smashing success and lots of little ghouls made off with bags of treats. The                    6:30 - 8 pm
WinterFest committee is meeting and planning the December blowout, see the calendar for meeting times…
Volunteers are always needed. There’s lots of ball games on our 6 (that’s right 6) big screen TVs, so come on              Menus are posted on the
out and enjoy a game, or two or six. YOU own the remotes, so put it on your favorite game.                                       calendar.
           OU fan? Shirley Hanas has donated a football in a display case that has been signed by THREE OU
HEISMANS, Steve Owens, Jason White, and Billy Simms. Chance tickets are on sale at the lounge bar…$1
each or 6 for $5. All proceeds go to the Scholarship fund. The drawing will be held at WinterFest. Thanks                     Burger Night
           This month’s over achiever award goes to Russell South. Rusty has done most of the mowing and
weed-eating this year not to mention numerous projects. A great Ardmore Elk.
           Because of the holidays, we will have only one scheduled meeting for the House, Trustee and General
Meetings in November and December. These will be held on November 9th and December 14th.                                       November 12th
           Recently, we had a very good band at the lodge; however, the event was poorly attended. We may try it                6:30 – 8 pm
again in the future, but we gotta have more participation if you want to keep bands part of the entertainment.
           As someone who enjoys the lodge for what it is, it’s easy to lose sight of how others might view the               Volunteers!!
lodge. I have made many close friends in my 21 years as an Elk and wouldn’t trade the experiences for any-
thing. So it makes me wonder why others don’t spend more time at the lounge or at the planned activities. In                    Soup Kitchen
this issue of Hoof Prints you will find a questionnaire. Please take the time to fill it out and invest the 44 cents to
mail it in or drop it off at the lodge and give it to the bartender, there’s no need to sign it, but we ask that you do      November 8th - 26th
turn it in or mail it by November 20th. Please be honest but leave any individual grudges behind. I will compile
the results and post them in the December newsletter. It’s your chance to help evolve the lodge into a facility
that meets your needs. IT’S YOUR LODGE. The mailing address is: Ardmore Elks Lodge #1906, P.O. Box
1114, Ardmore, OK 73402-1114.
                                                                                     Don’t just belong – participate!
                                                                                                                 Robert Chaney
                                                           Secretary’s Message - November 2010
                             Hello everybody! It’s me, Jody, your friendly Elks Lodge Secretary. As the cool fall weather kicks in, exciting
                   events are happening at your lodge along with lots of great renovations and projects to make our lodge a great facility to be
                   proud of. Don’t forget football game watch parties with your friends at your lodge along with holiday parties and Winterfest.
                             At our meetings in October, we had some activity in regards to membership. At the first meeting, we voted on new
                   applications for William David Ashton and Billy Early. We initiated David Ashton at the second meeting of the month. At
                   our second meeting of the month, we read several new applications on the floor. They were William Bucky Conway, pro-
posed by Brian Kruger, he’s the GM of Capital Advance. Also, Tim Rhodes, proposed by Vim Dahya, he is self-employed. Next, Diana John-
son, proposed by Vim Dahya, she’s a massage therapist. Steve McBride, proposed by Vim Dahya, an oilfield[1907]tech for Arbuckle Wire-
line. And finally, a reinstatement for Brian Ratcliffe, proposed by Vim Dahya. Congratulations to Vim for his recruiting efforts.
          We have mailed out the delinquent notices to all Elks members who have not paid their dues for the current year. The current delin-
quent list will be posted at the lodge and available in the next month’s bulletin. Make sure, if you move, to get your new address to the lodge
as soon as possible. You can call the lodge anytime at 580-223-2763.
Keep up with all the fun and excitement this fall at your lodge by getting online at We also have the calendar
website at
                                                                          Thanks for your time and see you at the lodge!
                                                                       AN OPPORTUNITY FOR
          First and foremost I want to say                              PUBLIC AWARENESS
a heartfelt THANK YOU to my officers,
the ladies of the Auxiliary and all the      As Elks, we try very hard to let the public know of the good deeds we do throughout the Ard-
Lodge folks who helped with the Carni-       more community and surrounding areas. To date we have 20 different projects that we support,
val - again THANK YOU!!!                     from a Public Easter Egg Hunt to the Public Thanksgiving Dinner. We now have the opportunity
          We are blessed to have so many     to help once again and have public awareness too.
great people here and we have a
good time even when we are working. I        The Salvation Army begins their “Bell Ringing” campaign on November 15th this
wish more of you would come out and          year. They are reaching out to the public for workers to man the “Kettles” at different
join us.                                     locations in Ardmore.
          There are several things on the
Calendar for this month. Please check        Knowing the graciousness of the Elks, the Elks Auxiliary, and friends of Elks, I have
and see when you can come have fun           tentatively volunteered our Lodge services at Wal-Mart on a Saturday, either in No-
with us and help out.                        vember or December, of our choice, to “ring in the donations” for the Salvation Army. Volun-
          I hope that                        teers will work for one hour at either of the two front doors at Wal-Mart and the shift we cover
each of you has a                            would be from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
great Thanksgiv-
ing. That is a really                        We do the Ardmore Soup Kitchen the second week of November from the 8th to the 12th. We
good time to be at                           have done the Soup Kitchen for some eight years now, four times a year. The Salvation Army
the Lodge.                                   “Ringing” would be once a year.
          Our next meeting will be No-
vember 2nd and our Auxiliary Christmas       The Salvation Army has the slogan “Doing the Most Good”. At Christmastime, the Salvation
Party will be the first Tuesday in Decem-    Army has the “Angel Tree” campaign to get toys to needy children in the three county area and
ber (Dec. 7th). Hope some of you will        they are directly involved in getting food baskets to the needy.
come have fun with us.
                                             If you think you could help, call Gene Scrugham at 223-6376, and he will coordinate the effort.
                  See you at the Lodge,      Let him know which time frame would be best for you; morning, afternoon or evening. Time is
                                   Lee       of the essence.

                                                                          Remember “Elks Care – Elks Share”

          SOUP’S ON                                                                WINTERFEST 2010
The week of Novem-
                                             MAKE PLANS NOW!!
ber 8th is the Lodge’s
turn to help with the
                                             SATURDAY, December 11, 2010, 6:30 PM TILL MIDNIGHT!!
Ardmore Soup
Kitchen. The Kitchen
                                             It’s that time again – Winterfest 2010. Preparations are already being made. The Winterfest com-
Chairman, Gene
                                             mittee will meet next on Thursday, November 4th, 7:30 pm, at the Lodge. We still need someone
Scrugham, is in charge
                                             to help collect “door prizes” for the event.
of getting cooks and
servers together for the week-long event.
                                          WE NEED YOU TO SELL TICKETS – Tickets are $75.00 each. They allow two adults into the
                                          Lodge on the 11th for FREE food, FREE beer, FREE entertainment, door prizes and a chance to
The cooks (maximum 3) need to show up
                                          win $7500.00 in cash. The tickets are in packets of five and are available from Gene Scrugham
at the soup kitchen daily at 3:00 pm and
                                          either at the Lodge or at his business downtown. There are incentives is place to reward those
the servers (minimum of 4) at 5:30 pm.
                                          who sell a book of five/or a total of 10 tickets.
The Soup Kitchen opens daily, Monday
                                          Sell five tickets and receive two(2) beverages of you choice at the Lounge. Sell ten tickets total
through Friday, at 6:00 pm.
                                          and receive either a $50 Lounge gift certificate or a $50 Mazzio/Ardmore
                                          gift certificate.
The pay is not good but the satisfaction
of a good deed, well done will live for-
                                          This Winterfest we have added an additional incentive – “High Ticket Sales Person”
                                          This person will receive $200 cash for their efforts in addition to the other incentives mentioned
If you can help or need more informa-
tion, please give Gene a call at 223-6377
                                          The Winterfest is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and we need all members to try to sell
during the day and he will get you on the
                                          the tickets. For more information, call Gene at 223-6376.
roster and answer any questions you
might have.

   Check Our Website & Lodge Events Online: &
                                      ELKS QUESTIONNAIRE
The LOUNGE staff meets my expectations
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree        don't know

If I drink mixed drinks, I find them well made.
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree      doesn't apply

The prices of my drinks are very reasonable:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree      doesn't apply

I find the LODGE as a clean facility:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree

If I use the pool, I find it to be clean and well maintained:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree      doesn't apply

Thinking back to my last 3 lodge visits, I left with a feeling of fellowship:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree

The lodge does well supporting our area youth and veterans:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree        don't know

I feel the lodge and the financials are managed well:
  strongly disagree
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree
                                                                     strongly agree        don't know
                                                                                           don t know

I would recommend the Elks to my friends:
  strongly disagree              disagree                   agree    strongly agree

I come to the lodge for:           (check all that apply)

          Fellowship                 Food               Drinks                  Sports         Parties

Name the one thing that keeps you from becoming more active in the LODGE

I do not attend Lodge meetings because‐

If money was "no object" what would be your next improvement?

When I think about entertainment, I would like to see more‐

Please return to:  Ardmore Elks Lodge #1906, P.O. Box 1114, Ardmore, OK 73402‐1114
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  Show Your Membership Card, Receive 10% off your            Embroidery for business and personal shirts, hats,
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                                                                             ARDMORE ELKS
                                                                              November 2010
             Sunday                 Monday                       Tuesday                  Wednesday                      Thursday                          Friday                Saturday
        31           Oct        1             Nov                       2                         3                              4                               5                   6
                           7:00p World Series                                                 Food in the
                                                                                   6:30p -8:00p             7:00p World Series                                          SHRINER POKER RUN-
                           Baseball - Texas Rangers                                Lounge - Meatloaf, Green Baseball - Texas Rangers                                    8:00 A.M. TO
                           vs. San Francisco Giants                                Beans, Salad, Bread &    at San Francisco Giants                                     MIDNIGHT--
                           (if needed)                                             Dessert - $5 per person  (if needed)                                                 CLAYTON ALLISON
             Halloween     HOT DOGS - FREE                   Election Day                                                                                               appx. 80 people. PD.
                           GO RANGERS!!                          Auxiliary
                                                        7:30p -8:15p               7:00p World Series                                                                   11:30a OSU vs. Baylor
6:15p                                                   Meeting                    Baseball - Texas Rangers
***LODGE OPEN***                                                                   at San Francisco Giants (if                                                          6:00p   OU vs. Texas A&M
FREE HOT DOGS &                                                                    needed)
CHILI UNTIL 8:15 p.m.
7:00p World Series
Baseball - Texas Rangers
vs. San Francisco Giants
                7                        8                              9                         10                             11                              12                  13
                           5:45p-7:00p Soup Kitchen -   5:45p-7:00p Soup Kitchen - 5:45p-7:00p Soup Kitchen -    5:45p-7:00p Soup Kitchen - 5:45p-7:00p Soup Kitchen - 8:00p -10:00p BlackJack
                           Volunteers Needed            Volunteers Needed          Volunteers Needed             Volunteers Needed          Volunteers Needed          Tournament

                                                                  Elks General
                                                        7:30p -8:45p                         Food in the
                                                                                   6:30p -8:00p                                                           Burger Nite
                                                                                                                                                 6:30p -8:00p           OU vs. Texas Tech
End Daylight Saving Time                                                           Lounge - Chicken Noodle                                       Ya'll Come             OSU vs. Texas
                                                        Vote New Members           Soup, Crackers & Dessert -
                                                        House 6:30p                $5 per person
                                                        Trustees 7:00p
                                                                                                                    Veterans Day (Fed)
                14                       15                             16                        17                             18                              19                  20
                                                        7:30p PER      Meeting              Food in the
                                                                                   6:30p -8:00p                  7:30p -8:30p   Indoctrination                          OU vs. Baylor
                                                                                   Lounge - Stew, Cornbread                                                             OSU vs. Kansas
                                                                                   & Dessert - $5 per person

                21                       22                             23                        24                             25                              26                  27
                                                                                            Food in the
                                                                                   6:30p -8:00p                                                             Coby Fore
                                                                                                                                                 7:00p -12:00a          OU vs. OSU Bedlam
                                                                                   Lounge - Pizza - $5 per                                       Birthday (75)M

                                                                                                                    Thanksgiving (Fed)
                28                       29                             30               1             Dec                       2                               3                   4
                                                                                            Food in the
                                                                                   6:30p -8:00p                                                                         Christmas Party-
                                                                                   Lounge - Details to follow                                                           Overland Corporation-40
                                                                                                                                                                        people. PD.

                                                                                                                                                                        Big 12 Championship
ARDMORE ELKS LODGE                                                  NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION
PO BOX 1114                                                                  US POSTAGE PAID
ARDMORE OK 73402-1114                                                             PERMIT #204
LODGE # 1906


            Elks Care – Elks Share
            SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!

             2010 – 2011 Lodge Officers
    Exalted Ruler          Robert Chaney
    Leading Knight         Steve Middleton
    Loyal Knight           Lauren Chaney
    Lecturing Knight       Carl Pilgrim
    Secretary              Jody Westervelt
    Treasurer              Sarah Kay
    Tiler                  Sarah Northrup
    Chaplain               Eldon Kay
    Esquire                Mel Larson            Jody Westervelt    11/1   Virgil Page      11/18
    Inner Guard            Greg Wilson           Tony Simon         11/3   Mel Larson       11/20
    Trustee 1 Year         Jim Youderian         Bradley Byrne      11/5   Brian Tarter     11/22
    Trustee 2 Year         Gene Scrugham, Jr.    Stan Horsman       11/8   Robert Chaney    11/23
    Trustee 3 Year         Mike Hale             Ken Fackrell       11/9   Russell South    11/25
    Trustee 4 Year         Boyd Ellis
                                                 Doug Loder        11/14   Jan Burton       11/29
    Trustee 5 Year         Russell South
                                                 William Boone     11/16   Clyde Phillips   11/30
              2010 - 2011 PER Officers           Steve Gordon      11/17
    President               Ryan Parker
    Secretary/Treasurer     Gene Scrugham, Jr.

           2010 – 2011 Auxiliary Officers
    President              Lee Miller
    Vice President         Shirley Hanus
    Secretary              Carrie Manteufel
    Treasurer              Sue Langland

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