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					  Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid CG05C Jazz Ankle Boot

This jazz boot from Capezio® hugs the foot with comfortable elastic instead of laces. The fit is
smooth and secure, producing an unbroken line. Soft, supple leather and split-sole construction create
great flexibility and a beautiful arch. Built with PowerPointe Construction-a scooped arch construction
that eliminates excess material and enhances a dancer's performance. The pattern change enhances
the look and the feel of this ankle boot, creating a clean line and a high performance tool. Soft, supple
and durable leather upper features folded edges for a cleaner, more polished look. The footbed
features a split design to allow the shoe to work with the dancer while minimizing the amount of
material inside of the shoe. Rubber forepart and heel is connected with stretch neoprene that hugs
and caresses the arch. Available with a non-marking injected PVC heel that provides longer wear,
more comfort and stability. The heel also features a raked breast that virtually disappears into the arch
during pointe. The contoured, smaller EVA sole patch is designed to better replicate the ball of the
foot, providing superior protection and the most articulation.
The perfect jazz basic. Capezio's Jazz ankle boot is great for beginners and experienced little ones
alike. The leather shoe features stretch panels for ease and custom fitting, a textured split sole for
traction, and a free-floating arch that's easier to point in.
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