how to make a positive pregnancy test

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The Chief Executive                       Positive Pregnancy
East Cheshire NHS Trust
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You can contact our Patient Advice
and Liaison Service (PALS)
on 01625 661449,
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or contact The Complaints Manager        Make An Appointment to
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                                            See the Midwife

NHS Direct is a 24 hr phone advice
service: 0845 4647
(Textphone 0845 606 46 47)                The Midwife will offer birth
                                            choices and plan your
                                               individual care
For most women pregnancy is a normal               Diet                                             There are many choices and decisions to be
physiological process. Midwives are trained in                                                      made regarding your health and the health of
caring for women in the antenatal, delivery        A well balanced diet is important during your    your baby. Your midwife will help guide you
and postnatal period. You can contact your         pregnancy. In particular you should have each    through this process. Within East Cheshire
Midwife as soon as you discover you are            day.                                             Trust, midwifery care is provided by a team of
pregnant. The Midwife is able to provide                                                            Midwives linked to your GP practice. The team
information on screening tests, plan your                 •   A varied diet with all meals and      will support you through the whole of your
pregnancy care and discuss your birth                         snacks based on starchy foods.        pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.
preferences. To make an appointment contact
your GP surgery and ask for a midwife                     •   At least five portions of fruit and
appointment.                                                  vegetables

                                                          •   Three portions of dairy foods

                                                          •   Lots of fluid – 6-8 mugs or
                                                              glasses of water is ideal

Folic Acid

If you have not already begun to take folic acid
you should start now. Folic acid helps to
reduce the risk of neural tube defects (spina
bifida), it also helps in the formation of your                                                     Supervisors of Midwives
baby’s bone structure and is particularly
important in the first 12 weeks of your            Exercise                                         All Midwives are supported by Midwifery
pregnancy. Folic acid can be bought over the                                                        Supervisors who aim to ensure the safety and
counter from the pharmacy or prescribed by         Gentle regular exercise is beneficial during     wellbeing of you and your baby. You can
your GP.                                           pregnancy. If you currently participate in a     contact a Supervisor of Midwives if you have
                                                   regular sport ensure that you inform the         any issues regarding your pregnancy and
                                                   instructor that you are pregnant. Swimming is    maternity care.
Alcohol                                            a good form of relaxation and exercise as both
                                                   your weight and the weight of the baby is
Alcohol is not recommended in pregnancy.           supported.
                                                                                                    For further advice and support please
                                                                                                    contact a Supervisor of Midwives on
Smoking                                                                                             telephone 01625 661145/661153.
Smoking is harmful to your baby. If you smoke
and would like help to stop, please ask your
Midwife to refer you to our Smoking Cessation