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					Sample letter cancelling a contract signed at home -
cash sale

                                                                   Your Name

Trader’s Name

Dear Sir/Madam (or name of person);

Re: (Contract/Invoice number Nature of goods or services what agreed
Contract to purchase e.g. Double-glazing, etc.)

I write further to my conversation with (name of person) on the (date)
regarding cancellation of the above agreement.

On the (date) one of your salespersons called at my house (entirely
unsolicited or after I had received a telephone call from your firm
offering a free estimate etc.)

I reluctantly agreed to sign the contract so that the salesman, who had been
in my house for (number of hours), would leave. I paid a deposit of £.... .

I believe that under the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Contracts
Concluded away from Business Premises) Regulations 1987 (as amended), I
have a seven day cooling-off period, during which I have the right to cancel.

I am therefore giving you notice that I wish to cancel our contract and request
that you return my deposit with the next 14 days.

Yours faithfully (sincerely),

Sign and print your name.

This is only a sample letter to give guidance on what to write. You will
need to write the letter out and substitute your own details at the
appropriate places shown in bold. Send your letter by recorded delivery
and keep a copy.