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                                                                                             STOOD STILL
                                                                    BY COLIN CARROLL

                                                                                     he 2008 remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still has an eagerly antici-
                                                                                     pated release date of December 12. For those who have seen the original film, the ultimate
                                                                                     anti-war message may seem to be a foregone conclusion. But it is also possible that the re-
                                                                                     make will change direction and culminate in a different ending based on the short story
                                                                       “Farewell to the Master” by Harry Bates which originally inspired the first film. It must also be remem-
                                                                       bered that the original version, essentially a Cold War film, addressed the greatest threat to the survival of
                                                                       humankind at the time — nuclear destruction. Now, our greatest threat seems to be our trashing of the
                                                                       planet and each other, and the 2008 version addresses these issues. However, as director Scott Derrickson
                                                                       told MTV News, “There’s no question what we designed pays homage to the original.”
                                                                          In the original movie, a flying saucer orbits Earth, and lands in the Mall at Washington D.C. The alien
                                                                       Klaatu gets out and is shot by a soldier. Gort, an indestructible robot, steps out of the saucer and melts all
                                                                       the weapons, even the tanks. Klaatu is taken by the military to a hospital from which he escapes. He tells
                                                                       the humans that Gort is a member of a race of super-robot enforcers invented to keep the peace of the
BY OLIVER CONROY                                                       galaxy who will, ironically, destroy the Earth if provoked by violence

                                                                           In the 2008 version Keanu Reeves plays the alien Klaatu, and Jennifer Connelly stars as Helen Benson,
                hen rapper Biggie Smalls was                           a Princeton University microbiologist called in to monitor the situation. Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith and
                assassinated in 1997, it seemed                        the talented Kathy Bates round out the cast. The key performance by Reeves relies heavily on his ability
                like the end of his career. But the                    to underplay the character. Derrickson explained, “What he’s doing is something that’s not quite so up-
                man that once said that “you’re                        front and center or distracting, but it still really gives you a feel of alien-ness and keeps you aware of the
nobody till somebody kills you” has seen his                           fact that this being you’re walking through this movie with is not a human being.”
own prophecy come true. Numerous posthumous                                Bringing the film to the 21st century, of course, means that today’s audience is already very sophisti-
albums and a growing reputation as one of hip                          cated in outer space knowledge, both real and virtual, so the challenge for the visual effects team was
hop’s greatest emcees have firmly ensconced                            great. Updating flying saucers and robots so they are not 1950’s kitschy and are, instead, intensely believ-
Biggie in legend. The film Notorious, scheduled                        able and frighteningly realistic is a major component of the film’s success. Many aficionados of the origi-
to be released January 16, 2009, explores the                          nal The Day the Earth Stood Still will be queuing up on December 12 to see if the remake surpasses the
true story behind the sensation.                                       original.
    Two trailers are now available on the internet,
and advance buzz promises an engrossing cine-
matic experience. The film follows Biggie’s
dramatic shot to fame, tracing his childhood in
Brooklyn to his fatal shooting in Los Angeles.
Biggie, born Christopher Wallace, began selling
drugs at age 12, and his early experiences with
the criminal underworld – as well as his run-ins
with the law – would inform his lyrics. Those         BY SASHA BRIETZKE

gritty lines, coupled with Biggie’s unmatchable
gift for rap, would propel him into musical fame.                  it show 30 Rock, arguably the best situation sitcom on
In the Notorious trailer, music producer Sean                      television today, has recently taken the nation by
Combs laments, “the West Coast – they got                          storm by achieving prestigious awards and featuring a
Snoop, they got Dre… the East, they’re just                        slew of A-list celebrities, who appear as quirky guest
waitin’ for somebody to fill that void.”              stars alongside a genuinely all-star cast.
    “Maybe in the right hands,” responds Biggie,          Creator and executive producer Tina Fey, best known for her
“I could be one of the greatest.”                     work on Mean Girls and for her recent portrayal as Governor
    Biggie is played by fellow Brooklynite and        Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, plays the protagonist, Liz
rapper Jamal “Gravy” Woolard, who won the             Lemon, on the show. Lemon, who is ironically the head writer of
role out of thousands of men that auditioned.         the SNL-inspired variety show TGS with Tracy Jordan, juggles her
Woolard, under the rap alias “Gravy,” has been a      cluttered life by interacting with a truly wacky bunch.
fixture of the mixtape circuit for awhile. He was         Comedian Tracy Morgan plays the strikingly eccentric charac-
also briefly notorious himself when he was shot       ter Tracy Jordan, an actor who has starred in satirical movies such
outside of New York’s Hot 97 radio station            as Who Dat Ninja? and President Homeboy. Alongside Jordan                  In the current third season, famous stars have made guest
during an altercation in 2006. Woolard gained         plays the equally entertaining actress Jenna Maroney, played by        appearances. Jennifer Aniston and Steve Martin both played
respect for his steely resolve: despite being shot    Ally McBeal star Jane Krakowski. Maroney fulfills the blonde           neurotic, emotionally unstable characters, while Oprah Winfrey
in the buttocks during the altercation, Woolard       stereotype by remaining dim-witted and narcissistic despite her        appeared as herself. Salma Hayek and Mad Men star Jon Hamm
proceeded to give his scheduled radio interview.      best attempts to appear intelligent. Behind the scenes, the forever-   are reportedly set to appear on 30 Rock in upcoming episodes.
    Others cast in the biopic include Angela          eager page Kenneth Parcell, played by Jack McBrayer, is de-                Although 30 Rock has not been the most successful show
Basset as Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace;           lighted to perform the most menial of tasks. His exaggerated do-       publicly, it has certainly caught the critics’ eyes. 30 Rock won the
Derek Luke as producer Sean Combs; Antonique          good nature contrasts sharply to his superiors.                        Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2007
Smith as wife Faith Evans; Naturi Naughton as             Perhaps the best character on the show is John Donaghy,            and 2008. Fey and Baldwin also took home the Best Actor/Actress
Lil' Kim; and Anthony Mackie as musical neme-         portrayed by the ever-slick Alec Baldwin. Donaghy is the network       in a Comedy Series award in 2008. Its 17 nominations broke the
sis Tupac Shakur. George Tillman, Jr. of Barber-      executive of NBC, who is known to dish out the backhanded              record for the most nominations of a comedy series ever. 30 Rock
shop fame is directing.                               compliments to Liz and the gang on a regular basis.                    is truly a breakthrough series, whose innovative conceit deserves
                                                                                                                             all the recognition it has received.