Tomy I-SOBOT Robot by ajuaji


									  Tomy I-SOBOT Robot

He might be pocket-sized, but this miniature high-tech humanoid robot packs a huge punch. i-SOBOT
is a 6.5-inch biped bot that's fully articulated, features voice command recognition and can speak a
vocabulary of over 200 words and phrases. What's more, he can dance, perform his own special
karate moves complete with self sound effects, and can motor forwards, backward, side-to-side or
diagonally. He'll even lay down when he's had enough - and get back up again when it's time to go.
i-SOBOT is powered by 17 customs developed servo-motors and 19 integrated circuit chips. He
features a built-in gyro sensor and comes fully assembled, ready for action. He can be controlled in a
variety of ways: by pre-programmed actions, user programmed actions (done easily with the LCD
remote control), or by real-time remote control or voice commands. Robot requires 3 "AAA"
rechargeable batteries; remote requires 4 "AAA" batteries, all included. Measures 6.5" tall.
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There's no shortage of fun with the amazing i-SOBOT, the World's Smallest Robot. Packed with over
200 words and phrases, and more than 200 pre-programmed movements, this robot can do everything
from saying goodbye to dancing the hula. Recommended for kids aged 10 and up, the i-SOBOT is
ready to rock 'n' roll right out of the box.

The i-Sobot has freely moving joints and can dance. View larger.

The i-Sobot offers up to 220 degrees of movement. View larger.        Smooth Robotic Movement
  With unbelievably smooth robotics, the i-SOBOT walks more like a human than a robot. This
fully-functional and fully-assembled robot features 17 custom designed actuators and gyro-sensor,
allowing it to keep balance and freely move joints for impressive performance, vivid movement, and
incredible flexibility. Other main components include a built-in speaker unit and built-in microphone with
a voice recognition chip. With built-in clutches and metal gears, the i-SOBOT offers up to 220-degree
movement. The two infrared transmission bands allow the robot to be operated with an LCD remote
control. Robots Moves From Talking To Dancing
  Also performing by programmable memory and by the sound of your voice, the i-SOBOT will make
your day and impress your friends with his moves. Putting the meaning back into "action-packed," the
6.5-inch tall robot dances to the beat, does push-ups and somersaults, imitates animals, hula dances,
plays air guitar, kicks and punches with sound effects, and even responds to applause. Not only does
the i-SOBOT talk with a vocabulary of 200 words and phrases, it also plays its own music.
 What's in the Box
 Robot, LCD remote control, hexagon wrench, action chart, operation manual and 3 AAA batteries.

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