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					                               HAIR CARE                                      R
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             Larry’s Hair Designers                                    December 4, 2006         Volume 1, Issue 3

Holiday Magic
                                              nature. Winter clothing turns to deep
                                              browns, rust, reds, and deep purples,                   In this issue:

                                              reflecting the season’s turning leaves and
                                              darker skies. Hair color trends are no
                                              different.                                              Holiday Magic       1

                                              Blond bombshells of the summer, turn to                 For the Timid       1
                                              seductive, sultry rich hair colors of the fall.
                                                                                                      Perception vs.      2
                                               Today’s color specialists have a world of              Reality
                                              options for formulating spectacular color
                                              shades. True Red, Red Violet, Copper,                   Other Highlights    2
                                              Red Copper, Just Go Red, evoke the
                                              warmth and vibrancy of the season. It's the
                                              ultimate in this season's color cocktail.

The versatility of Red makes it a perfect     Demi’s More:
choice for almost every client.               Men or women, young or mature, who
                                                                                                              Hot Tips
                                              wish to color their hair within a shade of
Oh, the Holiday Magic, it is considered the   their natural hair colors, may want to                  •     Demi Permanent
most wonderful time of the year. This         consider Demi permanent colors, like our                      coloring fades
month, we’re seeing a Red-Hot Holiday.        Shades E Q line from REDKEN. Demi                             gradually over a
The versatility of Red makes it a perfect     Permanent coloring fades gradually over a                     6-week period
choice for almost every client.               6-week period all the while giving little
                                              reason to worry about “roots” showing.                  •     Face Framing
We often see fashion, and color mimic         “Kicking” the color “up a notch” or two!                      Highlights are an
                                                                                                            alternative to full
Fo r t h e T i m i d                                                                                        color or
                    For those clients who     crown, and bang area.                                         services.
                    are a bit nervous, or
                    would not want the up     For our clients who do pull their hair up
                                                                                                      •     For bold, vibrant
                    keep required with        from time to time, the colorist may even
                                                                                                            hair color, make
                    highlights or color       place a few at the neckline, giving the
                                                                                                            sure your colorist
                    services, Face Framing    allusion of a full head foil, without the
                                              potential upkeep involved with multi                          chooses four
highlights may be the way to go.
                                              dimensional color. A sun kissed look, a                       levels of color,
This technique involves the placement of      tiny “BAM” so to speak.                                       rather than two.
fine streaks around the face at the sides,
Perception vs. Reality

“A  little of this, and a little of that.”   color formulas, you’ll get inaccurate      the label of at-home hair coloring
That’s fine if you’re whipping up a          color results. Not all accidents in the    products. The hard and fast rule in
stir fry, or Granny’s Apple Pie, but         home involve boiling water, roller         the world of professional hair color is
when it comes to your professional           skates or flights of stairs. Many in-      this: accuracy leads to consistency.
hair color services, it pays to be pre-      volve amateur attempts with at-home        Once we create your formula, we can
cise. Attention to detail, makes all the     hair coloring. Fortunately, color pros     keep it on file and reproduce it for
difference between color results that        can correct, in the salon, many of         each visit without variation or guess-
are so-so, and simply stunning. That’s       those mistakes made at home. A hair        work. That means that the caramel
because great color is all about pin-        colorist’s professional knowledge may      highlights you loved last time, are the
point accuracy. If your colorist is          be closer to a book length, as com-        same caramel highlights you’ll leave
‘kitchen mixing’ or eyeballing your          pared to the length of instructions on     with next time.

Other Highlights
                       Highlighting,         blond, dark blond and light brown hair     wrapping fine streaks of deep reds,
                       by the cap            may find that this technique works         golds, brandy and eggplant shades
                       method, or foil       particularly well to produce the most      through brown hair, the colorist is able
                       method, is not        natural looking highlights. For bolder     to produce depth and movement.
                       just for the          looks, the colorist will most likely
                                                                                        Again, for bolder looks, the colorist
                       blond loving          choose four levels of color, rather than
                                                                                        will most likely choose four levels of
                       crowd anymore.        two, with the most range of color
                                                                                        color, rather than two, with the most
Some parts of the country call it            possible, to give bold, vibrant, and
                                                                                        range of color possible, to give bold,
“Color Wrapping.” This Foiling tech-         amazingly dramatic results. Some
                                                                                        vibrant, and amazingly dramatic re-
nique employs from two to four color         parts of the country call it “Tortoise-
                                                                                        sults without that “skunk” look often
shades similar to your hair’s natural        shelling.” This name was probably
                                                                                        seen in a client with dark brown to
shade to produce a rich, subtle inter-       given to those clients that are medium
                                                                                        black natural hair color.
play of color. Those with medium             to dark brown in hair color. By color
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