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					  Kill Bill Series 2 Bill Action Figure

Deeply saddened by the apparent murder of one of his assassins (and his lover) Beatrix "Black
Mamba" Kiddo, aka "The Bride", Bill personally seeks out her killers only to find that she is still very
much alive, trying to clear her past, and to start a new life with her unborn child. Bill confronts Kiddo at
her wedding rehearsal and promises not to interfere with her new life. When Kiddo's soon-to-be
husband confronts Bill, Kiddo covers for him by saying he is her father. Bill wishes Kiddo the best of
luck as he moves to the Bride's side of the wedding chapel. At the same time, the remainder of his
assassin squad moves in from outside and massacres the entire wedding party. Bill notices that Kiddo
is still alive, but moves in to deliver a final speech concluded by a gunshot to Kiddo's head.
Unfortunately for him, Kiddo survives and returns to get revenge 4 years later, after waking up from a
coma. When Bill isn't sending out the Deadly Viper Squad out to do his dirty work, or shooting the
breeze about the Superman/Clark Kent duality, he spends some decent time tormenting Beatrix and
leading her right to him for the final confrontation. Representing this wise ladies man martial artist's
appearance in Kill Bill Vol. 2, the Bill Action Figure is part of the Kill Bill Action Figures Volume 2. Here
is a look at Bill in clamshell packaging. WARNING: contains small parts not for children under 3 years.

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