Hasbro Star Wars Transformers Darth VaderDeath Star by ajuaji


									  Hasbro Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader/Death Star

The Sith Lord strikes with his lightsaber and blaster, then uses secret morphing technology to change
into the Death Star battle station and launch a devastating attack on the heroic Rebels.Careful, your
sensor can deceive you. These classic Star Wars vehicles are more than meets the eye. Your favorite
heroes and villains collide in this awesome collection of mode-changing figures that are full of
surprises. Death Star has two awesome battle modes - it transforms from the Death Star to Darth
Vader. Features phrases, sounds and lights, different weapon sounds and launches projectile. Includes
MINI-CON vehicles, Darth Vader pilot, storm trooper figures, lightsaber, projectile blaster, and
instructions. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries, included. Mini-Con vehicles measures 1.25" x 1". Figures
measure up to 1.5" tall.
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This Star Wars toy is definitely more than meets the eye! Teaming up Star Wars and Transformers,
Hasbro has created a Darth Vader figure that morphs into the infamous Death Star space station.
Recommended for ages five and up, the Star Wars Transformer Deluxe Death Star is a fun new
addition to any Star Wars collection.

A push of a button prompts Darth Vader to repeat famous lines from the movies. View larger.
What We Think
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The Good: Action figure with push-activated talking and sound effects

The Bad: Death Star has fragile construction
 In a Nutshell: Robot toy combines Star Wars and Transformers At a Glance Ages: 5 and up
 Requires: 3 AAA batteries (included)
      2-In-1 Toy with Sound Effects
 When opened up, this amazing 2-in-1 toy instantly becomes Darth Vader--wielding weapons, warriors
and the force to do battle against the Rebel Alliance. With some crafty reconstruction, however, this
fearsome figure becomes the equally evil, planet-destroying Death Star. As the battle station, the toy
features compartments from which TIE fighter aircrafts can fly, and in which miniature figures and
Vader's detachable cape can be stored. For fighting on a smaller scale, the toy comes with three
fighter planes seven "mini-figs" include and 1-inch tall versions of Darth Vader and three Storm
Troopers. A translucent green missile launches from an opening in the Death Star as well as from
Darth Vader's gun. Of course, Vader wouldn't be complete without his signature red Lightsaber, which
generates realistic Lightsaber sound when placed in his right hand. Another button on the figure's
stomach prompts famous Vader lines from the Star Wars movies. Transforms In 25 Steps
 Stars Wars and Transformers fans alike will enjoy the challenge of reconfiguring the Deluxe Death
Star. It takes 25 steps to transform Darth Vader into the Death Star (and vice versa). For the first few
times you take these steps, we highly recommend that you use the easy-to-follow visual instructions in
the booklet -- otherwise, you might be doing a lot of back-tracking, which can be frustrating. After
you've mastered the moves a few times, transforming this vehicle and figure will be a breeze. While
Darth Vader's black plastic body is sturdy, the Death Star shell is thinner, lighter and more fragile with
many pivoting and rotating pieces. In general, this toy should be treated with more care than most
other "boy toys." The Deluxe Death Star is fun for young kids and grown-up kids, but with small parts
that could be choking hazard, it should be kept away from children under three years old.

Darth Vader can transform into a Death Star figure in 25 steps. View larger.

In addition to the large Darth Vader figure, small figures and toy aircrafts are included as well. View
larger. What's in the Box
 2-in-1 Darth Vader-Death Star, cape, 3 weapons, 3 TIE fighters, 3 miniature figures, and 3 AAA

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