Gundam PG Gundam GP01Fb Scale 160 by ajuaji


									  Gundam PG Gundam GP01/Fb Scale 1/60

Bandai's newest PG offering is truly deserving of the name "Perfect Grade," and it's also a two-in-one;
you can build it as either the GP01 or the GP01Fb! Like previous Perfect Grade kits, this behemoth
offers a level of detail and motion that's far beyond what you see in even the biggest Master Grade
offerings. Panels and hatches all over the surface open, to reveal inner mechanical details. What's
more, after you get done wading through over two dozen runners of literally thousands of parts, you'll
have armament for the GP01 including two 60mm Vulcans, two beam sabers, and a beam rifle, as well
as the Core Fighter II. For the GP01Fb, there are two extra beam guns, and you can build the Core
Fighter II Fb. But that's not all -- the kit also includes the parts to build a hangar/dock, with little figures
of maintenance workers to position around it! A bonus Anaheim Electronics Staff ID card with a serial
number on it also included.

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